How To Use Sticker Paper

Sticker papers are getting several uses from time to time in the current world. Traditionally, people used to get sticker papers from the shops and stores where they came with already made appearances. Today, due to technological advancement, you can create customized sticker paper for your use. Sticker papers come in various forms to meet the needs of everyone. They are available at your nearest stationery shop in multiple textures. If you have been looking for knowledge on using sticker paper, here is a guide to make you an expert!

Various Sticker Paper

Different projects or need for sticker paper require a specific sticker paper. Sticker Papers come in various types, as discussed earlier. Below is a discussion of the most common sticker papers:


These are sticker papers you commonly see on storefront windows. The transparent sticker papers are designed to be used on transparent surfaces, such as glass. It has the same adhesive surface as the primary sticker side. As a result, you’ll be able to paste it with the blank side facing up.


Matt sticker papers are often used to make car stickers. Since one A4 sheet can hold two Matt sticker papers, you can print multiple images or various designs. Mockup designs and models for railroads, planes, and vehicles are among the proper uses of matte sticker papers. However, these sticker papers are not permanent unless effort is made to laminate them.


Glossy sticker papers are commonly used to make things quite interesting. They are appropriate for printing bright or funky stickers for sticking on your laptop and smartphone covers. They allow you to customize your items, such as book covers and albums. They produce quality results on posters, animations, quotes, and other things of interest.

How To Use Sticker Paper

The following is a list of items you require when you are up to using any sticker paper:

  • Sticker Paper
  • Inkjet printer
  • Designing Software or Microsoft Word
  • Laser Cutter or Circuit Cutters

Step By Step Procedure on How to Use Sticker Paper

Step 1: Design

Anytime you come across any sticker, the first thing to notice is its design. Designing is, therefore, the starting point of using sticker paper. An appropriate structure should be made before using any sticker paper.

When it is for commercial use, consider the client’s need while creating the draft. For advertisement or logo stickers, you have to obtain the image prepared by the client company in a compatible digital format. When the client requires a sticker to convey a particular message, come up with a unique design that suits their need.

Making stickers for personal use is more fun; it gives you the freedom to use various styles and components to create innovative designs. Here, you can control all aspects, including; color, fonts, and background images. It grants you a chance to make unique pieces of art based on your interest.

Step 2: Setting the Printer

Printing with flawless precision produces quality stickers. Blurry portions that ruin the appeal should be avoided. It definitely means that the digital image should be in high resolution. It as well requires the printer to be in the correct setting. Setting the printer in high resolution is vital to guarantee a high-quality sticker for the chosen design or image.

Step 3: Testing the Printer

Testing before making the print; it is vital to try out the printer with a regular test page. If the standard paper produces satisfying results, proceed to the next step. If any differences are noticed, tweak the printer settings to correct the errors or return to the digital file to make changes. Test as many times as possible until you get the perfect printout.

Step 4: Placing the Sticker Paper into The Printer

When satisfaction is acquired in step 3, pick the sticker paper and place it into the printer’s tray. Please make sure the correct side is towards the tray when you put it. It means that the side of the sticker paper on which you want the artwork to appear must be downwards.

Placing multiple sticker papers in the printer’s tray is a good hack for this step. Once you place the main paper on top of the stack instead of a regular paper stack, less friction will be experienced on the sticker paper. It makes your paper get in and out smoothly.

Therefore, after proper inserting of the paper is done. Go to the software on your PC and click the printing command. Remember selecting “other photo paper” in the printer properties since sticker paper is not an option.

Ensure that the sticker paper does not stay inside the printer for long. It can make it come out with yellow edges on the other side.

Step 5: Cutting the Sticker Paper

When you’ve finished printing the sticker, gently cut it out. The consumer will expect the sticker to be clear of trash and additional space throughout this step, so pay close attention. When it comes to cutting this sticker, precision is essential.

Begin by cutting out the space around the contours of your primary sticker but not the actual edges. If any little areas remain around it, trim them immediately to make the piece even.

Although scissors are a convenient option for this task, circuit cutters or laser cutters will aid you in precisely guiding each line or curve.

Step 6: Sticking Your Sticker Paper

After cutting is complete and you have the required precision, you can stick the sticker paper on the intended surface or deliver it to your client. The sticker paper has an adhesive glue that enables it to stick on the surface. There is no need to look for more glue for sticking; here, you can enjoy the results of your printouts.

Bottom Line

As we have seen, how to use sticker paper is a relatively easy task. All you need to do is to follow the discussed steps carefully and keep in mind all aspects. Other than that, it is a pretty easy task. Once you practice these steps often, they will become even more skillful. You will be able to coach others on how to use sticker paper without wasting time.