Jeff Bezos Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Dating, Net Worth 2021, Wife, Kids, Religion, & More Facts

Jeff BezosFull Name/Real Name:Jeffrey Preston JorgensenCelebrated Name:Jeff BezosParents:Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen and Ted JorgensenHow Old is Jeff Bezos?/Age:57 years oldBirth Date:12th, January, 1964Is Jeff Bezos Dead?:No, He is alive and kicking.Birth Place:Albuquerque, New MexicoEducation:Bachelor of Arts/Science, Princeton UniversityHow Tall is Jeff Bezos?/Height:1.71 mWeight:70 kgNationality:AmericanReligion:UnclearFamous for:Founder CEO of Inc, an investor, entrepreneur and one of the top 5 richest individuals om earth.Profession:Technology entrepreneur, InvestorNet Worth:114 billion USDLast Updated:23rd June 2021

Jeff Bezos isn’t a new name to many of us who are on the internet considering he is the richest person in the world and has topped the world’s richest people severally making him the cash king. He is an American investor and technology entrepreneur. Bezos owns and founded the world’s biggest e-commerce site that’s the Inc, where he currently controls 12% of the company shares.

Just the other day Bezos was divorced by his wife MacKenzie Bezos who took 4% stake of Jeff Bezos wealth which saw Bezos lose $38 billion to the settlement, however, that dint topple him as the world’s richest man. MacKenzie Bezos is now the fourth richest woman in the world, according to Bloomberg’s and Forbes ranking of the world’s richest people.

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Early Life

Jeff Bezos was born on January 12, 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is the son of Ted Jorgensen and Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen. His mother was 17 years than when she gave birth to him, but after four years she divorced Ted and married Cuban Immigrant Miguel “Mike” Bezos, who adopted Jorgensen, and his surname changed to Bezos. The family moved to Texas where Bezos spend many of his youthful years.

Age, Height, Weight

As of 23rd June 2021, Jeff Bezos is 57 years old, and he is alive and kicking, not dead. He is 1.71 m tall and has a body weight of 70 kg.

Education: School, College and University

The entrepreneur and e-commerce inventor Jeff Bezos is an alumnus of River Oaks Elementary School where after graduation he joined Princeton University and pursued a Bachelor of Science degrees in electrical engineering and computer science and graduated in 1986.

Personal Life: Is Jeff Bezos Married?

Bezos is a divorce, and he recently got that status when his wife Mackenzie Tuttle who they have lived for 25 years, divorced him on January 9, 2019. He met Mackenzie back in 1992 when he was working at Manhattan, and he married in 1993. Together they are parents to four children, one daughter who they adopted in China and three sons.

Currently, Jeff Bezos is dating Lauren Sanchez.

Professional Career

Jeff Bezos dint kickstart his career by starting up Amazon.Com Inc, but he first worked at fintech communications after his graduation at Princeton University as the head of development and director of customer service. After several years of working at Fintech, he transitioned to the banking industry where he worked as the product manager for Bankers Trust from 1988 to 1990 and the joined D.E Shaw & Co where he was the vice-president till 1994.

An idea came into his mind in 1993 to start an online bookstore and decided to act on his conception in 1994 on his garage. After a year of developing the site, it was launched in 1995, and he started selling books, and within just 30 days he had started making $20,000 a week which was more than what he envisioned. The popularity of the site grew faster even without advertisement, but he decided to take the company to the public in 1997, but many people undermined his vision though Bezos never gave up. Though other companies established their own e-commerce sites, Amazon remained an e-commerce leader.

Bezos decided to diversify the business and started offering videos, clothes, electronics, toys, and today the e-commerce has every product sold on earth. The site’s sales were $510,000 in 1995, in 2011 they were $17 billion, and in 2018 they were $232.9 billion.

Other than Amazon, Bezos is an investor and one of his notable investment is Blue Origin, a Seattle-based aerospace company which offers space travel for customers. Today spaceflight tickets fetch at $200,000 to $300,000 per person.

Another investment which made headlines around the world is when he purchased The Washington Post in 2013 for $250 million in cash.

Other investments which Bezos has stake all made through his venture capital vehicle, Bezos Expeditions include Google, Unity Biotechnology, ZocDoc, Grail, Haven, among additional investments.

Awards & Nomination

Bezos has been awarded many accolades among them is Person of the Year, America’s Best Leaders, honorary doctorate, Innovative Award, Buzz Aldrin Space Exploration Award and Axel Springer Award for business innovation and social responsibility among other awards.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth & Earnings in 2021

As of June 2021, Jeff Bezos net worth stands at $114 billion. Bezos first became a million where amazon went public in 1997 in the initial public offering (IPO) where he raised $54 million. In 1999 his name was written to the worlds Billionaire list when his net worth became $10.1 billion.

Bezos became one of the top 10 richest people in the world in 2015 when his net worth became $50.3 billion and rose to the fifth position a year later when he gained $7 billion in just one hour.

In 2016 he became the third richest person in the world and on 2017 he unseated Bill Gates for the top seat of the world’s richest person. To date, Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest person in modern history and even though he gave out $38 billion to his wife MacKenzie he still remains on top the iceberg as the wealthiest of them all.

8 Unknown facts about Jeff Bezos

  1. Did you know that Jeff Bezos is so rich to a point he is considered the first registered centi-billionaire on planet earth?
  2. In 2017 he made $230,000 every 60 seconds.
  3. For the very first time, Amazon made a $200 billion sale in 2019.
  4. He is the first man to have a shuttle cargo and people to the moon commercially.
  5. Bezos is still the world’s richest person even after he gave out 4% of his company to MacKenzie after divorce.
  6. Bezos makes $2,489 per second yes I mean per second.
  7. One of his ways to relieve stress and disappointments is through laughter.
  8. His first sale on Amazon was a textbook titled “Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies.”

Rumors and Controversy

  1. His most important work isn’t about growing Amazon but helping the next generation become space entrepreneurs with Blue Origin.
  2. Jeff was threatened by American Media Inc with the release of pictures of him and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez unless he called off an investigation.
  3. Sanchez and Bezos have been dating for a while even before he got a divorce.
  4. Senator Bernie Sanders has accused Bezos of offering poor working conditions for Amazon workers.
  5. The reason why Lauren feel for Bezos isn’t about money, but it’s about power. Lauren’s husband was powerful and wealthy, but Bezos has more power.

Jeff Bezos is undoubted the richest man on earth and perhaps the richest we shall ever see in our times, but hold that thought because the internet is unpredictable and tomorrow Amazon shares might fall. We do wish him the very best, and we hope he will crack the space travel for us and make it more cheaper not the $200,000 fare, you know the common man kind of ticket.