Imagination Begins with the Book Cover –

Have you ever browsed a library, bookstore, or online bookstore? What catches your eye? Is it the title of the book or the book cover? If all books were created with the same exterior, each book would have to be picked up and glanced through or at least read the contents page to learn more about the contents of the book. However, this is not the case.

Today, in our fast-moving society, the book cover must do so much more than paint a pretty picture. It should actually set the mood for the entire book or give a glimpse into a section of the book. This way consumers can look at the cover and get an idea if they want to read more. The book cover needs to stimulate the person and get their attention just as television commercials or ads in a magazine or on the internet.

In order to get someone to pick up your book or look at it more closely online, it must stand out from the rest of the books in the same genre. According to the type of book you have written, there could be several books on the same topic. For an example, look at books on parenting. There are hundreds of different books from doctors, parents, and psychologists on how to raise kids. What makes one book different from another? Of course, the content will be different, but if you are not familiar with any of the authors, which book will you choose to purchase. The one that stands out the most!

You could hire someone to create your book cover, however, they may not convey the message you want the cover to speak to your readers. Just creating a book cover that is bright with shiny lettering may not do the trick. As mentioned above, the atmosphere of the book should shine through your cover. Let’s look again at parenting books. If a psychologist wrote the book, he or she may put their image on the front cover, while if a parent wrote the book about dealing with teenagers, the front cover may have an angry parent yelling at a teen about breaking curfew. Which book would get your attention?

You can easily find a free book cover maker that will allow you to create a stunning professional cover that will set the mood for your book. The book cover software offers a variety of different tools so you can use different background colors, blends, your own images, and even several different fonts that will help make your book stand out.

Remember, try to set the mood and allow consumers imagination fly when they glance at your front cover. This is what will grab their attention and get them to look further into the contents of your book. Of course, the front cover will help you sell your book, but if the content is not up to par or is boring, it may be the only book you will ever sell.