How to Use Netflix’s Screen Lock to Disable Playback Control

ByUmar Ali – April 22, 2020Netflix Screen lock disable playback control

Do you know how to use Netflix’s screen lock to disable playback control? Are you feeling tired of viewing Netflix on your mobile and accidentally rewinding, pausing, or just plain exiting the application? Fret no more, loyal binge-watcher! Now you can easily lock down your display screen while watching Netflix on most Smartphone devices.

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Netflix’s Screen Lock Feature To Disable Playback Controls And Accidental Pauses

It is annoying when someone intervenes while you are viewing your favorite show or movie on Netflix. But that’s you when the thing gets complicated. Mobile phones are the easiest mode for viewing your favorite Netflix movies or shows. You can use them to viewing a movie while traveling, in bed, sitting on the porch, etc. It’s like a mobile frees you from entire the wires and boundaries. But when you are watching experience is interrupted due to accidental touches on mobile phone screens, especially, when using bezel-less phones things get messed up.

As per a report by 9to5 Google Netflix has launched a new screen lock function. The feature of Netflix’s lock is available on Android smartphones and tablets. Once the feature comes to iPhones and iPads then we will update the post later on. This article is related to the users of Android phones and tablets to show them how to Disable Playback Controls And Accidental Pauses in the following steps.

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Use Netflix’s Screen Lock to Disable Playback Control

Let’s show how to use Netflix screen lock to turn off playback control in the following below:

  1. When you open your Netflix account and start scrolling through a seemingly endless catalog of content and locate a movie or series to watch.
  2. Then you will see the traditional playback controls on-screen interface along with some of the additional buttons.
  3. Tap the Screen lock option to remove or hide entire elements of the Netflix screen interface except for a Center button option that let you unlock the screen

How to Use Netflix Screen Lock to Disable Playback Control

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Reasons Lock down Netflix Interface

There are several reasons to lock down Netflix interface while watching something. This option is useful for viewing while you are on the go stop kids from accidentally leaving their favorite show, or holding your smartphone at an odd angle while watching.

External Buttons and Features

Once you lock your Netflix’s screen but the external features and volume buttons on your mobile phone still working. Such as your Android’s Quick Setting menu option will completely work when your phone screen lock is enabled.

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How to Unlock Netflix’s Screen Playback Control

You can unlock the Netflix screen at any time once you change your mind or want to turn off the phone.

  1. Go to your Netflix screen anywhere and tap it
  2. Then tap the Screen Locked option
  3. Again tap to confirm your choice of actions to complete the process
  4. After that, your Netflix’s playback controls will appear again

How to Use Netflix's Screen Lock to Enable Playback Control

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Is Netflix offering anything else?

In addition to this function, Netflix offers a PIN lock. This will let the users lock their profile by adding a four-digit PIN code to each Netflix profile. Using it the account owner can add a PIN lock to each Netflix.

This is mainly useful if you have Kids and other roommate members that use your account. You can lock your adult profile with a PIN or Password to make sure that kids can use their own profiles and can filter the content so that the children’s profile allows access to the content they should watch

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