How to Share Your Screen in Google Meet on Web and Mobile App

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Do you know how to share your screen in Google Meet using the web and Mobile? If someone is using Google Meet for a team presentation or meeting, you might require to share your browser window or device screen. Whether you are working from or if you’re socially distancing is the norm for you, a video conferencing tool like Google Meet can be a lifesaver for staying touched and productive. However, sometimes you require a bit more firepower that your smiling faces, especially when you desire to show your colleagues what you are talking about. In this article, I will show you the simple instructions to share your screen during your next Google Meet session.

What you can present during a video meeting

During a video meeting call, you can present your entire screen or a specific window in a meeting. While you present, you can share information like presentations, spreadsheets, documents, and more.

  1. New employee training
  2. Meeting notes, road maps, projects, research
  3. Project ideas for new clients
  4. Proposal edits
  5. Classes or conferences that cannot be attended in person

How to share your screen on a Google Meet call in the mobile app

If you want to share your screen on your Google Meet call using a mobile app. In some applications like Skype, it is best to clear hot use of this feature. While Google Meet, though, it is hidden behind an option with a confusing name. In place of Share Screen or something similar, you will view the Present Now. Present what exactly? Does it begin a presentation from a linked Google Slides document, perhaps? No, this just Google Meet’s version of Share Screen on Mobile app during the active Google Meet call.

  1. Select the Viewfinder to pop up the More or Three-dots option menu in the upper right corner
  2. Tap on the More or Three-dots menu
  3. Select the Present screen
  4. A pop window will appear to you to confirm that you want to share your screen and to be wary of showing personal Info.
  5. Tap on Start Now option
  6. Once you are finished to sharing your screen then tap on the Green button that says Stop presenting

How to share your screen on a Google Meet call in the mobile app

How to Share Your Screen on Google Meet Call on your iPhone & iPad (iOS)

Here are the steps to present your mobile screen on Google Meet call, start a broadcast on your iOS (iPhone & iPad) device:

  1. Open Google Meet Mobile App
  2. Join a Video Meeting Call
  3. Tap on the More or Three-dots icon
  4. Then select to Start Broadcast
  5. Your entire screen will be presented to everyone in the Meet meeting
  6. Join a video meeting using the mobile app.

How to share your screen on a Google Meet call in a Web browser

If you are using the Google Chrome web browser, you can use the Present Now button feature to share your complete screen, a Chrome tab, or any app window. If you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can mirror your entire window or screen. In Safari on a Mac, however, you can only share your complete screen. Let’s show you how to do it in Google Chrome, as it has all three options, but the method in the other browsers is the same.

  1. Visit Google Meet with any browser like Google Chrome
  2. Click on the Present Screen option from the bottom at any time from an active Google Meet call,
  3. Now click whether you like to share a specific window, entire screen, or a specific Chrome tab
  4. Once you are finis sharing your screen then select the Blue button from the upper left of the screen that says Stop. Or Click on the link from the bottom right of the screen that says, or Select here to return back to the Video Call when you are ready to stop presenting
  5. That will return you to the Google Meet window, where you can select the green button that says Stop presenting

Click on the Present Screen option from the bottom active Google Meet callClick on the Your Entire Screen, or A Window, or A Chrome tabSelect to Share an Application WindowSelect any Tab or Share Your Screen and Click on Share optionPress the Stop Blue optionClick Stop Presenting Button

If you are using a computer to sharing your screen is the preferred way because you have more options or features as to what you can present. Generally, it is just a more natural user interface. However, if you are using and stuck on a mobile device, you are not out of luck, as there is a method to share your phone’s screen as well.

How do you split screen on Google meets? Google meet split screen

Once you click on Present, select the option to present only a window or only a tab. If you click on the only present a window, make sure you have made two windows(press and hold a tab then drag it out of its current window), and choose the window you want to present.

You can also download Google Dulles. You will have a split-screen therefore viewing your presentation as well as your students.

How to view people in the meeting

To know how to view Google meet share screen and see participants by changing your view to:

  1. Auto:- Let you Meet to choose the Layout
  2. Tile:-Shows up to sixteen people when there is no presentation
  3. Move your mouse to see participant names
  4. Presentations box showing in a large tile, with the most active participants to the side
  5. Spotlight:-The active speaker, presentation, or pinned feed fills the window

Why Google meet screen share not working?

The most simple and easiest way would be to uninstall Chrome, Restart your Mac, then Install Chrome browser back. Then Close All Applications, and navigate System Preferences>click the Security & Privacy>Press the Privacy option> Screen Recording. Now Open the Chrome browser and visit Hangouts and make an empty video call and try sharing your screen.

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