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Do you know how to watch Disney+ remotely with friends using GroupWatch? Disney Plus continues to gain subscribers around the world with its library of new and classic TV shows and movies. It is a great movement to watching TV shows and movies with family and friends together. But it can difficult to do when you are not together. Disney+ has a feature called “GroupWatch” that makes it simple and easy to watch your favorite titles on Disney together, but remotely.

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What is GroupWatch Feature?

GroupWatch feature is similar to Amazon’s “Watch Party” feature. You can invite everyone who has a Disney+ subscription (total up to 7 people) to watch a TV show or movie in real-time with you. When someone pauses the video, it is paused for everyone. The stream remains synced up for the entire group.

What platforms are supported?

The GroupWatch feature works on Android, Roku, Chromecast, iPhone, iPad, and any other place you can watch Disney+. It is easy to get started and watch something together without actually being together.

Here is how to access and use the Disney+ GroupWatch feature to watch all the Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and National Geographic content you wish at the same time as your family and friends, from anywhere you.

Note: In case the user has a Kids Profile, they will not be able to join or start a GroupWatch from the profile.

Watch Disney+ Remotely With Friends Using GroupWatch

Here are these steps to watch Disney+ remotely with friends and family using GroupWatch together:

  • Open the Disney+ on your device and find a movie or TV show to watch
  • Select the GroupWatch icon on the title screen

Click group watch

  • Select the Plus (+) icon next to your profile picture in the next step to add people to your group.

Add people to group watch

  • Now you will have the opportunity to copy a link to send to your family and friends members. In case you are on a device with a built-in sharing menu, like an Android or iPhone device, you will be able to share the link directly to another app.

Copy link to group

  • As users or people press to navigate the link and join the stream, you will view their avatar appear. Click the “Start Stream” to begin the TV show or movie.

Click Start Stream

  • When the stream has begun, everyone can control it. That includes fast forward, rewind, play or pause, and seek. The changes have appeared on the screen.

Changes Displayed on screen

  • The other part of GroupWatch is Reactions. These are emojis for various reactions that will pop up on the screen while you are watching. It is a way to communicate your expressions or feelings with the other people of the group without being too distracting.
  • In the web browser, it is as simple as hovering over the emoji icon and selecting a Reaction. On mobile devices, the Reactions can be slid out from the right side of the screen.

Web browser reactions

  • When you are using GroupWatch on your TV, either by casting, using a smart TV, or a set-top box, your smartphone device becomes a “remote” for Reactions.

Disney+ Reactions Remote

That’s pretty much it. In case you wish to actually chat with your group, you will require to use a separate app or text them.

GroupWatch launched in September in New Zealand and Canada. It launched in the UK in October. In case you are looking for some GroupWatch inspiration, check out every movie, show, and original now on Disney Plus.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions by various people and may be you interested to read it.

Can you watch Disney plus with friends?

Disney+ now allows you to watch movies and TV shows with close friends and family no matter where you are. Disney+ rolled out its co-watching feature on Tuesday, allowing subscribers to sync shows and movies with their friends. The “GroupWatch” feature lets a user invite up to six or seven other subscribers to watch together.

How can I watch my friends TV remotely?

Here are the 11 Apps to Watch Videos with Online Friends

Zoom, Twoseven, Plug.DJ, Syncplay, Watch2gether, Gaze, Kast, Netflix Party, Sync Video, MyCircleTV, and Plex VR.

Can you share Disney plus like Netflix party?

Share movies and tv shows with friends and family on Disney Plus Party. Basically the Disney Plus alternative to the Netflix Party application, Disney Plus Party lets you to host rooms with family and friends and watch your favorite Disney content together, from everywhere in the world.

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