How to setup Gmail on iPhone Mail

How to Setup Gmail iPhone Mail App Mailboxes

iPhone users are used to using the Mail App and Mac Mail App. Mostly user needs to set up and configure the Gmail account within the iPhone Mail App. However, the following tutorial is showing both ways. You can configure new Gmail account within Mail App see all messages. And also view messages and inbox using Gmail App.

User must aware that using the Mail App, there is less control than Gmail itself. For Google, it’s considered third party authentication to allow you to view messages remotely. So the basic functions allow you to control your messages such read, forward, reply and attachment. However, you can’t delete the message within Mail App of the Gmail account. To get all the features of Gmail account including labels and account search mails, then use Gmail App instead.

Following are both methods showing and initial steps to let you know how to add your Gmail account to your iPhone. The steps along with screenshot are taken from iPhone latest OS version. Guide on how to set up Gmail on iPhone XR and apply on all models such as iPhone XR, XS, 11, and 11 Pro. The advantage of the Mail App is to let you view all the Mailboxes and multiple accounts than just Apple iCloud account.

How to Add your Gmail account to iPhone

Follow the steps below if you didn’t add Gmail account previously to your iPhone. User are then able to see Gmail messages on the Mail App Mailboxes. After adding Google account, user can also use the Gmail App to check Gmail account messages.

  1. Go to iPhone Settings
  2. From Settings menu Scroll down and tap on Passwords & Account
  3. Tap on Add Account then Tap on Google
  4. Settings prompt to use Google Sign in Tap to continue
  5. Enter the Gmail username and password
  6. Open Mail App and check Gmail inbox

iPhone SettingsiPhone Settings Password & accounts

From the iPhone Settings menu, scroll down to the Passwords & Account section. This section shows the available account already available. And furthermore, the option to add multiple accounts. Tap on the Add Account to add a new Gmail account.

Passwords & Accounts Add AccountGo to Android Settings, & Notifications option

To add Google account from iPhone Settings, the Google account settings prompt to use a sign in page. Tap continue to open Sign in Google account page entering username and password.

Sign in Google AccountMailboxes Gmail Account swipe options menu

Using Gmail account on Mail App, the available swipe options more, flag and Archive. The more menu button further options are Reply, Reply All, forward, Mark, notify Me, Mute, and Move Message. There is no delete option available in Mailboxes for Gmail account. To enjoy all the feature, Google user must use Gmail App in iPhone to get more features.

How to Setup Gmail App in iPhone device

Gmail App is available at App Store to download. Simply search for “Gmail” and tap to download Gmail App. If you previously add account within iPhone then it will not ask for username and password. However, the first time with no additional account in iPhone setup; the Gmail App will ask you Google account username and password.

  1. Go to App Store and search Gmail
  2. Tap on Download button to install the App
  3. Open Gmail App and enter username and password

Install Gmail App iPhone App Store

After you install Gmail App from App store, you will prompt to enter Google account username and password. In case you already add account earlier in iPhone Settings using Add account option then Gmail App shows messages.

Frequent Questions Gmail iPhone and Mailboxes

Can I use Gmail account in Mail App

Yes, you can use Gmail account to check your messages. You can add it from Passwords & Account to add Google account. After that, use Mail App to read Gmail messages.

How to delete Gmail message in Mail App?

You can’t delete Gmail messages using Mail App. To delete Gmail messages, you must install Gmail App in your iPhone.

Is Google account allowed in Mailboxes?

After you add your Google account in iPhone add account, you can then use Google Gmail account in Mailboxes to list messages along with other mails.

I can’t add my account to iPhone?

If you can’t add your Google account to your iPhone, make sure your Google account username and password are correct. Insure, that you allow less secure app from Google Myaccount page.

Gmail IMAP and POP for iPhone

For the basic use of Gmail account on iPhone Mail or Gmail, you don’t need to enter IMAP, SMTP or POP addresses. Simple Google account username and password will authenticate to use Gmail account on the third-party mail client.

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