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Do you know how to send or share GIFs Images in WhatsApp on Android and iPhone devices? There are many functions provided by WhatsApp for their user better experience. WhatsApp allows users to share their photos and videos with their family and friends abroad. But WhatsApp gets delayed in the development of the GIF’s Images sharing feature in comparison to the other social media platforms. Now WhatsApp allowed its users to share or send GIF images on iOS or Android smartphones. The best thing about this function is you can share or send video as a GIF Image and from the GIPHY online website you can search directly GIF Images on your WhatsApp App.


Best and Top Trick:

This is the best and topmost trick in WhatsApp. To sending GIF images is very simple as compare to send or share any video or photo file. If you want to know how to do it then this function is a little bit hidden. Maybe until now you did not use this feature in WhatsApp or you did not hear about this feature. So, let’s show you how to send or share GIF Images in WhatsApp on your Smartphone devices.

How to Send GIFs Images in WhatsApp on Android and iOS devices

Here you can share GIFimages on your Smartphone device and if you don’t know how then don’t worry.WhatsApp provides you two best ways to send GIFs on your device. You can useboth ways on your Android & iOS devices but both ways are a little bitdifferent in iOS & Android devices. So let scroll down to learn how to sendGIFs on iOS & Android devices one by one.

How to Send or Share GIFs in WhatsApp on Android Phone

Let’s show how to sendor Share GIFs in WhatsApp on your Android phone in the below-given ways:

Search for GIF’s Using GIPHY on WhatsApp

You can search forGIFs in WhatsApp on your phone directly within the App from the GIPHY website’sarchive. If you don’t know how then follow the given below steps:

  1. Open your WhatsApp application
  2. Then tap on any Group or individual Chat to open it
  3. Go to the bottom and tap on the Emoji icon at the left corner
  4. It will display to you lots of Emoji and scroll to the bottom bar and tap on GIF icon
  5. You will see lots of GIF images with the most famous one at the top
  6. All of these GIF images are pulled from the service Tenor GIF’s and just scroll down to see more
  7. You can choose anyone to Send or Share or you can search for other GIFs using GIPHY
  8. Next tap on the Search icon to search for more GIFs using GIPHY showing at the extreme bottom
  9. Enter any Term in the search, for example, I have searched for Happy Birthday and the results all the images below are appeared
  10. Finally, select any GIF image and then tap on the Send option to share with your friend

Open WhatsApp tap, Emoji, GIF images or SearchSelect GIFs Image and tap Send icon

Send GIF Images from the Phone Gallery

If you want to send GIF images from your device Gallery and which arealready available in your phone gallery. To share these GIFs images very easyand you can share like other media or photos file. For this you will need tofollow the below steps:

  1. Open your WhatsApp app
  2. Tap to Open an Individual or Group chat
  3. Go to the bottom and tap on the Attach icon
  4. Select your Device Gallery option
  5. Find your GIF image and tap to select on the bottom left corner
  6. You can choose to select more than one GIF Images
  7. Finally, tap on the Send icon to share with friend or Group

How to convert a video from Device into a GIF on WhatsApp

In this method, you can turn a video into a GIF directly on WhatsAppand can send it to your friends or Group. But there is a limitation of time forGIF Image will up to 6 seconds only. Let’s scroll down the steps to convertvideo to a GIF:

  1. Open WhatsApp app on your android
  2. Tap to open an Individual or Group chat
  3. Scroll down and tap on the Attach icon
  4. Go to the Gallery
  5. Select any video you want to convert and send as GIF image from the videos and images
  6. You may also record video from Camera then turn it to GIF
  7. The video you choose must be 6 sec then you will not get the feature to send it as GIF image.
  8. So you will need set the Start and End bar from the timeline display on your screen up to 6 seconds
  9. Finally, you will get the Video and GIF option and tap on the GIF to enable it
  10. After that, you can also add emoji or text icon from the top your screen
  11. When you finish then tap on the Send option to share the video as GIF with friends

Convert a Video to GIFs Image in WhatsAppTrim Video, Tap GIF and Send icon

How to Send GIFs Images in WhatsApp on iOS Devices

The user of the iPhone or iPad can also share or send GIFs Images inWhatsApp like Android devices. Users of the iOS device can send by searchingonline using GIPHY, Turn video into a GIF by trimming it to 6 sec and from thedevice Gallery which already saved on your device. Apart from these methods,you can also send GIF Images via Live Photos function on the iOS (iPhone).

Using Search for GIF online from GIPHY on iOS (iPhone device)

This method of send or sharing GIFs within WhatsApp from the GIPHYonline website on iPhone or iOS devices is similar to Android devices. You will need to follow the below-givensteps:

  1. Tap on WhatsApp on your iOS device
  2. Open an Individual or Group conversation
  3. Next, tap on the Attach or + icon from the bottom
  4. Select a video or photo Library option
  5. Tap on the GIF with Search icon from the bottom of your screen
  6. Type any term, for example, Sad, Wedding, Happy, etc to search for any GIF
  7. Choose any GIF image and tap on the Send directly to that chatting

How to Convert Video into GIF/Send GIF Images from Device

If you want to sendGIF Images/Convert Video into GIF from your iOS or iPhone device then followthe given steps:

  1. Open your WhatsApp app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on the + or Attach icon from the bottom of your device
  3. Next, tap on Video/Photo Library option
  4. You will redirect to your Photos and Video on your Phone
  5. Here you select any video or GIF Image file from your device library
  6. If you choose a video file exceeding the duration time of Six Sec,
  7. Then tap on the Trim option to make it up to 6 seconds to appear the GIF option from the timeline
  8. Now just tap on the GIF option to enable
  9. Finally, tap on the Send option to share with your friend as GIF image

Share Live Photo as a GIF image in WhatsApp on iOS [iPhone Device]

Now you can share alive photo as GIF image to your WhatsApp friends on your iPhone 6s and itslater versions devices. Here are the steps to send or share a live photo as GIFimage:

  1. Tap to open your WhatsApp on your iPhone device
  2. Next tap to open a Group or Individual conversation
  3. Scroll down the tap on the Attach or + icon
  4. Choose the Photo/Video Library from the menu
  5. Find the Live photo you wish to send
  6. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and Hold 3D Touch
  7. Next, tap on the Select as GIF option from the menu when appearing
  8. Once done with editing then tap on the Send option

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