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Facebook developed a new free new video chat feature called Facebook Messenger Rooms. Do you know how to use Facebook’s free new video chat feature on the mobile app? With Facebook’s Zoom competitor, with no time limit up to 50 people can chat in a room at once. Like other group video calls service, Facebook also has available a new group video chat feature Messenger Rooms and is ready to compete with services like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. During the COVID-19 quarantines and lockdown, most people turn to video chat services.

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How to use Facebook Messenger Rooms: Video chat with up to 50 people at once

You can make a video chat room via the Messenger App or Facebook and invite up to 50 users or people to join a video call—even if they do not have a Facebook account. There is no restriction or limitation on calls.

From a similar video, chatting platform Messenger Rooms borrows a lot of features. For example, you can use the virtual background such as apply effects, Zoom, and filters to your face, lock your chat room, share your screen with someone else on the call like in Houseparty, and more.

While using Facebook Messenger App on your iOS and Android phones you can globally create Messenger Rooms. However, people or users in North American will use the main Facebook app to create a chat room.

Update Your Messenger App From Google Play Store or App Store

In case of using your Computer/PC to access Messenger Rooms, you will have to download the Messenger app from the Mac App Store or the Microsoft Store.

You will need to ensure that the application you are using on any of the above mention platforms is up to date to the latest version to be the ability to creating Messenger Rooms. If you are going to join a room and not creating one. You can able to do it so by accessing the shared link for the room by someone through a web browser.

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How to Create a Facebook Messenger Room

To create a Facebook Messenger room via your mobile app. Ensure first that the version you are using is an update or the latest of Facebook and Messenger apps. You can download from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Here are these steps to follow:

  1. Tap on the Messenger App to open your Mobile device
  2. Now tap on the People tab at the bottom right of the app
  3. Tap on the Create a Room option
  4. Select the Edit button Next to Who can Join option
  5. Then choose option People with the Link (For the Non-Facebook user to access the Open link) or Only people on Facebook can access the link
  6. Now tap on the Share Link option to share the room in your Groups, News Feed, Events, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more
  7. Select the Cross X icon from top right corner then tap on the Leave to just leave and get a call when someone join or End Room will permanently remove all the members from the room and disable the link
  8. Confirm your action to Leave or End Room once popup to you

Open Facebook Messenger, Tap Create a Room, & Edit to Who Can JoinChoose the Who Can Join and Select to Leave or End Room OptionTap on Share Link Option to Share Your Room Link With Other's Apps

If you want to join a room from your computer or phone then no need to download anything according to Facebook.

Facebook is trying to add ways to create Rooms from WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, and the Portal smart display as well. Features will contains changeable backgrounds and 14 camera filters.

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How to Use Messenger Rooms on Facebook App

Let’s show you using Messenger rooms on the Facebook app. If the option is not available then you will need to update your Facebook app. When you updated the Facebook to the new latest version, you will see a prompt for creating Messenger Rooms in Facebook News Feed. The feature of Messenger rooms is currently available in the United States through the main Facebook App. You can share and start Messenger Rooms on the Facebook app through your Groups, News Feed, or Event pages

  1. Open your Facebook App
  2. Tap on the Create Room option
  3. Select Who can Discover and Join in the same process as Messenger
  4. Then tap to Link Sharing settings remain the same
  5. Tap on the Start Time settings to schedule when to make your room go live

How to Use Messenger Rooms on Facebook App

The video chat options on main Facebook will same as Messenger, instead of a few settings such as Start Time settings. This could be very handy if you are hosting a live webinar or concert using the service.

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How to Create Messenger Room through News Feed

If you want to create Messenger Room on your News Feed then follow these steps:

  1. Open your Facebook Home page
  2. Go the Rooms button on the main page
  3. Select the Create option below your Profile image
  4. Once you create a room, you can add a room activity,
  5. Tap on Who can Discover and join your room
  6. Select the start time option and you can edit always these settings later on
  7. Tap the setting for the same to choose who is invited.
  8. Now select the Friends option to share with all your Facebook friends
  9. You can also tap on particular friends to choose to allow link sharing and who to invite
  10. Press the Save option
  11. If you want to allow a non-Facebook user in your Messenger Room then tap on the Who is invited? option
  12. Select the Allow to invite link sharing option

For More detail to learn about setting up start up time the click here

How to Create Messenger Room in a Facebook Group

Here you will learn how to create a video chat room in your Facebook group in the following given steps:

  1. Click on the Groups option in the left side menu from your News Feed
  2. Click on the Group where you wish to create a Messenger Room
  3. Then click on the Camera icon at the top your group page
  4. Enter a Room activity, select any Emoji and select the Save option
  5. After this select, the Create option write a description of the room and post it in the group
  6. You can also follow another way of creating Messenger Rooms in groups if you are still using the old or Classic Facebook design

How to Use Messenger Rooms on desktop

If you are using Messenger Rooms on your desktop and want to share your screen with other participants. the first thing you will need to download and install the Facebook Messenger app on your Mac or Windows PC.

The app for desktop is best and more helpful if there are a large number of users to participants in a room and you need a larger display screen to watch them all at once. On your desktop app, you can create Messenger Rooms directly. However, you will not able to use effects, filters, virtual background, or call scheduling through the Messenger of the desktop version.

Is there a limit to Messenger video call?

The Messenger Rooms free feature will let Facebook and Messenger users make group video calls of up to 50 users. On the contrary, Messenger video calls are limited to up to 8 people. Facebook on Friday announced a turn of new video calling features including Messenger Rooms while letting the people host video calls of up to fifty users or people.

Messenger rooms download | Messenger Rooms

If you want to download Messenger Rooms or Messenger Desktop app in a simple and easy way to hang out with your favorite friends and people on video chat. To create and share a link with anyone can join, non-Facebook users, even if they do not have a Facebook account. However, you have another option to create a link to limit only to Facebook users.

Facebook messenger group video call limit

In short answer Facebook Messenger group video call limit up to 50 people only can create video call a once.

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