How to Set Empty or Blank WhatsApp Status

Set Empty blank WhatsApp Status

Do you know how to set a Blank or Empty WhatsApp status? Might you know that WhatsApp does not allow you to keep empty or blank WhatsApp status? Most people upload their videos, photos, text, GIFs, and links on their WhatsApp Status for 24 hr. By default, the WhatsApp Status activated between two who have activated with each other’s contact details saved in their contact list or address books. Whenever you are viewing the WhatsApp profile of any of your friends. Then you will see something in there about section.

Set a Blank orEmpty WhatsApp Status on WhatsApp

Let’s show a very famous WhatsApp trick that lets users set an empty or blank WhatsApp status. This blank space in your status will look very unique and amazing. This trick to set an empty blank WhatsApp status does not support all the Unicode Characters. Using any such Unicode character will appear in an empty or blank space instead of the character. In this article, you will learn how to set an empty or Blank WhatsApp Status.

Using of Top Hacks:

If you want toset a blank or empty WhatsApp Status, you will not need to use any third-partyapps. This can be simply set with WhatsApp unsupported content orcharacter. Let’s follow the below stepsto set empty or Blank WhatsApp Status.

How to SetBlank WhatsApp Status? Empty WhatsApp Status

Let’s show howto set blank WhatsApp status with use unsupported characters. You will need tofollow the given below tips for your guidance:

  1. Tap on the WhatsApp app and open it on your Smartphone
  2. Select the Three Vertical dots or Main menu icon from the
  3. Tap on the Settings option from the menu
  4. Now press on the Profile Name or Profile Photo
  5. In the About Add tap on the Edit option under the Current Set to
  6. Next, Remove the previous one set by default one “Available”
  7. You will need to Copy these 2 symbols or character: ⇨ ຸ and Past into the Current set to box
  8. After that, Remove the Arrow ⇨ symbol or character and left the coma symbol ຸ
  9. Finally, tap the Save option to save the About Add

Open WhatsApp, Tap Three-dots and Select Settings optionTap on About and Select Current Set to EditCopy and Paste Two Character and Remove Arrow and SaveSet Empty or Blank WhatsApp Status

Now go back to your About Status will be set Blank/Empty amazing. This is a very simplest and authentic way to set empty or Blank WhatsApp status.

Set Blank WhatsApp Status or Story

You can set blank WhatsApp Status or Story by set an empty “About”. In this method you will need to use an application from the Google play store:

  1. You will need to download and then install the Blank Message Application on your Android phone
  2. Tap on the App to open and then keep the default option select Send option
  3. Your WhatsApp will open in this Application and Add your Status
  4. Select My Status and tap on the Green Checkmark option to proceed
  5. If you wish to send a Blank Message the press on the Desired Chatting
  6. After that, the Blank Characters will add in your status automatically
  7. Select the Paint Tray icon to choose the desired background
  8. Finally, tap on the Send icon when you satisfied

Set Blank WhatsApp Status or StorySet Blank WhatsApp Status

After that, the blank story will be added to your status and will be changed from the background color, no text will be display there. You can also use this app for sending a blank WhatsApp message.

But the users of the iOS devices can take a screenshot of the black background and add that photo as a Status to have a blank or empty one.

How to hide/Remove WhatsApp About on Android & iOS

Here is the third way to use to hide or remove WhatsAppabout on both the users of android and iPhone. You can do this from the WhatsAppsettings without any third-party app to hide about making it display as blankor empty;

  1. Tap to open your WhatsApp application on your Android or iOS device
  2. Select the Three-dots or Main Menu option
  3. Choose the Settings option from the menu
  4. Tap on the Account option under the Settings
  5. Select the Privacy option
  6. Then tap on the About option
  7. Finally, choose the Nobody option
  8. After that, you about status will not Display and will look like Empty or Blank

Hide or Remove WhatsApp About on Android & iOS

How to send Blank or empty message from WhatsApp

If you want to send a blank or empty message on WhatsAppto someone then you will need to download an app. You have to follow the belowsteps:

  1. Open your Google Play Store on Android device
  2. Download and Install Blank Message for WhatsApp
  3. Next, open the Application and select Send option
  4. Choose Blank characters
  5. Start to Send a blank message to friends on WhatsApp

How to send Blank or empty message from WhatsApp

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