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Do you know how to take a screenshot by tapping the back of your android phone? To take a screenshot on your tablet or Android phone different depending on which model you have. With the help of a handy application, though, you can take or capture a screenshot by easily tapping the back of your android device.

One of the great stuff with iOS 14 is the capability to use the back tapping feature to capture a screenshot by tapping the back of your mobile device. But what about android phone users? The same results can be achieved but you require to download and install an app for that. Here is how to capture a screenshot by tapping the back of your Android mobile phone.

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How to Download and Install Tap Tap Screenshot on Android

The application we suggested is Tap, Tap app. You can get started to download and install the app from XDA Developers. The app is not available in the Google Play Store. But you can easily and simply sideload it on any Android 7.0 or latest device. It is also worth noting that the Tap, Tap application is still in beta version. And it might not work with every Android device. For good results use a Pixel 3 or higher device. Before going to proceed you will need to follow the given instructions to get Tap, Tap download, and Installed to ready to go.

  1. To sideload the application open any browser on your Android device
  2. Tap on the XDA Developers link
  3. A notification will show you then tap it to Install the APK
  4. Then you will require to give your browser permission to install from unknown sources.
  5. When you have done the Tap, Tap installation you need to turn on or enable the Accessibility Service which is disabled by default. Simply press the notification and enable it.

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Steps to Configure Tap, Tap Screenshot App on Android

  1. Tap to open Tap, Tap, App
  2. Select either “Double Tap Actions” or ” Triple Tap Actions.” For this process of the guide, lets to select the former
  3. Next, tap on the Add Action option
  4. Select the Screenshot option
  5. That’s what you actually need to do, but you can take it a little further in case you wish to make sure the process behaves properly. To do so, select the Add Requirement option.
  6. This is not possible to capture a screenshot once the display screen is off, but just to confirm the gesture is not being detected, press the Display On.” Now, the Tap, Tap application will only run when the device display is on.

Open Tap, Tap, Select Double Tap Actions or Triple Tap Actions, Add Action and Choose ActionSelect Add Requirement and Tap on the Add Plus icon Under Add Requirement

That’s all you can now tap the back of your Android phone to immediately take a screenshot.

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