How to Wind Down at Night with Bedtime Mode Android

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Do you know how to Wind Down at night with Bedtime mode for android device? Creating a daily or routine can be key to getting a good night’s sleep. Google Clock application makes it simple with a set of “Bedtime” tools. We will teach you how to set up them and catch some Z’s

The Bedtime tools or apps are available in Google’s Clock app which comes standard on many Android smartphones. The Clock application also features a Bedtime mode on mobile phones with Google’s Digital Wellbeing suite. We will help you to set that up, too!

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What is Android bedtime mode?

Bedtime mode lets you stop all data usage during set time periods. This function helps you control usage during hours when you are less likely to use applications on your device.

What is wind down mode?

When it is time to go to sleep or bed, Wind Down helps you turn to switch off. Just set bedtime and it turns your screen to Grayscale and silences your notifications with Do Not Disturb. When means that you can get a full night’s rest. No beeping, buzzing or endless scrolling to keep you up.

How to Set Up a Bedtime Schedule Using Google Clock App

You can use the Google Clock app to access Bedtime settings. Visit the Google Play Store to download the app if it is not already on your Android smartphone device. Here are these steps to follow to set up a Bedtime Schedule:

  1. Tap to Open app
  2. Then tap on the Bedtime in the bottom toolbar
  3. Tap on the Get Started
  4. Now, I will create a wake-up alarm (select “Skip” if you do not want to set one). Press the Plus (+) and minus (-) signs to choose a time. Tap the days of the week you wish to use the alarm
  5. You can also select the checkbox under the time and date option next to the “Sunrise Alarm” option to turn it on. This setting mimics the sun by gradually brightening the mobile phone screen display before your alarm sounds.
  6. Next, select the “Sound” option to select the one you want for your alarm
  7. The first time you navigate the “Sound” settings, you will be greeted by appearing up containing any apps you can use to set a music alarm. Select the “Dismiss” if you wish to move on to the other options.
  8. Go down through the list of sounds and select the one you wish to set as your alarm. Then, tap the Back arrow to return to the previous screen
  9. Next, tap the checkbox beside the “Vibrate” option if you also wish your phone to vibrate when the alarm sounds
  10. If you wish to set up a Routine with Google Assistant, select the plus sign (+) to open Assistant settings. If not, tap “Next”
  11. Now you can set up or arranged a bedtime schedule. Use the plus (+) and minus(-) signs to adjust or in order the time you wish your phone device to be silenced, and then select the days of the week you wish this to take place
  12. To get a reminder to go to bed, press “Reminder Notification” and select a time
  13. If your device includes Google’s Digital Wellbeing suite, there is another option called “Bedtime Mode” (more on that later”. For now, select the Done to get to the “Bedtime” overview screen
  14. On the Bedtime overview screen, you will see several extra or additional tools, including “Listen to Sleep Sounds” and ” “See Your Upcoming Events.” If your device has the Digital Wellbeing suite, you will also have the “See Recent Bedtime Activity” option.
  15. Press “Listen to Sleep Sounds” if you wish the app to play soothing sound or music while you fall asleep. Select “Choose a Sound” to get started.
  16. You will view a few built-in sounds you can choose from, as well as any connected music app. Select the Back arrow after you make a selection.
  17. Next, if you wish to ensure your alarm every time goes off before any scheduled events, you can give access to the Clock application to your calendar; press to the “Continue” option to set it up.
  18. When asked if you wish to give the Clock app permission to access your calendar, select the “Allow” option

Install Google Clock App, Open, and Tap Bedtime optionGet Started, Select Days of Week, Minus & Plus, Sunrise Alarm, & VibrateSelect Sound, Dismiss and Choose Sound and NextSet Bedtime and Silence your Device, Choose Reminder Notification and DoneChoose a Sleep Sound, Continue, and Allow Clock Access

So your Bedtime Schedule is now complete!

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Using Bedtime Mode with Digital Wellbeing Google’s Suite Tools

The Digital Wellbeing is Google’s suite of tools that are intended to help you use your mobile device responsibly. Part of its mission is to make better usage habits before bedtime.

If you have a Google Pixel phone or a fairly new smartphone or Android device, there is the best chance you have Digital Wellbeing. A simple way to check is to swipe down (once or twice, depending on your mobile or handset’s manufacturer) from the top of the screen.

  1. Tap the Gear icon to navigate the “Settings” menu, and then look for “Digital Wellbeing.”
  2. To use the extra Bedtime Mode functions or features in Digital Wellbeing, walk through the following steps we have covered above to create a bedtime schedule. After that, tap on the time you set for bedtime on the “Bedtime” overview screen
  3. Press the “Bedtime Mode.” option
  4. Here, you will view a new set of tools to help you stay oof your mobile phone at bedtime.
  5. Since I have already set up a bedtime schedule, “Bedtime Mode” will turn on and off at those times. You can also choose to have ti turn on whenever your mobile device is charging within that time frame.
  6. Move the Toggle-on beside the “Grayscale” option to turn the display black and white whenever Bedtime mode is active. This is intended to make using your mobile device less appealing.
  7. You can toggle-On the “Do Not Disturb” option at the bottom to block notifications whenever Bedtime mode is active
  8. Move the Toggle-on beside the “Grayscale” option to turn the display black and white whenever Bedtime mode is active. This is intended to make using your mobile device less appealing.
  9. Once you have done tweaking these settings, select the Back arrow at the top to return to the previous screen.
  10. Tap to slide down from the upper of the “Bedtime” settings.
  11. Another tool Digital Wellbeing adds to the “Bedtime” settings is “See Recent Bedtime Activity.” This helps you track how you are using your phone at bedtime. Press the “Continue” option to set up this tool.
  12. Digital Wellbeing will ask to access your application usage and sensor data. It uses motion and light detection during bedtime to estimate when you are using your smartphone in bed.
  13. Tap the toggle-on the next to the “Motion and Light Detection During Your Scheduled Bedtime” option, and then press “Allow.”
  14. That’s it! You will now view your bedtime activity in the “Bedtime” overview screen.

Tap Gear icon and Digital Wellbeing & parental controlsTap on Bedtime, Bedtime Mode, And Check While Charging at bedtimeToggle-on Do Not Disturb, Grayscale, Back Arrow, Choose Days, & ContinueToggle-on the “Motion and Light Detection During Your Scheduled Bedtime”, tap “Allow.” & Recent bedtime

How do I set my Android to bedtime?

To set bedtime and wake-up time on your android device then follow these steps:

  1. Tap to open the Clock app
  2. Select the Bedtime
  3. Tap on the time under Bedtime on the Schedule card
  4. Set a bedtime and choose the days of the week to use your bedtime routine
  5. Click any of the following options:Reminder notification: To set a bedtime reminderBedtime mode: At bedtime, silence your device and remove the screen’s color. Learn how to set up the time you spend on your mobile phone
  6. Select the time under Wake up
  7. Set your wake-up time and then choose the days of the week to use your wake-up alarm
  8. Choose any of the following options:Sunrise Alarm: Your screen will slowly brighten 15 minutes before your alarm beginsSound: Select your Alarm soundVibrate: Enable vibration for the AlarmGoogle Assistant Routine: Select what you want the Assistant to do when you wake up. Learn more about routines.

How do I turn on wind down mode?

If you want ot turn on window mode the follwo the given steps to access the feature settings of Android phone:

  • Tap on the Settings option
  • Select the Digital Wellbeing & Parental controls
  • tap on the Window Down option
  • Turn on to Use Wind Down to enable the feature
  • Then Configure the Time/Day you want Wind Down to start and end automatically.

How do I enable Wind Down mode settings?

To enable the Window Down mode settings is similar to the above given steps Go the the settings of your phone and tap on the Digital Welbeing & Parental controls. Now tap on the Window Down option then enable the feature to use Wind Down and configure the Time/Days of week you want to Window Down to begin and end automatically.

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