How to View All Recent Changes to Your Google Docs File

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Do you know how to see all the recent changes to your Google Docs, Slides, or sheets files? A handy way provides by the Google Suite to see entire changes made in a file of Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets. This is a good option when you have occurred most of the changes to a document or are working as part of a team and need to trace the changes made in a shared file. Read: Google Docs the Definitive Guide for Beginner

Note: If you are not allowed or permitted to a file. You will be not allowed to see the Version History section of a file.

How you can view the Recent Changes to your Google Docs File.

Once you share a file with other users. It is hard to find entire the miners’ changes that happen if you are not available. For this purpose, there is an option of revision history. In which the Google Docs trace of complete changes that made in a document and groups them into periods, keeping the clutter down. You can even reverse a file to any of the previous versions listed in the history with the click of a mouse. Follow the below steps to see the list of all currently changes:

Steps to See the Recent Changes to your Google Docs File

  1. First, you will need to open your Google Docs
  2. Then open Docs, Slides, or Sheets
  3. Let’s start with Google Docs (But the method is the same for other two services as well)
  4. Click on the File Menu from the document once open
  5. Select the Version History or Revision History
  6. Then click on the See Version History option
  7. You can also hit the shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H on PC to view the history of Docs

How to View Changes in Different Versions History and Restore Version

If you want to see changes you made in Google Docs have been save in different version history. Then follow the below steps:

Steps to See Different Version of History and Restore it

  1. Once the Version History opens up
  2. Now select the Expand all the recent changes you made to the current version of your file
  3. So after that, you will View all changes that have happened
  4. It will include all things like punctuation, subtracting or adding characters, images, links, etc.
  5. Now click on a Specific change will highlight it in the file and appear what user made that change
  6. If the Specific change you have selected on has different edits within it chevron icon to jump through them
  7. Go back to your Current Version of the file then select the Arrow at the top of the window
  8. Tick the checkbox beside the Show Changes in the document or file
  9. You can also restore each version by click on the Restore this Version blue option
  10. Your current document will Revert to the date on you have made changes

How to See Revision History and Restore Google Sheet file

Here you will learn how to see the revision history andrestore Google Docs file, follow below given steps:

  1. Open a Google Doc, Presentation, Drawing or presentation
  2. Go to the File menu and then Version History option
  3. Then click on the See Version history from the submenu
  4. Now go the Version History Panel to the right side to view a previous version of the file. You will also view the people who edited the document or file the time stamp, and then edit that everyone made appears in the color that shown next to their name
  5. Now click on the Checkbox beside Show Changes at the bottom in the version history (It will show you the changes in the file once you click any change
  6. Click on the History version you want to revert and currently viewing
  7. Then click on the Restore this version option at the top left side of the file
  8. If you want to go next edit then click on the up or down arrow or press Ctrl+Alt+K
  9. To continue the Editing of the current version of your file then click on the X at the top right of the Version history or Revision history panel

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