How to Use Spoiler Tags to Hide Messages and Images on Discord

ByUmar Ali – December 6, 2020Discord message and image spoiler tags

Do you know how to use Spoiler Tags to hide images and messages on Discord? Discord is best and great for catching up with friends-minded community servers, but that does not mean every message you send is suitable for everyone. Fortunately, you can use spoiler tags to basically hide certain messages.

Discord is an American VoIP, digital distribution platform, and instant messaging designed for creating communities. Users communicate with video calls, voice calls, text messaging, files, and media in private chats or as part of communities called “servers”.

Spoiler tags apply formatting to your Discord messages in the Discord app for Mac or Windows, in your web browser, or the Discord mobile app for iPhone, or iPad, Android device.

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Adding Spoiler Tags to Discord Text Messages

There are many methods you can add spoiler tags to text messages you send in a Discord server. The below-given instructions are similar for any platform, contains the mobile apps for iPhone or iPad and Android devices.

  1. Open your Discord Text Messages
  2. Type “/spoiler” at the beginning of a message to add a spoiler tag to a text message.
  3. Sending “/spoiler this is a spoiler message” in a Discord server will hide the message until the receivers decide to see it.
  4. Another option, you can enter two vertical bars at the start and end of your message. For instance “||this is a spoiler message||” would also be shown as a spoiler.
  5. To see a spoiler message in a Discord chat, tap or click it. The message shown highlighted with a gray background behind it.

Type /spoiler followed by your message.||This is a spoiler message||Tap a spoiler message to open it in Discord.

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Adding Spoiler Tags to Attachments or Images

You can also add spoiler tags to attachments or other images you send in a Discord server. The ways above will not work for this kind of content, but you can mark images and files as spoiler before you upload them.

  1. Unluckily, you can only add spoiler tags to attachments or images you send using the Discord in the app for Windows or Mac (They are not supported in the mobile apps) or website
  2. Open the Discord on the Website or desktop app, click the Plus (+) sign next to the chat bar, or drag and drop your file or image into the server chat
  3. Yow view a preview of your attached photo or file will show before it is sent in the chat
  4. Tap the checkbox of Mark as Spoiler to hide the file or image after it is sent, and then click the Upload
  5. After it is sent, the file or image will be shown in Discord behind spoiler tags. You can press Spoiler to disregard the spoiler view and inspect the file
  6. This removes the spoiler tag and displays the file or image as normal

Click the plus sign (+) to upload a file to Discord.Choose Photo and OpenTap Spoiler to view the hidden file or image on Discord.

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Here are some of the frequently asked question by different people and you may wish to read it.

What is discord used for?

Discord, a famous group-chatting app was originally made to give gamers a platform to build communities and talk. Here is a guide to Discord, one of the most famous chatting applications around nowadays, which is available for PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone devices.

Is discord really safe?

Is Discord protect or safe? With the right privacy settings and monitoring, it’s simple and easy to use Discord safely. However, there’s always a risk once it comes to apps and sites with open chat or conversation. The safest method to use Discord is to only accept friend requests and participate in private servers with users or people you already know them.

Can you spoiler tag pictures on discord?

Fortunately, you can use spoiler tags to basically hide certain messages. Spoiler tags apply formatting to your Discord messages in your web browser, Mac, or the Discord app for Windows, or The Discord mobile app for Android or iOS ( iPhone or iPad).

How do you Spoiler an image in discord?

Spoilers a picture in Discord then according to me there is only one method to make an image a spoiler in Discord. You have to rename the picture file before you upload it. You have to change or rename your picture or image on your computer or phone and prefix the image name with ‘SPOILER”.

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How do you put a spoiler on a picture in discord mobile?

If you are using the discord mobile app and want to put a spoiler on Video/Image/Link Spoiler. Yes, you can mark attachments as spoilers by uploading the attachment, then tap the Mark as Spoiler checkbox before you tap the upload option.

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