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Every business has a logo, but what makes a logo different and unique?

Honestly, it’s the design that makes a logo stand out from the rest. More than just making a picture look good, the best logo is going to be one that has a little something extra.

The best logos to seek inspiration from are going to be the ones that make an impression on you. Some logos are more obvious in their techniques while others are more subtle.

We’ll go through a few different categories and explore the differences in these various logos.

Word Art Logos


CodeFish has a fantastic logo design. If you look at it, above the brand, you’ll see a fish made out of different symbols like an asterisk, some carrots, and parentheses.

It’s an innovative design and a great example of how to use ordinary characters to create an extraordinary image that will stick with you.

Infinity Crime Studio

The logo designer for this one pulled out a creative perspective for sure. When you think of the symbol for infinity, you likely think of the sideways figure-8.

Infinity Crime Studio took it one step further and made the infinity sign look like a mask or mischievous eyes. It’s simple, but it works!


For those with a musical background, you’ll recognize the number 8 in this logo and understand why it’s there. If you don’t have a musical understanding, an octave is a set of 8 keys, hence the significance of the number 8.

Octave has a different look to it by placing the “O” above the “C” to make it look like the number 8. This logo is sure to catch your eye.

Upside Down Productions

This logo will make you take a double take. Stare at it long enough, and you’ll see that all of the letters are something that they’re not.

That sounds utterly confusing, but once you see it, you’ll understand. The “u” is an upside down “n” and the “w” is an upside down “m.” It’s kind of brilliant if you think about it.


This one is pretty nifty because it plays with the lettering in a way that gives the logo a double meaning.

If you look at the logo, you can clearly see the word, “twins,” but if you look a little bit closer, you’ll see something else. The “n” in “twins” is actually a “2” on its side to make it look like an “n.”

Awesome Industries

Ambigrams make really neat logos, too, because you can spin the word around and still be able to read it. Awesome makes use of this technique in their logo as it seems to be readable forward and backward.

Double Entendre Logos

A double entendre logo is a logo that looks like one thing, but actually has two things combined. It’s a really neat concept when you’ve got the right idea.

Lion Bird Strong Hold

At first glance, what do you see? If you said you saw a bird, you’d be right. If you said you saw a lion, you’d still be right.

Lion Bird incorporates both into an intelligent design for their logo.

Spartan Golf Club

Negative space is something that doesn’t get used nearly enough, but in this logo from Spartan, the designer made use of it.

The look is quite spectacular as you see someone swinging a golf ball and the face of a Spartan soldier, all at the same time.


When you look at this logo, the idea is pretty obvious as to the kind of company it represents. It’s a tent that looks like a pencil. Creative and simple, DesignTent definitely got it right.


This company is all about being innovative with special consideration for being able to have a positive effect on the environment. You can really see their commitment with their logo design – the top part of the tree looks like a brain atop a tree trunk.


This is a simple and still entirely effective design on this logo. It is clearly a “G” that has been designed to look like a guitar.

PokerHills Tournament

Everyone knows what cards look like, but do you know what they look like when they’re being looked at when you pull the corner back?

You’ll see that image with this logo in addition to the cards looking like hills. Put them together, and you’ve got PokerHills.

Rockit Night Club

Rockit knows how to rock their logo for sure. The artwork looks like a rocket leaving smoke behind in the shape of a guitar.


This logo is not quite so prominent with its double entendre, but it’s clever in design. The hands on the clock look like an airplane – get it? Air? Time? It makes sense when you see it!

Country Living Dentistry

Even dentists want to have a specialized logo, and Country Living Dentistry hit it out of the park with their simple and elegant design.

The white fence turned into a toothbrush is a subtle nod to country life and visiting the dentist’s office.

Finding Inspiration

Put some real thought into your logo as you design it. If you use a technique similar to the ones discussed, you’re bound to create something you can be proud of.

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