How to Solve Math Problems Using Google Lens With Your Phone’s Camera

ByUmar Ali – November 1, 2020Solve Math Problems Using Google Lens

Do you know how to solve math problems using Google Lens? Google Lens lets you solve math problems using your Phone’s camera just like magic. Most people are using a calculator as a handy tool for the solution of math problems, but it can sometimes be difficult to type the equation. It makes it easier and simple for Google Lens to solve a problem by capturing a photo. In this article, you will learn how to access and use the Google Lens feature. Here you can also learn how to Set Up and Use Google Assistant Workday Routine

The users of Android devices can use and access Google Lens in a few different ways, depending on your smartphone. However, the general way that works for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices is through the Google app.

Of course, the first thing you will require is a math problem to solve. Google Lens can solve simple equations such as “6+3×5” or more complex formulas such as “x2-3x+2.” You can scan the math problem from a real-world piece of form or paper on a digital display.

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Google allow you to solve your math problems and will help in identifying buildings too using Google Lens. Here are these steps to solve math problems using Google Lens on your mobile devices.

  • Tap to open Google App on your tablet or Android phone, iPhone, or iPad.
  • Select the Lens icon from the right side of the search bar
  • Tap on the Open Camera option (If you are using Google Lens for the first time)
  • Next in the bottom toolbar swipe over to Homework

Open Google App, Select Lens icon, Open Camera, & Homework

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  • Now point your mobile’s camera at the math problem you wish to solve, ensure the problem is inside the camera frame. Select the Shutter button
  • First, make sure and check that the question at the top of the card is correct. You can select “Steps to Solve” to the steps that were taken to get to the solution. The solution appears at the bottom.

Scan the Math Problem & See the solution

  • To scan various problem from the same photo, select the “T” icon above the solution card
  • Next, select the next solution you would like to solve
  • The solution will show in the card below again

Tap T icon, Select New Problem & See New Solution

In case the Google response is not adequate or it can not detect a solution, you can pull up on the card to reveal the full Google Search results with solutions from other sources.

Swipe up for More Answers

The above are the complete guidelines for the using of Google Lens to solve math problems without using calculator and just capture a picture on your mobile’s camera just like magic.

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