List of 4K/HDR/Atmos Movies & TV Shows on Netflix

Do you know the best list of 4K/HDR/Atmos movies & TV shows on Netflix? Amazon and Netflix are always adding 4K HDR titles, but it is not always straightforward to detect that Hight Dynamic Range content. In this, post we will show you the list of documentaries, TV Shows, movies, and comedy specials streaming in 4K Ultra HD on Netflix. Some content feature Hight Dynamic Range (HDR) helps movies and TV shows take advantage to improve a greater contrast, wider color depth, and brighter highlights for more eye-popping images that will display in HDR10 or Dolby vision depending on your device. And, some titles provide Dolby Atmos audio for immersive sound effects. We have updated this list to help you and everyone keep easily track of each TV series, movie or film, and comedy special to hit the respective services.

The HDR not only are ready TVs everywhere, but video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, and Rakuten support it with titles available in the Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10, and HDR10+.

Amazon’s Prime Video supports HDR10+(though it has a few contents in Dolby Vision), while Netflix service backs the Dolby Vision camp.

We have updated the format of this list. You can now click on the table header to view all titles under the specific category. For instance, select the HDR to see all HDR titles in alphabetical order.

However, it is not easy to find the 4K HDR content. this post and learn the basics how-to stream HDR/4K on Netflix and view a list of TVs and devices that support 4K/HDR. The list is up-to-date on what is available.

There are several things that required to be done before you can find 4K HDR movies TV Series & Specials comedy.

First of all, a 4K capable device and /or a 4K TV that support Netflix is needed. For the best image quality, these devices require to be compatible with Dolby Vision and HDR10. Netflix has created much of its current content in 4K HDR in Dolby Vision, so you will need this to view your favorite shows/movies at their best.

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Netflix 4k/HDR Movies, TV Series & Specials

Here are the list of the Netflix Movies, TV Series and Specials Comedy just scroll down to read if you are interested.

Netflix Movies and Documentaries

The List of Netflix Movies and Documentaries for you scroll down to find out what you want.

TitlesTypeAudioHDR4KNew1st SummoningFilm5.14k365 DaysFilm4kNew6 UndergroundFilmAtmosDolby Vision4k1922Film5.14k22 JulyFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kA Christmas PrinceFilm5.14kA Fall From GraceFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kA Futile and Stupid GestureFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kA Very Murray ChristmasFilm5.14kAfter Maria (Documentary)Film5.14kAfter the Raid [25 min]Film5.14kAlex StrangeloveFilm5.14kAlien WarfareFilm5.14kAlways Be My MaybeFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kAmanda KnoxFilm5.14kAmateurFilm5.14kAngel Has FallenFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kNewAngry Birds 2 Movie, TheFilm5.14kAnima (15min short)Film5.14kAPEX: The Story of the HypercarFilm5.14kApostleFilm5.14kAthlete A (Doc)Film5.14kNewAudrie & Daisy (Doc)Film5.14kNewBad Asses on the BayouFilm5.14kBarbecueFilm5.14kBeatsFilm5.14kBecoming (Doc)FilmAtmosDolby Vision4kNewBetween Two Ferns: The MovieFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kBikram: Yogi, Guru, PredatorFilm5.14kBirders (Short)Film5.14kBird BoxFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kBlameFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kBlame (Japanese)Film5.1Dolby Vision4kBoiFilm5.14kBrightFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kCandy JarFilm5.14kChappaquiddickFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kChasing CoralFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kChief DaddyFilm5.14kChopsticksFilm5.14kChristmas ChroniclesFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kChristmas InheritanceFilm5.14kCode 8Film5.14kCoffee & KareemFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kCome SundayFilm5.14kCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of DestinyFilm5.14kDa 15 BloodsFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kNewDancing with the BirdsFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kDavid Foster: Off the Record (Doc)Film5.14kNewDeath NoteFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kDespite EverythingFilm5.14kDeucesFilm5.14kDiary of an Exorcist – ZeroFilm5.14kDJ CinderellaFilm5.14kDolemite Is My NameFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kDon’t Crack Under Pressure (Doc)Film5.14kNewDon’t Crack Under Pressure II (Doc)Film5.14kNewEdge of FearFilm5.14kEl CaminoFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kEl ChapoFilm5.14kElisa & MarcelaFilm5.14kEurovisionFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kNewEx MachinaFilm5.14kExtinctionFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kExtractionFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kNewFarmageddonFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kFatal AffairFilmDolby VisionAtmos4kNewFeel the BeatFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kNewFireplace 4k: Classic Crackling FireplaceFilm5.14kFirst They Killed My FatherFilm5.14kFittest in DubaiFilm5.14kFor the Love of SpockFilm5.14kFracturedFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kFrankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, FrankensteinFilm5.14kGame Over Man!Film5.1Dolby Vision4kGerald’s GameFilm5.14kGhostbusters (1984)Film5.14kGodzilla (1998)Film5.14kGodzilla 1: Planet of the Monsters (Animated)Film5.1Dolby Vision4kGodzilla 1: Planet of the Monsters (Animated)Film5.1Dolby Vision4kGodzilla 2: City of the Edge of Battle (Animated)Film5.1Dolby Vision4kGodzilla 2: City of the Edge of Battle (Japanese)Film5.1Dolby Vision4kGodzilla 3: The Planet Eater (Animated)Film5.1Dolby Vision4kGodzilla 3: The Planet Eater (Animated)Film5.1Dolby Vision4kGood SamFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kGoosebumps 2: Haunted HalloweenFilm5.14kGrass Is GreenerFilm5.14kGroundhog DayFilm5.14kHigh Flying BirdFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kHold the DarkFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kHoliday in the WildFilmAtmos4kHorse GirlFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kHotel Transylvania 3Film5.14kHow it EndsFilmAtmos4kI Am MotherFilm5.14kI0Film5.14kibizaFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kIn the Shadow of the MoonFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kIn the Tall GrassFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kIron CowboyFilm5.14kKeith Richards: Under The InfluenceFilm5.14kKlausFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kKnock Down The HouseFilm5.14kLittle EvilFilm5.14kLet Is SnowFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kLorena: Light Footed Woman [28min]Film5.14kLost GirlsFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kMagnetic (Doc)Film5.14kNewMalibu Rescue (Film)Film5.1Dolby Vision4kManhunt: UnabomberFilm5.14kMarco Polo: One Hundred EyesFilm5.14kMiranda Sings Live…Your WelcomeFilm5.14kMoonlightFilm5.14kMoving Art: OceansFilm5.14kMoving Art: UnderwaterFilm5.14kMoving Art: WaterfallsFilm5.14kMurder MysteryFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kMuteFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kNakedFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kNever Have I EverFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kNewNational Parks AdventureFilm5.14kOkjaFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kOn My BlockFilm5.14kOne of UsFilm5.14kOtherhoodFilm5.14kOur Souls At NightFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kOur Souls At NightFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kOutlaw KingFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kPaddletonFilm5.14kPee Wee’s Big HolidayFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kPhiladelphiaFilm5.14kPoint BlankFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kPolarFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kPrince of Peoria: A Christmas Moose MiracleFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kPrivate LifeFilm5.14kRaptureFilm5.14kRattlesnakeFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kRemastered: Devil at the Crossroads (Doc)Film5.14kReMastered: Massacre at the Stadium (Doc)Film5.14kReMastered: The Lion’s Share (Doc)Film5.14kReMastered: The Miami Showband Massacre (Doc)Film5.14kReMastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke (Doc)Film5.14kRemastered: Who Shot the Sheriff (Doc)Film5.14kReversing Roe (Documentary)Film5.1Dolby Vision4kRim of the WorldFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kRolling Stones Ole Ole OleFilm5.14kRomaFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kRunning Out Of TimeFilm5.14kSamurai GourmetFilm5.14kSandy WexlerFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kSanta GirlFilm5.14kSecret ObsessionFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kSee You YesterdayFilm5.14kSet it UpFilm5.14kSergioFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kSextupletsFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kShe’s Gotta Have ItFilm5.14kShimmer LakeFilm5.14kSomeone GreatFilm5.14kSpecial CorrespondenceFilm5.14kSpenser: ConfidentialFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kSpider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseFilm5.14kTake Your Pills (Documentary)Film5.14kTall GirlFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kTalladega NightsFilm5.14kTerraFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Angel NewFilm5.14kThe BabysitterFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Ballad of Buster ScruggsFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Black Godfather (Documentary)Film5.14kThe Cloverfield ParadoxFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Coldest GameFilm5.14kThe Da Vinci CodeFilm5.14kThe DeclineFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kThe DirtFilm5.14kThe Disaster ArtistFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kNewThe Do OverFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kThe First Temptation of ChristFilm5.14kThe Game ChangersFilm5.14kThe Great HackFilm5.14kThe Half of ItFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kNewThe Hard WayFilm5.14kThe HighwaymenFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kThe HolidayFilm5.14kThe Holiday CalendarFilm5.14kThe IrishmanFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kThe Irishman in Conversation [23min]Film5.1Dolby Vision4kThe KingFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kThe Kissing BoothFilm5.14kThe Knight Before ChristmasFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kThe Land of Steady HabitsFilm5.14kThe Last LaughFilm5.14kThe Last RunwayFilm5.14kThe Last Thing He WantedFilm5.14kThe LaundromatFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Mask of ZorroFilm5.14kThe Other Side of the WindFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kThe OutsiderFilm5.14kThe PerfectionFilm5.14kThe Princess SwitchFilm5.14kThe Redeemed and the Dominant: FittestFilm5.14kThe Remix (Doc)Film5.14kThe Ridiculous 6Film5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Siege of JadotvilleFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Speed Cubers (Short)Film5.14kNewThe Two PopesFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kThe Wandering EarthFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Week OfFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Wolf’s CallFilm5.14kThe Wrong MissyFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kNewThree Days of Christmas [Spanish]FilmAtmosDolby Vision4kTo All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love YouFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kTricky Dick and the Man in BlackFilm5.14kTriple FrontierFilmAtmosDolby Vision4kTrue Memoirs of an International AssassinFilm5.14kTrue to the GameFilm5.14kUncorkedFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kUncut GemsFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kNewUnstoppable (Doc)Film5.1Dolby Vision4kVelvet BuzzsawFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kWalk. Ride. Rodeo.Film5.14kWar MachineFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kWasp Network [Spanish]Film5.14kNewWe Belong TogetherFilm5.14kWe, the MarinesFilm5.14kWhat Happened, Miss Simone?Film5.14kWheelmanFilm5.14kWhen We First MetFilm5.14kWho Would You Take to a Deserted Island?Film5.14kWin it AllFilm5.14kWork ItFilmDolby AtmosDolby Vision4kNewWine CountryFilm5.1Dolby Vision4kYou Get MeFilm5.14k

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Netflix TV Series

Here are the latest list of Netflix TV Series:

TitlesTypeAudioHDR4KNew#blackAFSeriesAtmosDolby Vision4k100 Humans (1 Season)Series5.14k13 Reasons Why (4 Seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNew1983 [Polish]Series5.14k1994 (Limited Series) [Spanish]Series5.14k3% (Seasons 1-3)Series5.14kA Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 3)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kA Tale of Two KitchensSeries5.14kAbstract: The Art of Design (2 seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kAfter LifeSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kAfterlife (2 Seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kAlexa & KatieSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kAlias GraceSeries5.14kAll About the WashingtonsSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kAlmost Happy (1 Season) [Spanish]Series5.14kAltered Carbon (2 Seasons)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kAlways a Witch “Siempre bruja” [Spanish] (S1)Series5.14kAmerican VandalSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kAnima (15min short)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kAnimal World [Mandarine]Series5.1Dolby Vision4kAnne with an “E” (3 Seasons)Series5.14kAnother Life (Season 1)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kArrested DevelopmentSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kAtypicalSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kAudrie & DaisySeries5.14kAwake: The Million Dollar Game (Season 1)Series5.14kBabies (2 parts)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kBad Blood (Seasons 1-2)Series5.14kBard of Blood (1 Season)Series5.14kBasketball or NothingSeries5.14kBest. Worst. Weekend. Ever.Series5.1Dolby Vision4kBetter Call Saul Seasons 1-2 (AMC)Series5.14kBlack Earth Rising – Limited SeriesSeries5.14kBlack Mirror (Seasons 1-5)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kBlack SummerSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kBlood on RomeSeries5.14kBloodlineSeries5.14kBloodride (1 Season) [Norwegian]Series5.14kBlown Away (Season 1)Series5.14kBlue Planet II (BBC)Series5.14kBolívar (1 Season) [Spanish]Series5.14kBondingSeries5.14kBreaking Bad (5 Seasons) – AMCSeries5.14kBrews Brothers (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kBroken (Season 1)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kCable Girls (6 Seasons) [Spanish]Series5.14kCastle and CastleSeries5.14kChambersSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kCheer (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kChef’s Table (6 Volumes)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kChef’s Table FranceSeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kChelsea DoesSeries5.14kChilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2Series5.14kCollateral Limited SeriesSeries5.14kComedians in Cars Getting CoffeeSeries5.14kConnected: The Hidden Science of Everything (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNewConversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy TapesSeries5.14kCookedSeries5.14kCooked with Cannabis (1 Season)Series5.14kCosmos Laundromat (Short) [Dutch, English]Series5.1Dolby Vision4kCricket Fever: Mumbai IndiansSeries5.14kCrime Diaries: Night Out [Spanish]Series5.14kCrime Diaries: The CandidateSeries5.14kCriminal: United Kingdom (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kDancing QueenSeries5.14kDark (3 Seasons)SeriesAtmos4kNewDark Desire (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNewDating Around (2 Seaasons)Series5.14kNewDaybreak (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kDead to Me (2 Seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNewDear White People (Vol. 1-3)Series5.14kDesignated Survivor (Season 3+)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kDiagnosis (1 Season)Series5.14kDirty John (Season 1)Series5.14kDirty Money (2 Seasons)Series5.14kDisenchantment (2 Parts)Series5.14kDisjointedSeries5.14kDogs (Season 2 coming soon)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kDolly Parton: Heartstrings (Season 1)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kDon’t F**k With Cats (Limited Series)Series5.14kDracula (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kDynastySeries5.1Dolby Vision4kEasy (Seasons 1-3)Series5.14kElite (3 Seasons)Series5.14kEverything SucksSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kExhibit A (Season 1)Series5.14kExtracurricular (1 Season) [Korean]Series5.14kExtreme Engagement (Season 1)Series5.14kF is for FamilySeries5.14kFamily Business (Season 1) [French]Series5.14kFamily Reunion (Part 1)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kFary: Hexagone (2 Parts) [French]Series5.14kFastest Car (2 Seasons)Series5.14kFear City: New York vs. The Mafia (1 Season)SeriesDolby AtmosDolby Vision4kNewFearlessSeries5.14kFeel Good (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kFightworldSeries5.14kFire ChasersSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kFirst and LastSeries5.14kFirst Team: JuventusSeries5.14kFlakedSeries5.14kFlinchSeries5.14kFollow ThisSeries5.14kFollowers (1 Season) [Japanese]Series5.1Dolby Vision4kFor the Love of SpockSeries5.14kFormula 1: Drive to Survive (2 Seasons)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kNewFree ReinSeries5.14kFree Rein (Seasons 1-3)Series5.14kFreud (1 Season) [German]Series5.14kFriends from CollegeSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kFrontierSeries5.14kFuller House (5 Seasons)Series5.14kGentefied (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kGirl / Haji (1 Season) [English / Japanese]SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kGirl BossSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kGirls Incarcerated (Seasons 1-2)Series5.14kGlitch (3 Seasons)Series5.14kGLOWSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kGo! Live Your Way (Seasons 1-2)Series5.14kGodless – Limited SeriesSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kGood Witch (Seasons 1-4)Series5.14kGrace and Frankie (6 Seasons)Series5.14kGreen Door [Mandarin}Series5.14kGypsySeries5.14kHappy Jail (Limited Series]Series5.14kHasmukh (1 Season) [Hindu]Series5.14kHaunted (2 Seasons)Series5.14kHibana Spark [Japanese]Series5.1Dolby Vision4kHigh Seas (Season 1)Series5.14kHistorical Roasts (Season 1)Series5.14kHold the DarkSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kHollywood (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kNewHome For Christmas [Scandinavian] (Season 1)Series5.14kHome Game (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kNewHomecomingSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kHomemade (1 Volume)Series5.14kNewHong Kong West Side Stories (Season 1)Series5.14kHot Girls Wanted: Turned OnSeries5.14kHouse of CardsSeries5.14kHow to Fix a Drug Scandal (Limited Series)Series5.14kHow to Sell Drugs Online Fast (Season 1) [German]Series5.14kHuge in FranceSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kHyperdrive (Season 1)Series5.14kI Am Not Ok With This (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kI Think You Should Leave with Tim RobinsonSeries5.14kImmigration Nation (Limited Series)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNewInsatiable (2 Seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kInside Bill’s Brain (Limited Series)Series5.14kInside the World’s Toughest Prison’s (4 Seasons)Series5.14kIt’s Bruno (Season 1)Series5.14kJack Whitehall: Travels with My Father (3 Seasons)Series5.14kJailbirds (Season 1)Series5.14kJeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (1 Season)Series5.14kNewJinn (Season 1)Series5.14kJuanitaSeries5.14kKiller Ratings (Season 1) [Portuguese]Series5.14kKingdom (2 Seasons)Series5.14kKnights of Sidonia (Japanese, 2 Seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kLadies Up [Indian]Series5.14kLady DynamiteSeries5.14kLast Chance U (Part 1-2)Series5.14kLegends of Strength (One Season)Series5.14kLeila (Season 1)Series5.14kLenox Hill (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kNewLiving Undocumented (1 Season)Series5.14kLiving With Yourself (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kLocke & Key (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kLongmire (Seasons 4-6)Series5.14kLosersSeries5.14kLost in Space (2 Seasons)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kLoveSeries5.14kLove 101 (1 Season) [German]Series5.14kLove, Death & Robots (Vol. 1)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kLucifer (4 Seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kLuis Miguel – The Series (Season 1)Series5.14kLuna Nera (1 Season)Series5.14kLunaticsSeries5.14kMagic for Humans (3 Seasons)Series5.14kNewMalibu Rescue: The Series (Season 1)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kManiacSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kMarcella (3 Seasons)Series5.14kMarco PoloSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kMarianne (1 Season)Series5.14kMarseilleSeries5.14kMarvel’s Daredevil (Seasons 1-3)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kMarvel’s Iron Fist (Seasons 1-2)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kMarvel’s Jessica Jones (Seasons 1-3)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kMarvel’s Luke Cage (Seasons 1-2)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kMarvel’s Punisher (Seasons 1-2)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kMarvel’s The Defenders (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kMaster of NoneSeries5.14kMedal of HonorSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kMedici The Magnificant (3 Seasons)Series5.14kMerry Happy Whatever (Season 1)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kMessiah (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kMiddleditch & Schwartz (1 Season)Series5.14kMillion Yen Women (Japanese)Series5.14kMindHunter (2 Seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kMonarca (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kMoney Heist (Part 3+) [Spanish]Series5.1Dolby Vision4kMost Beautiful ThingSeries5.14kMy Holo Love (1 Season)Series5.14kMy Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman (Season 2)Series5.14kMystery Lab (1 Season) [Portuguese]Series5.14kNewNailed It (4 Seasons)Series5.14kNarcos (Seasons 1-3)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNarcos: Mexico (2 Seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNetflix Presents: The CharactersSeries5.14kNever Have I Ever (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNewNext in Fashion (1 Season)Series5.14kNextgenSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kNight on Earth (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kNightflyers (Season 1)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNo Good Nick: Part 1, 2Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNocturne (Short)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNorsemenSeries5.14kNorthern RescueSeries5.14kOctober Faction (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kOmniscient (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kOn My BlockSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kOne Day at a TimeSeries5.14kOne Spring Night (Season 1)Series5.14kOrange is the New Black (7 Seasons)Series5.14kOsmosisSeries5.14kOur Planet (Behind the Scenes)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kOur Planet (Limited Series)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kOuter Banks (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kOutlander (Seasons 1-2)Series5.14kOzark (3 Seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kPandemic: How To Prevent An OutbreakSeries5.14kPaquita Salas (Seasons 1-3)Series5.14kPatriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (6 Volumes)Series5.14kPeaky Blinders (5 Seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kPerfumeSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kPine Gap – Season 1Series5.14kPlanet Earth II (BBC)Series5.14kPrince of Peoria (2 parts)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kPuerta 7 (1 Season) [Spanish]Series5.14kQueen Sono (2 Seeasons)Series5.14kNewQuicksandSeries5.14kRagnarok (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kRaising Dion (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kRaptureSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kReal RobSeries5.14kReckoning (Limited Series)Series5.14kRequiemSeries5.14kRestaurants on the Edge (1 Season)Series5.14kRhythm + Flow (1 Season)Series5.14kRilakkuma and Kaoru (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kRotten (2 Seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kRussian DollSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kRust Valley Restorers (1 Season)Series5.14kSacred GamesSeries5.14kSalt Fat Acid HeatSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kSamantha! Season 2Series5.14kSamurai Gourmet (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kSanta Clarita DietSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kSay I Do: Surprise Weddings (1 Season)Series5.14kNewSelf Made (Limited Series)SeriesAtmos4kSelling Sunset (3 Seasons)Series5.14kNewSense 8Series5.14kSeven SecondsSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kSex Education (2 Seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kSexy Central (Season 1) [Mandarin]Series5.14kShadowSeries5.14kShe’s Gotta Have It (Seasons 1-2)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kSkin Decision Before & After (1 Season)Series5.14kNewSomebody Feed PhilSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kSoundtrackSeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kSpace ForceSeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kNewSpecialSeries5.14kSpectros (1 Season) [Portugese]Series5.14kStranger Things (Seasons 1-3)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kStreet Food: Asia (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby VisionAtmos4kStreet Food: Latin America (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kNewSuburra: Blood on Rome [Italian]Series5.14kSugar Rush (Seasons 1-2)Series5.14kSummertime (1 Season) [Italian]Series5.1Dolby Vision4kSuper DragsSeries5.14kSurviving EscobarSeries5.14kSweet Magnolias (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kNewTaco Chronicles (Volume 1) [Spanish]Series5.14kTales by LightSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kTales of the City (Limited Series)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kTango: Season 1Series5.14kThe Adventures of SabrinaSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Big Flower Fight (1 Season)Series5.14kNewThe Big Show Show (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Blacklist (Seasons 1-5) (NBC)Series5.14kThe Chef ShowSeries5.14kThe Chef Show (3 Volumes)Series5.14kThe Christmas ChroniclesSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Comedy LineupSeries5.14kThe Confession Killer (Limited Series)Series5.14kThe Confession Tapes (Seasons 1-2)Series5.14kThe CrownSeries5.14kThe Curious Creations of Christine McConnellSeries5.14kThe Dark Crystal (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Devil Next Door (Limited Series)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Disappearance of Madeline McCannSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Eddy (Limited Series)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNewThe End of the Fu***ing WorldSeries5.14kThe English Game (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia (1 Part)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Family (Limited Series)Series5.14kThe Final Table (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Forest of Love: Deep Cut (Limited Series) [Japanese]Series5.14kThe Get DownSeries5.14kThe Good CopSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Gooplab w/Gwyneth Paltrow (1 Season)Series5.14kThe Great British Baking ShowSeries5.14kThe Hard WaySeries5.14kThe Hateful Eight – Extended Version Season 1Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Hateful Eight: Extended Version / Season 1Series5.14kThe Haunting of Hill HouseSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kThe House of Flowers (Spanish)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Hunt (Season 1) (BBC)Series5.14kThe I-Land (Limited Series)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kThe Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Innocence Files (Limited Series)Series5.14kThe Innocent Man (Limited Series)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe InnocentsSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Kominksy MethodSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Last Czars (Season 1)Series5.14kThe Let Down (Seasons 1-2)Series5.14kThe Letter for the King (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Mechanism (Season 2)Series5.14kThe Mire (1 Season) [Polish]Series5.14kThe Naked Director (Netflix Series) [Japanese]Series5.14kThe New Legends of MonkeySeries5.14kThe OASeries5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Order (Season One)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Pharmacist (Limited Series)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Politician (2 Seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNewThe Princess Weiyoung (Season 1) [Mandarin]Series5.14kThe ProtectorSeries5.14kThe Protector (1 Season)Series5.14kThe Queen and the Conqueror [Spanish]Series5.14kNewThe Rain (2 Seasons)Series5.14kThe RanchSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Redeemed and the Dominant: FittestSeries5.14kThe Society (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe StandupsSeries5.14kThe Stranger (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Travelers (3 Seasons)Series5.14kThe Trial (1 Season) [Italian]Series5.14kThe Trials of Gabriel Fernandez (Limited Series)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Umbrella Academy (2 Seasons)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNewThe Unremarkable Juanquini (1 Season) [Spanish]Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNewThe Valhalla Murders (1 Season)Series5.14kThe Victim’s Game (1 Season) [Mandarin]Series5.14kThe White HelmetsSeries5.14kThe Who Was? ShowSeries5.14kThe Witcher (Season 1)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kThe World’s Most Extraordinary HomesSeries5.14kThe Writer (Season 1) [Arabic]Series5.14kThe Writer: Season 1Series5.14kTidelands (One Season)Series5.14kTidying Up with Marie KondoSeries5.14kTiger King (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kTijuanaSeries5.14kTil Death Do Us Part (Season 1) [Mandarin]Series5.14kTiny Creatures (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNewTop Boy (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kToy Boy (1 Season) [Spanish]Series5.14kTraitorsSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kTransformers War for Cybertron (Chap. 1)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kNewTrial By Media (1 Season)Series5.14kNewTrigger Warning with Killer MikeSeries5.14kTrinkets (Season 1)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kTroy: Fall of a CitySeries5.14kTurn Up CharlieSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kTypewriter [Hindi/English]Series5.14kUgly Delicious (2 Seasons)Series5.14kUltimate BeastmasterSeries5.14kUltraman: (Season 1)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kUnbelievable (Limited Series)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kUnbreakable: Kimmy SchmidtSeries5.14kUnnatural Selection (Limited Series)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kUnorthodox (Limited Series)Series5.14kUnsolved Mysteries (1 Volume)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kNewUnstoppable (1 Season) [Spanish]Series5.14kUnwell (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kNewV Wars (Season 1)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kVagabond (1 Season) [Korean]Series5.14kValeria (1 Season) [Spanish]Series5.14kNewVampires (1 Season) [French]Series5.14kVideo Game High SchoolSeries5.14kVirgin River (Season 1)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kw/Bob & DavidSeries5.14kWanderlustSeries5.1Dolby Vision4kWarrior Nun (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kNewWe Speak Dance (1 Season)Series5.14kWet Hot American Summer: First Day of CampSeries5.14kWet Hot American Summer: Ten Years LaterSeries5.14kWhat / If (Part 1)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kWhat If? (Season 1)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kWhat the Love! with Koran JoharSeries5.14kWhen They See Us (Limited Series)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kWhite Lines (1 Season)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kNewWild DistrictSeries5.14kWorld’s Most Wanted (1 Season)Series5.14kNewWormworld (Limited Series)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kWU Assassins (Season 1)SeriesAtmosDolby Vision4kYankee (Season 1) [Spanish]Series5.14kYou (1 Season)Series5.1Dolby Vision4kYou vs WildSeries5.14k

Netflix Special Comedy

Here is the update list of Netflix Special Comedy:

TitleTypeAudioHDR4KNewAdam Devine: Best Time of Our LivesSpecial5.14kAdam Sandler 100%Special5.14kAlan Saldaña: Mi Vida De PobreSpecial5.14kAmy Schumer: GrowingSpecial5.14kAmy Schumer: The Leather SpecialSpecial5.14kAnthony Jeselnik: Fire in the Maternity WardSpecial5.14kBen Platt Live from Radio City Music HallSpecial5.14kBill Burr: Walk Your Way OutSpecial5.14kBill Burr: Paper TigerSpecial5.14kBo Burnam Make HappySpecial5.14kBrad Paisley’s Comedy RodeoSpecial5.14kBrené Brown: The Call to CourageSpecial5.14kBrian Regan: Nunchucks and FlamethrowersSpecial5.14kCedric the EntertainerSpecial5.14kChris D’Elia: Man On FireSpecial5.14kComedians of the World (various episodes)Special5.14kDaniel Sosa: MaleducadoSpecial5.14kDave Chappelle / CollectionSpecial5.14kDave Chappelle: Equanimity &… (1 Collection)Special5.14kDave Chappelle: Sticks & StonesSpecial5.1Dolby Vision4kDavid Cross: Making America Great AgainSpecial5.14kDemetri Martin: The OverthinkerSpecial5.14kDeon Cole: Cole HeartedSpecial5.14kDeRay Davis: How to Act BlackSpecial5.14kDerren Brown SacrificeSpecial5.14kEllen Degeneres: RelatableSpecial5.1Dolby Vision4kFrancesco De Carlo: Cose di Questo MondoSpecial5.14kFranco Escamilla: Bienvenido al mundoSpecial5.14kGabriel “Fluffy” IglesiasSpecial5.1Dolby Vision4kGabriel IglesiasSpecial5.14kGad Elmaleh: American DreamSpecial5.14kHannah Gadsby: DouglasSpecial5.1Dolby Vision4kNewHannibal Buress: Comedy CamisadoSpecial5.14kHari Kondabolu: Warn Your RelativesSpecial5.14kHello, Privilege. It’s Me, ChelseaSpecial5.14kI Think You Should Leave with Tim RobinsonSpecial5.14kI’m Brent MorinSpecial5.14kIliza: Confirmed KillsSpecial5.14kIliza: UnVeiledSpecial5.1Dolby Vision4kJeff Dunham: Beside HimselfSpecial5.1Dolby Vision4kJeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy: We’ve Been ThinkingSpecial5.14kJerry Before SeinfeldSpecial5.14kJim Gaffigan: CincoSpecial5.14kJim Jefferies: FreedumbSpecial5.14kJim Jefferies: This is Me NowSpecial5.14kJimmy Carr Funny BusinessSpecial5.14kJimmy Carr: The Best of Ultimate Gold Greatest HitsSpecial5.14kJo Koy Live from SeattleSpecial5.14kJoe Rogan: Strange DaysSpecial5.14kJoe Rogan: TriggeredSpecial5.14kJohn Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio CitySpecial5.14kKatherine Ryan: Glitter RoomSpecial5.14kKatt Williams: Great AmericaSpecial5.14kKen Jeong: You Complete Me, HoSpecial5.14kKevin Hart: IrresponsibleSpecial5.1Dolby Vision4kKevin James: Never Don’t Give UpSpecial5.14kLouis C.K. 2017Special5.14kLynne Koplitz: Hormonal BeastSpecial5.14kMarlon Wayans: Woke-ishSpecial5.14kMichelle Wolf: Joke ShowSpecial5.14kMike Epps: Only One MikeSpecial5.14kMo Amer The VagabondSpecial5.14kMr. Iglesias (Season 1)Special5.14kMy Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David LettermanSpecial5.14kNikki Glaser: Bangin’Special5.14kOh, Hello On BroadwaySpecial5.14kPatton Oswalt: I Love EverythingSpecial5.14kNewPatton Oswalt: AnnihilationSpecial5.14kPatton Oswalt: Talking for ClappingSpecial5.14kPrivate School NegroSpecial5.14kRed Armisen: Standup for DrummersSpecial5.14kReversing RoeSpecial5.14kRicardo Quevedo: Los amargados somos másSpecial5.14kRicky Gervais: HumanitySpecial5.14kRonny Chieng: Asian Comedian Destroys America!Special5.14kRon White: If You Quit Listening I’ll Shut UpSpecial5.14kRyan Hamilton: Happy FaceSpecial5.14kSam Jay 3 in the MorningSpecial5.14kNewSarah Silverman A Speck of DustSpecial5.14kSaverio Raimondo: Il Satiro Parlante [Italian]Special5.14kSebastian ManiscalcoSpecial5.14kSeth Rogan’s Hilarity for CharitySpecial5.14kSimon Amstell: Set FreeSpecial5.14kSpringstein on BroadwaySpecial5.1Dolby Vision4kSteve Martin & Martin ShortSpecial5.14kStill LAUGH-IN: The Stars CelebrateSpecial5.14kTamborine: Chris RockSpecial5.14kTaylor Swift: ReputationSpecial5.1Dolby Vision4kThe Kissing BoothSpecial5.14kThe Last HangoverSpecial5.14kThe Power of Grayskull: The Definitive…Special5.14kTheo Von: No OffenseSpecial5.14kTom Papa: You’re Doing GreatSpecial5.14kTom Segura: Ball HogSpecial5.14kTom Segura: DisgracefulSpecial5.14kTom Segura: Mostly StoriesSpecial5.14kTrevor NoahSpecial5.1Dolby Vision4kTwo CataloniasSpecial5.14kWanda Sykes: Not NormalSpecial5.14kWendy Cummngs: Can I Touch It?Special5.14kWhat the HealthSpecial5.14kWhindersson Nunes: Adult [Portuguese]Special5.14kQueer Eye: More Than a Makeover (5 Seasons)Series5.14kNew

To see the UltraHD content you require to have a 4K TV and enough internet speed. To view 4k UltraHD titles with HDR, you need a TV that supports the format. New to Ultra HD? How to Stream Netflix in 4K/ Stream Netflix in Ultra HD.

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