Instagram App Keeps Crashing and How to Fix

ByUmar Ali – March 25, 2020Instagram App Crash How to fix

Do you know how to fix the Instagram app keeps crashing? Maybe you know that Instagram is the best social media app for sharing their stories and pictures. You can link Instagram with other media platforms like Facebook. Instagram available on the web and app both but most people using the IG App. Therefore most of the complaining that Instagram keeps crashing when I open it and how to solve it or what is the solution to this issue. If you also experience the Instagram app keeps crashing when you open it a problem and complain about it.

Do not worry you arenot one but most of the people have the relevant but different problem is theInstagram app is keeping crashing etc. It does not matter you are using Androidor iOS devices because both phone users getting the same problem. We will giveyou a few ways for a solution to fix the issue. The problem is not happeningonly for the IG App but also can happen for all other apps you use on yourSmartphone device.

Why Instagram App Getting Crashing?

There is no one solid reason behind this when you tap on theInstagram app or want to upload a video or photo; you may get the issue anInstagram crashing problem. Let’s show some of the reasons below because ofthat IG app getting crashing and every one the reason may differ from the otherusers.

  1. Using Old Version of IG App
  2. Not yet download the latest version of the app
  3. Have not updated the latest version
  4. Due to Junk Files of your Device
  5. Using the IG App and did not restart it
  6. Due to IG Server is down
  7. App cache data
  8. You are out of Memory
  9. Instagram App is corrupt
  10. Conflicting with other App
  11. OS not yet updated

The above are the common issues and maybe there are some other issues because of that the Instagram app getting crashing. Let’s scroll down to know how to fix these problems we will give you solutions for it.

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Tips to Fix Instagram Application Problems

Here are some of the tips for using to fix Instagram appcrashing problems and I think it will help you to solve your app problems. Ifdon’t know how then follow the below with detail but first I am going tosummarize for you in below:

  1. First thing restart or rebooting the device canhelp
  2. Maybe due to the IG serve down and wait forsometime
  3. Update you IG App if not yet
  4. Clear the application cache data
  5. You will need to clear junk files from yourdevice
  6. Uninstall the application and download a new app
  7. Update all your device apps, not just IG App
  8. If you are getting problem with the most recentapp then get an old version of IG app
  9. Force shut down the application then restartagain
  10. Update your Device too (not the IG app)
  11. Reset your Device to factory reset job (if theabove tips not helpful)

Maybe some of the users do not know how to fix the appproblem with the above tips. l will teach you how to use the above tips withdetail on your device to fix app crashing problem:

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How to Fix Instagram App Keeps Crashing Problem For Android and iOS Devices

Let’s show the tips with detail one by one that how to fix the Instagram app crashing problems for both devices in Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad) in the given below for your guidance:

Restart Your Smartphone

The first thing you will need to restart your device whenyour IG app keeps stopping. This is a very basic solution that will not takemuch of your time. If it is the reason by your Smartphone then rebooting yourphone will refresh your entire device settings so that all your applicationscan run smoothly. Maybe you know how to restart just press and hold the powerbutton may to the right or left side of your phone and select the restartoption. This process will likely solve your Instagram crash issue.

Uninstall and Reinstall the IG Application

Here is another way to solve this problem by just deletingor removing or uninstalling IG application.

  1. Tap on the Instagram App
  2. Select the Uninstall option when appearing
  3. Then Reboot your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device
  4. Go to your Play Store or App Store on Android or iOS device
  5. Search for the Instagram App
  6. Then tap on the Install option
  7. When the installation process complete and try to open the Instagram app if you are still getting the problem
  8. Then try to get the last or old version of the IG app you think that was working nice.

Tap on the Instagram App, Select App Info, & UninstallOpen Play Store, Instagram App, Download & Install

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Close Applications Running in the Background

You may do not know or see. You will need to check if thereare some of the apps running in the background. These apps are using morememory and related hardware stuff. That is why these applications may not letthe IG run properly and it keeps crashing the app. Before going to do so closeall the multiple apps on your mobile

  1. Go to the Mobile Settings
  2. Tap on the Apps& Notification or App info
  3. Now tap on the Applications
  4. Then tap on the Force Stop
  5. Find all those applications running in the background of your device
  6. Now check them all one by one that which app is conflicting the Instagram application
  7. Finally, stop that application from running in the background as per the above step 3.

Go to Settings, Applications, & Tap on App, Force Stop, & OK

Check for the Instagram Application update

If you are already updated the Instagram app to the latestversion and the app still getting closing or crashing whatever. Then you willneed to get the last or old update version.

The reason is that the recently updated installed version is full of bugs. The application not properly compatible with your android phone version or apps, but you will need to update it by receiving on the next update. If the automatic update on your device then it will automatically update or in case you disable the option for auto-update apps on your device then you will need to follow the below steps

Steps to Update Instagram App on Your Mobile Device
  1. Open the Play Store (using android) or App Store (using iOS)
  2. Find the latest version of the Instagram app
  3. Select the Download and then Install
  4. When the installation complete
  5. Then Restart or Reboot your device
  6. After that, open your Instagram App

Navigate Google Play Store, Search Instagram, & Update option

Still, you aregetting the problem then go to the next step to try to solve the issue.

Check your Device’s Storage and Memory

The Instagram app is not working properly then checks yourdevice’s memory and storage. This is the best option to better your phone fromanyone by free up the storage space. Here are the steps to check file manageand free up space

  1. Tap on the Application option
  2. Then tap on the File Manager
  3. Check your Device Storage
  4. Open the Cleaner App to remove and Free up some the cached files from your device
  5. In case you have enough space in storage then it’s the memory usage (RAM)
  6. Then check if your phone has enough RAM to control the ongoing process and application running in the background

Navigate Settings, Select Storage, & Free Up Space

Clear the Cache Data of the IG App

If the above tips (update the app, and Install &reinstall) unable to help you to fix the Instagram application crashing problem.This is because the application is still using the cached and cookies data fromthe last installed version. Let’s show you how to clear the cache data of theIG app in the following steps:

  1. Go the Settings of your Smartphone
  2. Select the Application option
  3. Now tap on the Instagram App to open
  4. Then tap on the Clear Data option
  5. It will clear all your cache data from the app

Tap on IG App, App Info, Storage option, & Clear Cache option

Update all your Device’s Apps

This is one of the craziest ways to update all your apps ofyour device. This way we do not know what bugs or applications with apps arecausing the IG crashing problem. You can say application conflict. I am sureonce you update all your Installed applications and reboot your mobile device.This will get the problem fixed.

Steps to Update Your Device Applications
  1. Open the Play Store (using android) or App Store (using iOS)
  2. Select Main Menu from the left side at the top
  3. Tap on My Apps & Games
  4. You will see three tabs Updates, Installed, & Library
  5. Now select the Updates tab and then Updates all button
  6. To update all your application & games on your device
  7. Find the latest version of the Instagram app
  8. You can also tap on the update option to the left side of the apps to update one by one

Open Google App, Main Menu, My apps & games, Updates, & Update All

Update Your Device or OS

If the problems still have not fixed it, then it is thetime to update your OS, especially if you are using an old Smartphone. Whenyour system is corrupt or is not up to date, and it can cause most of yourapplication not function fine.

There are a lot of advantages of updating your device system to the performance of your Smartphone. Whether you are using an Android or iOS phone then let’s show you some of the steps to update your OS.

Steps to Update OS or Mobile Device
  1. Go to your Mobile Settings
  2. Select the System option
  3. Then tap on System updates option from the bottom
  4. You will redirect to the System update and tap on Check for update option
  5. Then download the update if available for your phone
  6. Install the updates to your phone
  7. After that, tap on the Instagram app and see if is working the way it should be

Select Settings, System option, and System update option

Reset Your Phone to Factory Defaults

Once you try all the above tips to fix the problem but youstill getting the IG app crashing problem. Then the last tip and hope, this iswhat you will need to try to fix the problem. You will need simple to resetyour Smartphone to the factory default settings. This will not only for Androiddevices but also for iOS users too.

Steps to Reset You device to Factory Defaults
  1. Go to your Mobile Settings
  2. Select the System option
  3. The tap on the Reset options
  4. Your mobile to Factory reset, apps & Network reset

Open Settings, Tap on System, and Reset Options

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