How to set up and Use Hulu Parental Controls App and Web

ByUmar Ali – July 2, 2020Hulu Parental Controls App and Web

Do you know how to use Hulu Parental Control? Hulu allows you to create a profile for your kids or children to protect them from inappropriate content. It is possible to set up and use Hulu parental controls to restrict the types of content or videos to your kids can watch. By creating a kid’s profile on Hulu, you can limit access to R-rated content (Movies and shows). The setting up of parental control applies to Hulu on all devices, including, web browsers, smart TVs such as Amazon Fire TV, and tablets. If you want to cancel Hulu subscription then click here.

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How Do Hulu Parental Controls Work?

If you want to set up Hulu Parental controls then it will let you create separate profiles for each and every person who watches on your account. When you setting up a profile on Hulu, you will have the option to create a kid’s profile, which is restricted to friends-family movies and shows. Shows rated TV-MA or R will not appear up in a Hulu kid’s profile.

Tip: A Hulu standard plan lets you up to two uses to watch at a time, but you can extend your Hulu screens restrict by upgrading your account.

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How to Set up a Hulu Kids Profile On a Mobile Device App

Let’s show to create a Hulu Kids profile on the Mobile device using Hulu’s app for Android and iOS devices.

  1. Tap to open the Hulu app on your mobile device
  2. Then tap on the Account option
  3. Select your Profile Name
  4. Tap on the New Profile option
  5. Type a name for the Profile,
  6. Then select the Toggle switch beside Kids and turn it On position
  7. Finally, tap on the Create Profile option

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How to Set Up a Hulu Kids Profile on the Web using PC

Here you can also create a Hulu Kids Profile on a web browser while using a computer. To create a kid’s profile that is limited to kid-friendly content. Let’s follow the given steps on how to do it:

  1. Open any browser on your computer
  2. Visit the and sign in to your Hulu account
  3. Click on your Nam in the top-right side corner
  4. Then select the Manage Profiles from the menu
  5. Click on the Add Profile option
  6. Type to enter a Name for the profile
  7. Then click on the toggle switch under Kids and turn it to the On position
  8. Select the Create Profile option
  9. If you are going to log in to Hulu next time, you will be asked who is watching.
  10. When you click on the Kids profile, then Hulu will not suggest adult content, nor will adult content appear in search.

Open and Log in to Your AccountClick on Profile Name, Then Select Manage Profile optionClick on the Add Profile OptionEnter Profile Name, Select Toggle turn to On & Create Profile OptionClick on the Create Profile optionSelect Your Kid's Profile When Asked Who's Watching

If you are using to watching on the web browser, you can switch between profiles by hovering your mouse cursor on the profile name in the top-right corner of the web browser window.

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How to Update a Hulu Kids Profile

Hulu allows you to update or lift the content limitation on a profile at any time you want. Here are the following steps to update a Hulu Kids profile

  1. Open Hulu Account
  2. The visit your Hulu account management page
  3. Click on the Pencil icon next to the Profile option
  4. Select toggle switch under Kids and turn it to the Off position
  5. Type to enter a birth date, then click on the Save changes

Select the Toggle to Turn Off and Save Changes

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Restrictions of Hulu Parental Controls

Hulu parental controls are not wide like Netflix’s parental controls. Unluckily, it is not able to limit access to TV-Y or PG content only, or block specific movies or shows, so your children will still access to watch TV-14 and PG-13 rated content. If you have set up parental controls for your online streaming device, then you can prevent or block kids from accessing Hulu altogether.

That said, there is no such a way to protect-password for Hulu profiles, which means kids can watch all content by simply switching to your profile. You can view what is been currently watched on your profile, so you will be able to tell if your children have been using it. You cannot limit access to adult content across all profiles.

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How do I restrict shows on Hulu?

You can turn the Content & Privacy Restriction toggle move to On position, and then select the Content Restrictions. Now you can set up age restrictions for all content on the device, includes podcasts, music, TV shows, movies, apps, books, and websites.

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Restrict Kids’ Access to Mature Content

Hulu takes steps to ensure that there is a safe place for your youth to stream. The first thing you will need to create a Kids profile — which allows the viewer to find and watch content in the Kids hub exclusively — is a great and best option for parents to look to restrict the content their children have access to.

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Hulu parental controls 2020

To enable Hulu parental controls in 2020, then you will need to add a new profile to your Hulu account using the Hulu website or App. Visit the Hulu website, select your account page, and click Profiles. Type to enter a name for the new Hulu account and turn the Kids toggle switch to on position. Then enter a birth date to set up your kid’s age, block him/her from watching content rated inappropriate for that age level.

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How to Restrict what my kids can watch on Hulu

Yes, you can restrict what your kids can watch on Hulu. You can turn the Content & Privacy Restriction toggle move to On position, and then select the Content Restrictions. Now you can set up age restrictions for all content on the device, includes podcasts, music, TV shows, movies, apps, books, and websites.

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