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To increase your chances to succeed in anIT role, it is important to have a globally recognized certification that can verify that you have essentialknowledge in the sphere. Today, there are numerous credentials for specialists of differentspecializations and if you want to build a career as a networking professional,then CompTIANetwork+ is one of the best badges foryou to earn.It can assist you not only to prove your skills to the employer but also togive you a competitive edge over your career growth.

So, what is this certification all about? What topics do you need tolearn to pass its exam and what career and financial opportunities will becomeavailable for you? Keep reading this post — and you’ll find all the answers!

What Is CompTIA Network+ Credential?

The badge provided by CompTIA validates you with the requisite competencies in networking to build a career in IT. It is the only industry certification that prepares candidates to work with both wireless and wired networks which makes it unique as well as one of the most popular options.

Network+ is also advantageousin getting you into entry-level job roles like Network Engineer and NetworkAdministrator, to name a few, for whichthe demands are high and still continue to climb at a rapid pace. Moreover, you can apply for such a position even in a big renownedorganization! This is because there is a factor that can be consideredmost rewarding about CompTIA Network+: it is globally recognized and trusted bymajor companies like Apple, Cisco, Canon, Dell, HP, Intel, Verizon, etc.

The best part of this badge is that with all its benefits, the certificationpath is very easy. To earn this credential, you must pass only oneexam (N10-007). So, keep reading to find out what that’s all about!

CompTIA Network+ Exam (N10-007)

The certification test N10-007 was launched in March and its content covers 5 domains. So by the end of your preparation, you should beskilled in the following aspects:

  1. Networking concepts: You must have a good understanding of the purpose of various networking features and know how to implement them appropriately.
  2. Infrastructure: Having a good infrastructure can increase the efficiency of the whole network. So you need to be able to resolve, clarify, and design suitable cabling, device, and storage technologies.
  3. Network operations: You should be familiar with the best practices for managing networks, regulating policies, and ensuring business stability.
  4. Network security: You must know how to compile physical security and barricade common attacks while securing both wired and wireless networks.
  5. Network troubleshooting and tools: This sector involves understanding network troubleshooting methodology and the ability to use convenient tools to support connectivity and performance.

This examconsists of not more than 90 questions that come in the form of multiple-choice, performance-based, and drag-and-drop types. The durationof the assessment is 90 minutes and the minimum passing markis 720 on a scale of Network+ Practice Test . Thisis a pretty tough score to achieve especially considering you will only have 1minute for each task on average. So, it’srecommended for you to have at least 9 months of experience in the field ofnetworking or the CompTIA A+ credential though it is notnecessary because adequate preparation will help you gain allthe needed knowledge.

Exam Preparation

Passingexams is a matter of both your knowledge ofthe topics and confidence. And you can improve these aspects significantly by the use of appropriate studytechniques. To get the most relevant information, first, you canutilize official materials like CompTIA E-Learning, Virtual labs, study guide,or even enroll in an instructor-led course. Also, the vendor itself offerssample questions for N10-007 and a tool CertMaster Practice for revising whatyou’ve learnt. However, you can also find a lotof free and paid options provided bythird-parties,and the right ways of preparation will depend on your favored learning styleand timeline. Don’t hesitate to join some active forums on Network+,read books on its topics, and do several practice tests.

Benefits of Getting Network+ Credential

When making any decision, you probably try to find outwhat are the perks you’ll gain in the end. Considering the price of $329 as anexam fee and some extra money for dependable training resources, exploring thebenefits of getting certified beforehand is a wise move.

To start with, today, computernetworks are established all over the world, so, specialists in this field are highly needed. And since CompTIA Security+ Practice Test 2 can helpyou build a solid base of essential knowledge andskills, you’ll be able to advance yourcareer in networking and further your education. Also, notice, that employers are more favorable towards job applicantswith the Network+ credential as long as they can see a proof of qualification.

Anotherbenefit of this badge is the widerange of job opportunities that become available for you. A few of them are:

  • Network Administrator — $86,340
  • Network Field Technician —$55000
  • Help Desk Technician —$41936
  • Junior System Engineer —$57391
  • Network Support Specialist —$67,510
  • Network System Analyst —$92,740

The mediansalaries mentioned in the list wereobtained from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale. The point tonote here is that with A+ Practice Test Questions professionalsgenerally receive an above-average pay.

In additionto all that, CompTIA gives you a renewal option which is the easiest way toupdate your skills to match any new developments that come up in the field.

So, Is CompTIA Network+ Worth the Effort?

Ifyou want to advance your career in the IT industry andyour main focus is a networking area, thenCompTIA Network+ is one of the best choices you can make. Its path is clear and the vendor offers lots of study and reviewmaterials for candidates with different learning preferences. So, withdetermination and hard work, you can achieve this credential with no struggle and climb to the ladder ofsuccess.