How to Setup Email on Your SmartPhone

Setup and configure email smartphone

Now a day’s people are using to send and receive email through their mobile phones. There are a lot of benefits of the android devices but send and receive email is one of the best among all of them for users. You can track your important email everywhere or maybe you need to search for some important information. You keep your email with you wherever you go, but to get beneficial, you required to set up your email account.

For instance, every user has to configure their email start using their smartphone. So the steps below are not explaining how to create an email account. However, you find out how to configure your email account on your smartphone.

How to Set up Email on Your Android Device

There are three most common email providers Yahoo,Gmail, and Outlook. So you can set up them on your Smartphone with keep readingthe below steps for your guidance.

How to set up Gmail on Mobile Phone

The easiest way of setting up an email account is a Gmail App on your Smartphone since it comes preinstalled on your android devices. You will just require a sign in to your account. So here’s how to set up Gmail on your android phone device

Steps to Set Up Email – Gmail App

  1. Open your android device Settings
  2. Tap to open Accounts option
  3. Next tap on Add Account
  4. Then tap on Google
  5. It will redirect you to Add Account on the screen. Or you can set up your New Gmail account or if you existing account then tap on the Existing email and password
  6. So tap on Accept option to accept Terms of Services page that follow, and so your account should be ready.
  7. Then tap on Gmail App
  8. Next, Settings option
  9. Tap on Google
  10. Then tap on Add Account or Existing email address

Android SettingsTap on Accounts optiontap on Google to Set up EmailGoogle AccountChoose to Add Email AddressOpen Gmail App and SettingsAdd AccountTap on Google to Set up Email

Note: You must notify that it will be available under the Personal section or maybe you can find through your Settings to find the Accounts option, it’s depending on your device and Android version.

How to set up the Yahoo Email on Mobile Phone

If you want to set up a Yahoo email on your Smartphone device to send and receive email on your android phone everywhere. So the below steps to know how to set up

Steps to Set up Email – Yahoo Mail

  1. Open your Android Settings
  2. Tap to Add Account option
  3. Next tap on the Email option
  4. Then tap on Yahoo mail option if you don’t have this app then go to the google play store type Yahoo in the search bar and press to download
  5. You have to Enter your exiting Yahoo email address and password or select to choose a New email
  6. You will go through a few steps like adjusting your email Syncs and choose your Display name to be showing with outgoing mail.
  7. After choosing the above options you would like to tap on the Next option to finish your Account Set up

Set up Email of Yahoo

How to set up Outlook on Mobile Phone

You also can set up your email account on Outlook for the Android app. So you can follow the steps to know how to set up the Outlook account on your phone

Steps to Set Up Email – Outlook Mail

  1. Tap to open the Google Play Store app on your Android
  2. Type Outlook in the search bar and then tap to Download it’s a free app
  3. Tap to Get Started to set up a new account and it will Automatically trace some of your account information
  4. If you have an existing email address, then simply tap on your android’s Settings option
  5. Tap on the Add Account option
  6. Then tap on the Outlook option
  7. Next, Enter your Email address and Password
  8. Finally if required any additional information it will notify you what’s required

Set Up Email of Outlook

Alternative Ways to Set up Email on Andriod Device

Let’s show you some of the alternative ways to set up an email on your android device. So scroll down to read the below method how to do it

How to set up an email on an android phone?

You can add a new email account to your Android device inthe following steps

  1. Tap to open your Gmail app and open the Settings section
  2. Tap on the Add Account
  3. Then tap on the Personal (IMAP/POP) and tap Next option
  4. Type to enter your Email address and tap Next option
  5. Select to choose of the type of Email Account that you will be using in POP3, IMAP or Exchange
  6. So enter your Password for your email address and tap on Next option

How do I set up an email on my Samsung phone?

Let’s show how to set up your email on Samsun app on yourAndroid phone

  1. Tap to open your Email app on your Android phone
  2. Then tap on the Add new account option
  3. Simply Enter your Email Address and Password for an email address
  4. Next tap on Done option

How do I set up my email on my phone?

You can add your email address to your smartphone email appin the following steps

  1. Tap to open your Email App
  2. Tap on Menu and Tap Accounts from the existing account if you have
  3. Select the menu again and tap on Add Account option
  4. Enter your Email address and Password for email and then tap Next option
  5. Select IMAP
  6. Tap to Enter the Incoming Server info
  7. Next, Enter the Outgoing server info
  8. Tap Next and Done

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