How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

Do you know how to unfriends someone or a friend on Facebook? It is okay to move on. Here is the simple method to do it. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world. Everybody using Facebook for getting in touch with family and friends everywhere on this planet. But sometimes you want to remove or unfriend someone from your Facebook friends list due to some reasons.

It happens to all people after a while, you start to think like a person is messing up Facebook for you and wish to unfriend them. Maybe you have a lot of friends, or maybe you and a friend have legally separated. You may have had a big fall and you just want a break. Do not worry, Facebook allows you to unfriend just like you friend people.

What happens Unfriend, Someone?

When you unfriend a person on Facebook, he does not get any type of notification. You will just be removed from the person’s Facebook friends list. You will no longer see FB posts you publish, but you can still get the direct message (DM). If that person sees their friends list, they may find that you are no more on their friend’s list. In this post on how to unfriend someone or a friend on Facebook. It also describes what happens after your social media.

How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook web and App

It is a very quick and straightforward solution to unfriending a friend or someone that is a little stronger than unfollowing them, yet not as dramatic as preventing or blocking someone completely.

Once you remove or unfriend someone or a user on Facebook, that person will not see posts that you publish to your friends, and any DM (Direct Messages) are filtered in your Message Requests inbox for your to accept or approve before reading.

Note: Keep in mind that once you unfriended someone or Facebook Friends can still be able to see your public posts and follow you in case you turned on the option on your Profile.

Unfriend Someone On Facebook Desktop

  • Open Facebook with any browser on your desktop computer
  • Log In to your Facebook if not
  • Click on your Picture from top right side to open your Facebook Profile page
  • Go to Friends section by select Friends option from your Timeline
  • Now find the Name of the friend you wish to unfriend or you can search by name
  • Select the Three-dot or More option next the persone name
  • Select Unfriend option from the menu once appear
  • Click on the Confirm option from the pop-up once appear

Go to Your Facebook Profile, Select Friends, and More option

Unfriend Someone on Facebook Mobile App

A lot of Facebook users around the world using the Facebook mobile app to interact with others. Here are these steps to unfriend someone on Facebook via a mobile app.

  • Open Facebook Mobile app
  • Select Main Menu from top righ corner
  • Go to your Profile Page by tap on your picture
  • Tap on the Friends option
  • You will see here list of all your friends and find the one you want to unfriend. Tap on Three dots or More option next to your friend
  • Then select the Unfriend option from menu once appear from the bottom
  • Finally, tap on Confirm to proceed your action


Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions by various people and might you are interested to read them.

How do I unfriend or remove a friend on Facebook?

As shown in the above steps to unfriend or remove someone on Facebook. By going to that person’s Facebook profile through type to enter their name into the search bar from the top of Facebook. Click at the top of their profile and Unfriend option and then Confirm your action

Can People Tell They’ve Been Unfriended?

No, Facebook will not notify anyone when someone unfriends them. However, there are some indirect methods through which they are likely to know or discover what’s happened.

They might know that they have not watched any of your posts in their Facebook feed and go to your profile. They can tell you unfriended them when they see the option to add you as a friend.
In case you have many friends, Facebook might recommend you as a suggested friend.

How to unfriend someone on Facebook without them knowing in 2021?

How do you unfriend someone or friend on Facebook without them knowing 2021? If you wish to unfriending someone on Facebook, enter that person’s name in the search bar at the top of the screen. Then, go to the person’s profile page, and hover over the Friends option at the top of their profile. Then, click Unfriend. Confirmed your action.

Is Unfriending the Same as Unfollowing and Blocking?

No, to the unfriending person on Facebook is not similar to unfollowing or blocking them. Unfollowing a person on Facebook maintains the friend connection but hides their posts from your Facebook feed. Unfollowing can be the best option for family or friends members that you cannot cut off entirely yet do not wish to view the content they post in your timeline. Someone you unfollow can still able to see your posts and send you messages.

Blocking people on Facebook is the most extreme action you can take as it not only to unfriends a person’s account but also stops them from sending you any form of direct message and stops them from viewing your public posts.

How Do I Reverse an Unfriending on Facebook?

It is not possible to undo an unfriending. The only method to reconnect with someone on Facebook is to send them a friend request as you did once you first became Facebook friends.

Because they must accept your friend request manually, they will realize that you unfriended them. In case you unfriended them by mistake, explain what happened.

What Is a Facebook Purge?

A Facebook purge is a process in which many users humorously call it once they go through their Facebook friends list and unfriend those that they no more talk, do not get along with, or do not recognize.

After a large number of unfriending, the user often posts something to their remaining Facebook friends to let them know that a purge process took place and that if they can read this message, it means that they have survived and are still considered real friends.

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