Install IDM Add-ons on Firefox browser manually

Install IDM extension plugin Firefox addons

Addict of Internet Download Manager user also like to see IDM add-ons on their Firefox browser. Usually, download any file from the web, is getting into the track of download manager but the extension and add-ons on your browser make it more useful. It actually allowing contents with one click download which don’t have a download button. The websites are usually built to browse but not for downloading contents. However, the add-ons on Firefox browser let you download any file. User doesn’t need to navigate and find the download button.

After the installation of Internet Download Manager on your computer, Firefox is not integrating the functions. In other words, the installation process is not actually injecting files and extensions on your browser. Sometimes, the user needs to do it manually. However, for each browser, there is a different method to follow. And adding it on your browser is always manual action to follow.

Similarly, if you are using Google Chrome, you need to add an extension after installation on your computer. If you are using Google Chrome, follow steps here How to add IDM extension on Chrome. However, using Firefox, follow the steps and guidelines with screenshot illustrating below.

To install IDM Add-ons on Firefox, make sure you already install download manager on your computer. After that, you can follow the steps to grab xpi file manually. The idmmzcc3.xpi is available on the program directory.

  1. Open Firefox browser Menu and click on Add-ons
  2. Click the Extension section from the left menu
  3. Now open the Gear setting menu and click on Install Add-on from file
  4. Browse idmmzcc3.xpi file from Program files > Internet Download Manager
  5. Click the Add button to complete the installation

Firefox menu Add-ons

Open Mozilla Firefox and click on the menu. Then scroll down to Add-ons to add the extension. You can also visit the addon page with shortcut keys Ctrl+Shift+A or a new tab with text about:addons.

Install Add-on from file

Click the Gear icon to open the menu and then click Install Add-on from file…

idmmzcc3.xpi extension IDM addon Firefox

Using Windows, you can locate the directory in Program Files (86x). The filename to import is idmmzc3.xpi.

Add IDM integration Module Firefox

Confirm to add IDM integration Module

Manager your extensions

Manager Your extensions section showing IDM Integration Module on Firefox browser Addons.

Note: You can also use shortcut keys Shift+Ctrl+A to open Firefox Add-ons page. Furthermore, open a new tab and type about:add-ons to open the page on a new tab.

Where can I locate the idmmzcc3.xpi file

You can locate the file in Drive C: program files. The directory structure as follows to locate the xpi files of IDM.

Drive c:Program Files (86)Internet Download Manager You can view the following files in the directory

  • Idmmzcc.xpi
  • Idmmzcc2.xpi
  • Idmmzcc3.xpi (Extension file for Firefox Add-ons)

idmmzcc3.xpi extension IDM addon Firefox

How to allow IDM extension on Firefox Private Windows

After you add the extension to Firefox Add-ons, Check the box Allow this extension to run in Private windows to enable it for Private window.

Allow IDM to run in Private window Firefox

After that, you can use IDM integration Module while using Firefox in Private window. Firefox Private window is also known as the incognito mode to surf browser privately.

I can’t find the extension file to add

If you can’t find the folder in Program Files, the follow the checklist:

  • Make sure you install Internet Download Manager on your computer
  • During the installation, follow the similar folder path to check xpi extension file
  • Make sure you didn’t change Drive and installation directory path during installation
  • Did you try a search of Idmmzcc3.xpi file on your local drive?
  • Uninstall and reinstall the program

After following the above checklist, you will identify the file location when running the installation again to see the file directory and location of files.

IDM extension is not working on Firefox

After you add the extension file to Mozilla Firefox Add-ons and sometimes it is not working for an unknown reason. Make sure you are using a registered copy of Internet Download Manager on your PC. You can check from Help menu to see the validation of software you are using. After that, you can just remove the extension from Firefox and re-add / install. Similarly, you can restart Firefox and your computer to check.

Manual installation of IDM plugin for Firefox

  1. Open Firefox browser and click on the Menu
  2. Click on Add-ons then click Gear icon go to Install Addon from file
  3. Browse Idmmzcc3.xpi file from IDM directory and click Add
  4. Enable the plugin for Private window (Optional)

Get IDMcc for Firefox

It is recommended to avoid external IDMcc file and instead use Idmmzcc3.xpi file from the Internet download manager local directory file. The local directory file includes in the program file.

Instead of third party integration tools, it’s now offering the plugin to with installation files.