Ignore Unignore Messages on Facebook Messenger

A useful feature of Facebook Messenger, how to ignore and unignore a message on Messenger. Users are using Facebook Messenger to communicate with their friends like on WhatsApp. Most people have sent text messages, audio records, photos, videos, and audio or video calls with FBM friends. These messages have been saved in the main Inbox. But a few years ago, Facebook got rid of another inbox feature. This feature allows you to get rid of someone without any hassles or complications for Facebook messenger. This is the best and great option for users.

You will learn how to ignore a message on messenger. After that, you might need to recall your action. So the guide below is covering how to unignore a message on Messenger. Furthermore, you can try out on Facebook web and App using a smartphone. Most people know how to ignore people but they can’t unignore the restriction.

The ignore and unignore feature is really useful when you decide someone is just disturbing you right now. You can target anyone to just ignore him without blocking a specific user. In other words, you can try to ignore a user instead of blocking permanently. You can simply unignore a person messages on Messenger when you need it.


What Affects when you Ignore a Chat or Conversation on Messenger

When you put someone in the ignore message feature list. When he/she messages you directly, then his/her message will not be delivered into your inbox and the messages will move to filtered messages or connection requests or second inbox. Once you ignore a conversation the person will not be notified. If you want to read the message by getting into the messages requests but the person will not getting any notification.

What happens when you ignore messages on Messenger

Ignore messages is a feature on Facebook Messenger to ignore a message or conversation. When you ignore a message, it will move to Messenger ignore list. After that, you will not get any further notification from that specific conversation list. To view messages and conversation, you will navigate to Messenger ignore list to view and unignore.

You will stay away from the annoying users on Facebook, (users whom you do not want to block or unfriend but they are a source of annoyance to you). You will save your time and be touch with only important users. However, to read messages when you are free. Save your relationships by keeping a distance from someone to keep your relationship alive.

If you want to ignore your friend’s conversation then you will not get any notification that you have ignored this personal conversation. The conversation is still available in the request messages or filtered messages section under Message Requests. Thus your friend will not notify and don’t know next to those messages.

How to Ignore Messages of your Friends on Facebook Messenger

You can ignore a message from the inbox to Messages Requests from the Facebook Messenger, Web interface, Mobile app, Android, iPhone and iPad. Follow the guide with steps and specific to the device you are using. In case you are using multiple devices, then you can go through all the contents. You will learn the ignore option from different prospectives.

If you can’t find any option as illustrating below, then you need to update your application on your device. After that, you can try clear App cache and storage to try the missing feature.

Ignore Messages on Facebook Messenger App

If you are going to ignore a message conversation while using the Facebook Messenger app. Follow the steps below. In case, you are not getting the option then try to update your application first.

  1. Open your Messenger app
  2. At the bottom tap on Active People icon
  3. Tap All People icon
  4. You have to tap on the Profile Info option at the front of the person’s name.
  5. Tap the Ignore Messages option
  6. Again tap Ignore option in the confirmation window to confirm then you will get
  7. Finally, A Message will appear that this conversation moved to Messages Requests.

Open Messenger App and Tap People option

Open Messenger App and click on the Active people to explore more options. After that, the People page to search and view specific contact.

Tap All People option

Then tap on the Contact icon on People page to list all contact (All people).

Tap Info icon

Choose a contact, then tap on the information icon.

Tap to Ignore Messages Icon

Scroll down under privacy section and tap to Ignore Messages.

Tap to Ignor on confirmation window

Confirmation to Ignore contact. There is no notification to contact from Facebook Messenger to notify against your action. However, the conversation will move to the Message Requests.

Message Request message will appear

Finally, after you ignore, the notification will appear on the screen. “This conversation has been moved to Message Requests

Another Way to Ignore Messages or Conversation on FB Messenger App

As other methods, you can also use the following steps to ignore messages on the Facebook Messenger App. Similarly, you can also ignore the conversation.

  1. Open your Messenger app
  2. To ignore the Conversation swipe from left to right side
  3. Tap the Menu bar on your screen
  4. Tap the Ignore messages option
  5. Click the Ignore option in the confirmation window to confirm
  6. The conversation moved to Messages Requests
  7. Successfully Ignore a conversation or message on FMB.

Ignore Conversation on Messenger.com

Using Messenger on the web using messenger.com, follow the steps to ignore the messages and conversations. There are two different methods, where you pick the one easy for you. However, both replicate a similar function but methods are different just because of menu navigation on Messenger.

First Method:

Here are the steps to follow to ignore the message and conversation using Messenger.com on the web.

  1. Open the Messenger icon near to the News Feed or access directly from messenger.com
  2. Click the Three dots of the conversation you want to ignore
  3. Then click the Ignore option
  4. Click again Ignore on the confirmation window appear
  5. Finally, your message will move the message requests or Ignore messages list.

Click the Messenger icon

Click Messenger on Facebook web and directly visit messenger.com.

Click Three-dots and Ignor Messages option

Search for a contact and click the three horizontal menu button. After that, click on Ignore Messages.

Ignore Messages on confirmation

Confirm “Ignore this conversation?” your action by clicking Ignore Messages button.

For the second method, with just a slight difference in the menu navigation. Follow the steps below in the second method.

Second Method:

To Ignore the messages request by following the steps below. If you are on Messenger page, then just start from step 2.

  1. Open the Messenger icon near to the News Feed
  2. Click the Conversation you want to ignore
  3. Near to the Video and audio call icon click the Info icon
  4. Then click the Ignore icon
  5. Click again Ignore on the confirmation window appear
  6. Finally, your message will move the message requests or Ignore messages list.

Click the Messenger icon

Facebook Messenger icon, to open Messenger on the web.

Click the conversation

Select a conversation you want to ignore.

Click Info icon and Ignore Messages

Click on the information icon top right corner. The under Privacy & Support, click the Ignore Messages. Next, you will prompt to confirm the action of “Ignore this conversation?”.

Way to ignore the conversation on Facebook. Web

If you are using Messenger on the Facebook interface, follow the steps to ignore Message and conversation.

  1. Sign in to your account on Facebook.com using a web browser
  2. Open conversation list from the left menu
  3. Select the Chat at the bottom right side
  4. Click on any Conversation you want to close from the right side Contacts
  5. Once the conversation open then click the Gear icon on the top
  6. Select from the menu Ignore Messages option
  7. Click the Ignore Messages option again on the confirmation window when appearing
  8. Then your messages or conversation will move to the Filtered list

Select a conversation from Chat panel under the contacts list. After that, click the gear icon on active chat conversation. Then click Ignore Messages from the active conversation menu.

Confirm the action of ignoring a conversation.

How to Ignore conversation on Messenger via iOS

Let’s scrolldown to below steps for the iPhone and iPad users to ignore messages or aconversation on Messenger.

  1. Open the Messenger app
  2. Tap any Conversation to open you want to ignore
  3. At the top of the conversation Tap the Name
  4. Tap the Ignore Messages option by scroll down
  5. Then tap the Ignore Messages again
  6. Finally, your messages will move to the Filtered list

Above all are the methods of how to “ignore Messages” and “Ignore conversation” on Messenger App, Facebook.com, Messenger.com, iOS. Furthermore, some alternative methods in the messenger app for android to ignore the message. These including all the Messenger ignore messages feature.

How to Unignore Messages

Unignore messages on Messenger App

You can unignore messages or conversation that you ignore before. You can undo ignore messages by using the Messenger app to follow the steps.

  1. Open your Messenger App
  2. Tap to Active users icon
  3. Select the Plus sign (+) Avatar at the top right corner
  4. Then tap the Request option and Spam options
  5. Tap any Conversation from the Ignore list once appear
  6. Finally, tap the Reply option at the bottom of your screen

Another way to Undo Ignore Conversation on Messenger App

An alternativemethod is available for Android and iOS users. You have to follow the belowsteps to unignore the ignore conversation or undo ignore messages on FBM.

  1. Open your Messenger app
  2. Tap the Name of the person in Search bar whom you ignored messages from
  3. Tap on the Person profile to open
  4. Once you open the chat than at the bottom right tap the Reply.
  5. Finally, you have done successfully unignored or undo ignore conversation on messenger

Unignore Messages on Facebook Web

You can unignore Messages or conversation from the filtered list in the following below Method

First Method:

  1. Open your Facebook Account
  2. Click the search bar under the Contact list and the type the Name of the person
  3. Click the Person Name to open Conversation box
  4. Type a Message and then Send
  5. Finally, the person will remove from the Filtered list or Ignore list
  6. The Gear icon, Audio, and video call icons will appear on the top of the chatbox

Seconde Method:

To unignore Message Requests from the filtered list to the main chatting box then follow the below steps.

  1. Open Your Facebook Account
  2. Click the Messages icon on top beside notifications bell icon
  3. Select the Message Requests option
  4. You have to click on the See Filtered messages
  5. Click on any Conversation from the Filtered List
  6. A Chatbox will open and then sent Message to that person
  7. Finally, the conversation will remove from the Ignore list

Unignore Messages on Facebook Messenger.com

You also can unignore messages on Facebook Messenger.com in the following steps for your guidance

  1. Open your Facebook Account
  2. Click the Messenger icon below the News Feed at the left side panel
  3. Then click the Gear icon at the top
  4. Select the Messages Requests option from the menu
  5. Click the See filtered messages option
  6. Select the Conversation and send a message to the person you want to remove from the ignore list
  7. In the last, the Message Requests will unignore

How do you know if you are ignored on messenger?

You aregenerally will not able to know that you ignored by someone else on FacebookMessenger. There are no special settings available to check your status isbeing ignored on FBM or not. Let’s say that you have started a conversationwith your friend and you have sent a lot of messages that messages deliveredbut their status not change to seen or no read receipt for a long time. Thenyou should understand that you are in the ignoring list on your friendMessenger.

What is Ignoring and Blocking on Messenger

There are somedifferences between ignoring and blocking a person on FBM.

Ignoring Option

When youignore your friend on messenger that friend will still your friend and canstill send you messages. But the messages will move to the second inbox orhidden inbox. Those messages will notappear in your main chatting box. The friend will still active in your friendlist and you can read his/her conversation. Later on, if you want to startchatting again simply you can unignore that friend

Blocking Option

Let’s till you simply once you block your friend on Facebook Messenger. He/she can no longer your friend, contact you and sent a message or can’t visit you on Messenger. If you block someone it’s mean you remove him/her from your Messenger contact list.

In conclusion of the above post show you how to ignore and unignore messages on the Facebook app on android and iOS. but also explained how to ignore and unignore messages on Facebook Web and Messenger.com with steps by steps guidance and screenshots

In conclusion, you simply ignore instead to block a friend. You will avoid active status to your friend. After that, when you finish the personal work, unignore to start conversation again. Depend on the device you are using. You can perform a similar task on all the devices you are using.

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