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Master DOM Manipulation & Streamline Your Coding Workflow with 39 Hours of Training


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jQuery UI In-Depth

Craft Rich Web Interfaces Layered with Widgets, Animations & More

By Udemy | in eLearning


jQuery UI is a library of GUI widgets, animations, and more that are easy to incorporate with help from jQuery itself. Making your sites interesting and dynamic doesn’t get easier than with the skills taught in this 10+ hour tutorial.

  • Deep dive into jQuery UI w/ over 52 lectures & 10.5 hours of content
  • Quickly set up your development environment
  • Master use of widgets to refine the functionality of your sites & apps
  • Utilize effects to add animations to your web pages
  • Apply interactions to manipulate UI elements such as draggable & droppable widgets
  • Learn how to use utilities to run routine programming tasks
  • Debug jQuery UI code using proven tools & techniques
  • Understand how to develop a navigable & dynamic UI by course’s end

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jQuery for Beginners

Go From Newbie to Pro with This Detailed 2-Hour Intro to jQuery

By Udemy | in eLearning


With a motto like “write less, do more,” jQuery is clearly here to make coding easier on you. To put it simply, jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library available and aids the creation of pro-quality, dynamic websites. You’ve seen it in action on sites like Twitter and eBay, and now you can make it your own.

  • Get an overview of jQuery w/ over 56 lectures & 2 hours of content
  • Understand why jQuery is an important & widely used JavaScript library
  • Download & set up jQuery on your computer
  • Manipulate HTML & CSS code to build the structural foundation of your work
  • Write code that functions across different browsers
  • Program step-by-step w/ the instructor as you go through each lesson
  • Complete lab exercises designed to solidify your knowledge
  • Create dynamic visual effects for any site & app by course’s end

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Learn 200 jQuery Functions with 800 Examples

See Why the Web’s Top Sites Turn to jQuery Daily

By Udemy | in eLearning


You’re familiar with the basics, now take your knowledge to the next level by putting jQuery into action. This course will teach you to transform lines and lines of JavaScript into a concise chunk of code, and simplify complex concepts like CSS manipulation and animations.

  • Dive into jQuery w/ over 128 lectures & 20.5 hours of content
  • Master use of over 200 jQuery functions to build interactive apps & pages
  • Create demo apps to consolidate your knowledge
  • Supplement your jQuery foundation w/ lessons on UI & Style.css
  • Use AJAX to have web pages update individual elements (e.g. tables & forms) without needing to refresh completely
  • Deck out your interface w/ dynamic elements such as special effects & animations
  • Use coding plugins as shortcuts to expedite your development process

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Ajax Developer Course

Supercharge Your Coding Efficiency–Eliminate the Dreaded ‘Refresh’

By Udemy | in eLearning


Meet Ajax, the coding miracle worker. This technology lets you update portions of pages based upon user events without refreshing, making JavaScript coding and your life a whole lot easier. Increase your programming efficiency two-fold by utilizing jQuery together with Ajax. jQuery provides Ajax support to conveniently remove user roadblocks like browser differences, quietly accelerating your programming workflow.

  • Get a crash course in Ajax w/ over 22 lectures & 3 hours of content
  • Use Ajax to ensure web app pages are responsive & can update specific elements without completely reloading
  • Execute data requests pertaining to different data types, e.g. XML, JSON, & PHP
  • Create an XSLT stylesheet to present your content in an organized manner
  • Code in jQuery to craft data requests that register across different browsers
  • Become comfortable w/ facilitating data requests from start to finish by course’s end

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jQuery–Easily Create Cool Website Effects & Animations

Increase User Engagement with Beautiful & Dynamic Features

By Udemy | in eLearning


One of the main benefits of jQuery is the ability to quickly add animations, sliders, photo galleries, and more interactive elements to any page. Join the 1000+ students that have taken this course in order to master animations without mastering code!

  • Enhance your web page’s visuals w/ over 28 lectures & 3 hours of content
  • Learn why jQuery allows you to jazz up your site w/ minimal effort
  • Integrate animations into your pages to make them more dynamic
  • Build sliders, photo galleries, & more to make your content more interactive
  • Become adept at creating dazzling & responsive pages by course’s end

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