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Do you know how to turn off or stop or delete Facebook Messenger Notifications? If you want to shut off or turn off alerts from users and friends within Messenger, you will look beyond the app Android and iOS (iPhone or iPad) users. Using Facebook Messenger sometimes disturbing you with unwanted notification. Thus you need to stop these notifications from individual chat and group.

Most of the users are using Facebook messenger to chat with family and friends. People are sending text messages including photos, videos, and audio voice messages. Therefore, in response, you are receiving a lot of notifications from the messenger. And then consider these notifications are separately popping up.

Whether you use on mobile or messenger on You can manage or stop by configuring your notifications settings. After that, you do not receive as too many.

A lot of users complain about the look like to be with the app’s notifications. However, these are both more annoyance and more difficult to disable. While an app’s notification can usually be tweaked in its settings. If you check at Messenger’s settings; you have only the option to turn off notifications for an hour or until 9 a.m the following morning.

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How to Stop Notifications from Facebook Messenger

The following methods demonstrating the different devices. For instance; if you are using Web, Android, or iOS. You can follow your device instructions, in addition, follow all methods if you are using multiple devices.

How to Turn Off Notification in Using Computer

To configure your notification setting Facebook on the web then follows the below steps

  1. Click the Messenger Bubble
  2. From the drop-down menu click on See All Messenger
  3. Select a Friend then click the Notifications option
  4. Once you click the notification a popup box will appear. Unchecked the box for Receive notifications for reactions and/or Receive notification for new messages

Messenger SettingsNotification Messenger

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How to Stop Notification via Mobile device Android App

Manage or turn off your Facebook Messenger notification while using your Android Smartphone device. You need to walk on the following steps

  1. Open your Messenger app, in the top right corner tap your Profile picture
  2. Tap Notifications option
  3. Once you tap on Turn off Notification option you will stop receive Messenger notification.
  4. More options to select from Notification in Messenger option. Such as turn off Vibrate or Sound if you want simply to reduce or limit how you are notified

Messenger Android Notifications settings

How to Turn Off Messenger Notification while using iOS

Fortunately, there is a method to get those notifications and to stop or turn off completely in iOS. You can entirely disabled from within the iOS notification center via your iPhone’s. let’s do it in the following:

  1. Open your iOS Messenger App
  2. Tap Setting from iPhone’s main setting menu
  3. Select Notification Center form settings
  4. Scroll through your apps until you find the Messenger app
  5. Tap on the Messenger and you can find options what types of notifications will appear to you.

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How to Turn off Facebook Messenger Notification on Android Settings

To turn off notifications on your Android phones needs a few more steps than iOS. To turn off or disable the push notification then follow the given instructions:

  1. Visit your Android device main settings
  2. Tap on the Apps menu
  3. Select the Messenger app
  4. Uncheck the ” Show notifications” and then re-confirm


In conclusion no matter what device you are using, but you can disable the notification accordingly. Above all, you set notification then you are no more getting further disturbance in your work. You will need to configure similarly settings from all devices if your hands on multiple devices.

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