How to View Restore & Download Your Old Instagram Stories

ByUmar Ali – January 14, 2020Instagram Old Stories view, restore and download

Do you know how to find, restore and download your old Instagram? Instagram rolls out the story and archive feature in December 2017. The story feature of Instagram is the best feature like other apps Snapchat and WhatsApp etc. Through this feature, the user can share their joyful and exciting moments with family and friends. The only downside of this feature of the story will automatically get expire after 24 hours. Most of the users want to share their old moments with friends on Instagram Story again. So, you can see your old Instagram stories when they’ve been deleted. Here’s how to find or watch or find or recover hided Instagram stories.

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Can You Recover the old Instagram Stories?

Yes, you can restore your old Instagram stories once hide from the Instagram story after the limit time of 24 hours. When the stories hide it will automatically save under your profile private section. You can recover your hide old Instagram stories and can restore and save to your phone device, reshare to your story or your friends. Let’s scroll down and learn how to do it?

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How to Find or Restore Your Old Instagram Stories

When you post stories on Instagram then it will expire after the time limit and it will get saved in the Archive section in your Instagram profile. So your Stories are stored in the Archive Section after hides from the stories. The Archive is your Private storage and only you can access to view it. Let’s scroll down the steps to find your stories on IG after deletion.

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Steps to Find Your Old Instagram Stories

Here are thesesteps to follow to find the hide Instagram stories:

  1. Tap to open your Instagram app on your device
  2. Go to your Instagram profile by tapping on the Profile icon
  3. Next, tap on the Rewind icon or Clock icon at the top right side iPhone or tap on the Menu bar at the top on Android
  4. Select the Archive option
  5. You will see all your Archived Stories and Post
  6. Next from the Drop-down menu at the top select the Archive Stories
  7. You will see all your Hide and Expired old Instagram Stories

Open Instagram Profile, Tap Menu bar and Archive Stories

Now you can view your expired stories by just a single tap. Further, you can download and reshare these expired and old IG stories in the below method.

How to Download and Re-share Old Instagram Stories from ‘Archive’

When you find the expire Instagram Stories in the Archive section of your IG profile, you can do the following activities with your old stories. Like below

  1. Share these stories with Instagram users
  2. Add to Highlight Story on your Profile
  3. Download and save on your Phone Device
  4. To ReShare on your Profile

If you want to doany action of the given you will need to tap on the archived Story to watch it.And go through on further options are available on the screen at the bottomlike Highlight, Share & More.

Steps to Share, Download, and Send Old IG Stories

You can share, download, and send one of the old Stories on your profile in the following steps:

  1. Tap to open your Story first then you will do the below tasks
  2. You will see Share option at the bottom then tap it to share
  3. You can Save or Download by a tap on Down Arrow of this story to your device
  4. Press the Add Highlight option to add the story in your Instagram highlight
  5. If you want Send to then select the list to whom you want to send this story
  6. Select the More option

Tap to Open, tap on Share or, Add Highlights and More option

FrequentlyAsked Question by People

Let’s scrolldown to frequently asked questions by people with a simple reply for yourguidance.

How toView and Re-share Your Archived Instagram Stories?

You can view them by going to your Instagram profile page. Then tap on the Menu bar on your profile and select the Archive with clock icon option to see your Archived Instagram Stories. After that, you can be able to toggle between Archived Stories as well as archived images. You can simply tap on any photo or story in your archive section to view or watch it, download, and share it with other Instagram users.

Can You View Someone’s Old Instagram Stories?

No, you can view someone’s old Instagram Stories. But still, you want to download or save someone else’s story or more stories, you must be more creative. I tend to use that will allow you to view other friend’s stories and download them. You can also use another website to see or download the same thing as I did not use it but it might work.

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What to do if the Archive section is empty?

When you go to thearchive section and you do not see anything you might need to change or updateyour settings. To this you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Open your Instagram App
  2. Tap on the Profile icon at the bottom
  3. Select the Menu bars at the top
  4. Press the Setting gear icon at the bottom
  5. Go to your Privacy option
  6. Select the Story option
  7. Tap turn on the Toggle next to the Save Archive Story

Go to Profile Settings, Privacy, Story and Tap to Save Archive

Now your Stories, photos you have archived manually will appear in the Archive section.

How to view old Instagram stories of friends

You can view old Instagram stories of fiends by sign-in on their account and going into their archive or you can view their older stories if they repost them. Other than that there is no such a way to view/watch/rewatch other people’s older stories or stories.

How to see others old Instagram stories

The simple answer is no you are unable to see others old Instagram Stories unless they save it as a Highlight. Check Story Highlights in Instagram in these steps:

  1. Open Instagram on your Mobile phone
  2. Tap on the Friend’s profile
  3. Check just underneath the Story section to view Highlights

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How to watch other people’s older Instagram stories

You can see or watch other people’s old Instagram stories by sign-in on their account and going into their archive or you can view their older stories if they repost them. Other than that there is no such a way to view/watch/rewatch other people’s older stories.

How to see someone’s old Instagram stories

No, you are unable to see someone’s old Instagram stories. But you can watch only by login to their Instagram account. Then go the archive and watch the old stories.

How to view someone’s old stories on Instagram

You can view someone’s old Instagram stories of fiends by login on their account and going into their archive or you can view their older stories if they repost them. Other than that there is no such a way to see/view/watch/rewatch someone’s older stories.

How to see other people’s old Instagram stories

In short answer no you can’t see other people’s Old Instagram. You can view if they add a story in highlight. Or You can log into their IG account and visit stories archive of the person’s profile. You can read the complete post to get guidance of how to view or download your or other old stories of Instagram account.

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