How to use WhatsApp Web Messenger on Desktop free

WhatsApp Web Messenger Desktop Free

WhatsApp initially starts on smartphones using the App. But you can also use WhatsApp on the desktop as a web messenger for free. You actually don’t need to pay and allow to authenticate on the browser to sync with a desktop computer.

To use WhatsApp on your computer, you will need to pair your phone with web or desktop App. Pairing your portable App on the web need to scan the QR code on the desktop or web App. The pair is actually synchronizing messages at the same time from WhatsApp main server. So would have the option to easily use both devices at the same time. For instance, you have photos on your PC and can easily attach it to WhatsApp chat conversation.

Why WhatsApp Desktop and web Messenger?

Most people adopting WhatsApp Messenger on the web because of instant business communication. Managing all the conversation on a smartphone is not easy with involving with multiple conversation and queries. Sometimes when as customer service offering via WhatsApp the let you send multiple images and product photos. While desktop computer using a third-party app to save phrases and repeat the answer to common frequently asked questions.

Usually, the smartphone is best while you are on the go. To handle multiple tasks and organize the work, you need a big screen. Thus there is a WhatsApp Messenger on the web to solve your problem and handle multiple tasks. You can easily handle multiple conversations with fast typing speed using a keyboard.

How to use WhatsApp on Desktop

To use WhatsApp on a desktop or laptop, there are two different ways. You can try web and desktop application. The web method is to open with while desktop application needs to install on your computer. However, you need to download depending on the OS you are using. For an instant, if you are a Windows user, you can download 32 bit or 64-bit Desktop application to install. For MAC OX X and higher, you need to download WhatsApp.dmg file and then install it on your MAC machine.

Both methods are describing below to either use WhatsApp web or Desktop App to download and install. It recommending to use browser web messenger on public PC and don’t use the option keep me sign in.

WhatsApp web Messenger on a Desktop browser

To use WhatsApp web on a desktop computer using any browser, follow the steps to authenticate the sign in as web messenger.

  1. Go to on the desktop browser
  2. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone
  3. Tab the Menu or Setting button then tab WhatsApp Web
  4. Point the camera scan on WhatsApp web page to capture QR code

WhatsApp web QR scan

Opening WhatsApp on the phone might take some time. While the Web QR code needs to click on the reload to refresh QR code. Similarly, you can also open the browser web page to capture the QR after you open a camera scanner from WhatsApp using a smartphone.

Remember, you can use the option to Keep me Signed in and it not recommended when using public PC. If you don’t remember, and after you left the place, then open WhatsApp menu on the phone. Check for the Logged in devices and tab on the Log out from all devices.

WhatsApp menu

Tap the menu button or Setting button. It is depending on the phone you are using. Android, iOS and other phone showing different option to open the setting menu.

WhatsApp Web menu

After you open the WhatsApp Web, the Scan QR Code camera open to start capturing the code. It will authenticate that you are the owner getting access on the web. All you need to open to access on the web and capture the code.

Scan QR code WhatsApp web

WhatsApp Desktop Messenger Download, install and use

The Billion users push and force the developer to allow and explore all the possible and usable options. WhatsApp has a separate application for desktop versions instead of using on the web browser. You can download it for the operating system you are using directly from their official website. After that, install and have separate standalone software to use. However, the authentication of WhatsApp desktop application is similar to a web browser. You will need to capture the QR code. Installing the desktop messenger is only recommending on a personal computer.

How to download WhatsApp Messenger

  1. Go to WhatsApp download page
  2. Click Download for Windows or Mac
  3. After finish download, click on the WhatsAppsetup.exe or files-whatsApp.dmg
  4. WhatsApp Desktop Messenger is ready to operate

Download WhatsApp for Mac or Windows PC

The screenshot shows that during download, it is automatically detecting to download Windows version. For instance, you can choose different version such as Windows 8 32-bit version. You can also click on Download for Mac OS x 10.10 and higher to get files-whatsApp.dmg file.

Downloading WhatsAppSetup.exe

Wait for the download to finish. After that, click on the exe or dmg file to open the desktop version of the WhatsApp web App.

How to use WhatsApp web Desktop messenger

After downloading the app from the download page, click on the file to open desktop version. The QR code is generating after you open, to capture from WhatsApp using a smartphone. It will authenticate and allow to use it on your personal PC. Follow the step guide below.

  1. Click on the Desktop version of WhatsApp
  2. Open WhatsApp menu on smartphone and tap on WhatsApp Web
  3. Scan the QR code from PC using a smartphone camera to capture QR
  4. After authentication, the WhatsApp desktop is ready to use

Sign out WhatsApp from all devices

WhatsApp makes their users more secure allowing the feature to sign out from other devices. Using the web version, if you forget to close the web browser or desktop version then remotely sign out. Yes, no matter how far from your computer, but just using smartphone in your can with a handy menu to secure your account.

For instance, if you are using WhatsApp web on public PC and forget to sign out after you finish. You can easily and remotely sign out from all the devices that are currently active and are in use. After that, your account is secure and no one can regain access after you revoke all devices. To access back any devices, the QR code needs to scan again from a similar device.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your Phone
  2. Tab on the menu or Settings button
  3. Now tab on the WhatsApp Web
  4. Check Logged in the devices list
  5. tap on Log out from all devices

Log out from all devices WhatsApp

The log out from all devices is actually securing the account. And there is no regain access possible unless to re-capture the QR code. However, you can also check which device is still logged on to your WhatsApp account. It is usually showing the last active (Activity) with date and time. Furthermore, showing the operating system name to give an idea and understanding of the different devices.

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