How to Set Up and Use Google Assistant Workday Routine

ByUmar Ali -October 27, 2020

Do you know how to set up and use the Google Assistant workday routine? Get a better handle on the workday at home with Google. Set up a workday routine at home, Schedule faster, and create to-do lists by voice, A helpful reminder, Stay connected with coworkers, and Mindfulness matters. Staying on goal while working can be a challenge, especially at home, and it is not just about productivity. Getting up to move around and drinking water is important too. Automate reminders for these things with the Google Assistant “Workday routine.

Workday Routine is a built feature into the Next smart speakers and Google Assistant and displays. They make you able to create a string of actions to be executed at set times or with a single command. They can most powerful if you take some time to set them up in the Google Home application.

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Get Set up and Use the Google Assistant Workday Routine

Using the Google Assistant Routines app has become a famous way to get various things done with a single command. This week, we are rolling out a new workday routine that automatically reminds you of all the big and small things to do throughout your workday–from staying on to of your calendar to taking a break away from the desk–that can sometimes be simple and easy to forget.

  • Tap to open Google Home app on your Android or iPhone and iPad device
  • Then select your profile icon in the top right side corner
  • Click on the Assistant Settings from the menu
  • It is depending on your mobile device, you will either view settings organized by tabs or in a single long list. In the tabbed interface, lunch to the Assistant tab. Skip this step if you view only a long list.
  • Select the Routines from the list

Open Google Home App, Profile icon, Assistant Settings, Assistant Tab, & Routines

  • At the top for New Routines to Try you may see a section. Scroll down in case the Workday is not listed there. and select it from the Ready-Made section.
  • There are some various sections on the Workday routine page. We will go through them all to set it up. First, switch on the toggle at the top to Enable Routine.
  • Next, lets to decide which days of the week the Workday routine will run. Tap the day listed under When The Day(s) Are”
  • Select the entire days to run the routine each week and then select OK

Go to Workday, Switch On Enable Routine Toggle, Select Days and Ok

  • Now we require to choose where Google Assistant will play responses. You will want to choose the device that will be close to you during the Workday. Tap on the drop-down menu under “Play Assistant Responses With” and choose a device.
  • You can also check the box to “Get Notified on Your Phone when the routine runs. This will make sure you get notified if you are not near the chosen device.
  • Now it is time to set up what the Workday routine will actually do. You will notice that Google has already set up a number of time actions and slots. You can adjust any of these by tapping the Gear icon next to them.

Play Assistant Responses with, Get Notified on Your Device, & Gear icon

  • There will be various options depending on the action. First, edit the time slots that fix when actions will run. These tie slots are usually for meals and breaks throughout the day.
  • Next, change or edit the Say Something commands. This is what Google Assistant will recite over the device at the chosen time. Common examples are It is time to stand up and stretch and it is time for lunch.
  • To re-organize or remove time slots and actions in bulk, select the Modify button

Tap to Edit Time, Say Something, Ok and Modify

  • Go down through the list and remove anything you do not want by pressing the x icon.
  • To edit or change the order in which the Google Assistant will run the command tap and drag the handles on the left side of the screen.
  • For you each time slot you also have the option to Add Action.

Remove Anything, Tap and Drag, Add Action, Enter Command and Add

  • Type command and select the Add option
  • Go down to the very bottom and tap on the Add New Time to add a new time slot to the routine.
  • First, you will be asked to select a time or enter a custom time. Tap on the Next option when done.
  • Next, you can add your first action. Type any command you can give Google Assistant, or browse famous actions. Tap on the Add when finished.
  • When you are happy with all the time slots and actions, tap on the Save option at the top of the page

Add New Time, Set a Start Time, Next add Action and Add

How do I use Google Assistant routine?

To create or change a routine using Google Assistant in the following steps:

  1. Say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings” or Go to the Assistant settings on your Android device or tablet.
  2. Tap on the Assistant. Routines.
  3. Choose which kind of routine you want: Ready-made routine: tap an existing routine, then choose actions
  4. To change an action and tap Settings (Optional).
  5. Select Done.

Does Google need App assistant?

The application is just a shortcut to trigger Assistant on devices that already have it. Yes, it does the same thing as holding the home button… You do not require this application to use the Google Assistant if you already have the Google Assistant on your Mobile device.

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