How to Show Followers on Facebook Profile

Show followers Facebook

Facebook allows users to see and manage followers in an easy way. You can enable the follow button and people can then press that button and follow you. But a question rise here how to show the list of followers or show followers to the public when someone visits your profile?

If you also among those users don’t know how to show followers on the Facebook profile to the public, let’s show you how to appear your Facebook followers publicly on your profile with ease way. You will learn some of the privacy settings related to it and more stuff.

Don’t confuse with friends and followers. Friends are something define user relation. While followers are the people to stay tune on your post. User actually made their choice, to see your post-default as other and giver priority to your post to see them first.

Where are the Followers Feature Settings on Facebook?

Like other social media, Facebook also updates its features as per the user’s requirements and for a better experience. Maybe you see some changes of adding features like enhancing the UI as well and moved settings to add an extra one to keep secure their accounts.

How to Show Followers on FacebookProfile

Yes, you can show your followers on Facebook profile with your Facebook app. If you also among those users and don’t know about this feature. Then follow the ways below to learn how to enable follower showing feature on your Facebook profile to the public.

How to Enable or Show Followers on your FB Profile

Most people are login with Facebook ontheir SmartPhone. So you can turn on the feature of followers on Facebook toappear publicly with a mobile app in the following steps

  1. Open your Facebook App on your Android
  2. Tap on the Main Menu or Three Lines bar
  3. Select the Settings and Privacy option
  4. Next tap on Settings option
  5. Tap on the Public Post
  6. Finally, tap on Public under Public post “Who Can Follow Me” on your Facebook profile

So with the above follow button willappear to the public users and whenever visitors visit your Facebook profile.They will simply see the Follow option under your Profile Cover photo and witha single tap or click they can follow you.

How to Show Followers Settings on FB App

Do you aware of how you can easily turn on the follow option on your Facebook profile? So the visitors easily can follow you with this option. If you want then scroll down to see the guidelines and steps

  1. Open your Facebook App on your Android
  2. Tap on the Main Menu or Three Lines bar
  3. Select the Settings and Privacy option
  4. Next tap on Settings option
  5. Type Followers in the search bar at the top and you will see the options “ Who can see your followers on your Timelines and Who can follow me the option
  6. Finally, tap one of them in the above to continue Followers Settings

The above is the easiest way to enablethe feature of your Facebook followers from the settings within a fewsteps. To do this make sure yourFacebook App is up to date and to get every single setting of this feature.

How to Appear Facebook Followers on your FB Profile

Facebook allows all its users tochange their follower Privacy Settings and can manage the list of yourfollowers on your Facebook Timeline. So let’s how to show or manage yourfollowers’ list to the public, as shown in the steps below

  1. Open your Facebook app on your Smartphone
  2. Go to the Menu or Three bars lines
  3. Select Settings & Privacy and choose the Settings option
  4. Go down to the Public Posts under Settings in the Privacy section
  5. Tap on among the below the three options Public, Friends and Only me under “Who can see your Follower on your Timeline.
  6. Finally, tap on the Public option to appear the followers on your FB profile

After that enabling follow button on Facebook and then your friends, Friends & Friends and Public can easily follow you on Facebook. So you can see your list of the existing followers and view who can follow you on Facebook.

How to View List of your Followers on Facebook

So when you enable the feature of the follower and you want to see or view the list of your followers on your Facebook Profile. So it is very simple to find that who is following you on Facebook in the below steps

  1. Open your Facebook App
  2. Tap on your Profile Picture in the News Feed to Open your Profile
  3. Then tap on the Follower’s option
  4. Finally, a complete list will appear of your Facebook followers

Why my followers are not showing on FB?

If you have permitted the user to follow you, you will see a list of your followers in your Facebook profile, so click on your Friends option below you cover photo and then click your Followers if nobody follows you so you will not see this option. When someone follows you the option will appear to you.

Why you don’t have followers on Facebook

Keep in mind three things that you must to know if you have no followers on your FB profile. The first option you have turned off the followers appear to the public or friends. The second option you probably don’t have a single follower to appear there. Finally, and last option your age is under 18 and not allowed to get a Facebook account.

How to Get More Facebook Followers Fast

Before you are going get into theresearch-backed ways for increasing your followers, you have to start with someof the following practices for you increase the growth of your followers.

  1. Engage with people on Facebook and Messenger
  2. Always post great content
  3. Consistency while posting
  4. Using Hashtags
  5. Write your post in a professional bio
  6. First, make sure that your content is shareable
  7. Research for the people content
  8. Also, reach out to the influencers
  9. Follow other pages of your page

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