How to Send Feedback from Gmail browser and App

How to send Feedback Gmail browser and App

Feedback in Gmail is a way to communicate and deliver your message to Gmail developer. You can describe your issue or report any bug in your account using the Feedback button. Most people do appreciate a new feature or dislike the feature. However, you can also share your personal ideas to enhance and further improvement.

Furthermore, you can include screenshots while sending feedback to Gmail developers. In other words, it makes fewer efforts to highlight within the screenshot instead of writing and explaining your issue. The inside tools while including screenshot is optional. You can highlight the specific area and hide your personal information. So you don’t need to worry about your privacy while sending feedback to Gmail.

Screenshot in Gmail Feedback

The rich tools to draw and drag option while taking a screenshot of your Gmail. The tool panel with drag option including yellow color to highlight your issue on Gmail. Black color to use for hiding sensitive information on your account. You can use the tools by simply dragging them. However, the black color to hide sensitive information is interactive. When you click and just hower cursor on the icon, it identifies and suggesting hide option.

Why do people need to send feedback to Gmail?

People are using Google products. And Google concentrates and listen to every feedback carefully. Gmail is not offering any direct support to free Gmail users. However, it is the only way of communication to deliver your issue and message. People use to send their reaction as follows but not limited to below:

  1. Request a new feature
  2. Dislike new feature and share your idea
  3. Report bug and problem on your Gmail account
  4. Report an issue specifically on your account
  5. Suggest a new idea and feature consider in the next update
  6. Report errors, feature issue and other minor bugs

How to send Feedback from Gmail browser

Using a browser, follow the steps to send comments from your Gmail account

  1. Go to and sign in to your account
  2. Click on Gear icon then go to Send Feedback or click on the ? icon then click Send Feedback button
  3. Describe your issue in the text box
  4. Check the box if you want to include Screenshot
  5. Click to highlight or hide info then click Done
  6. Review your Feedback and click the SEND button

After you click send button, you will see “Sending Feedback” on your screen. After that, a notification message “Thank you for your Feedback”

Gmail Settings Send Feedback

Google mail on the browser contains all settings under the gear icon menu. You find Send-Feedback button under the gear icon menu.

Help Send Feedback

Alternatively, you can also access it from the ? icon demonstrating help.

Include screenshot and highlight info

You can simply describe your issue then include the screenshot. After that, you can highlight or hide any sensitive information. Easy drag and draw tools to highlight element instantly.

Highlight issues and hide sensitive infoSend

After you finish drafting and highlighting contents, you can review prior to sending. After that, you can simply click the Send button to deliver your Feedback to Google.

How to send Feedback from Gmail App

Using Gmail App on a smartphone, follow the steps to send your idea and opinion.

  1. Open Gmail App from a smartphone
  2. Tap on menu button scroll down to Help & Feedback
  3. Now tap on Send Feedback button on the Support page
  4. Describe product feedback in the text box
  5. Check on Screenshot and tap to Highlight or hide info
  6. Check on system logs to include device system log

Send Feedback Gmail App menuDescribe issue screenshot and system log

If you are going to specify someone on your screen, you need to include the screenshot. You can tap on the Highlight or hide info to highlight the area and hide your personal information. Furthermore, include the system log along with your feedback. The system log help the developer to understand your device status. And find out the other app running in the background that might cause a specific issue to you.

Highlight info hide sensitive Feedback screenshot

Use yellow color to highlight the element and area you are writing about. And black color to hide elements that include your personal information. Such as email subject and text to hide. After you finish, you can tap and Send button to send the feedback along with the highlighted screenshot and system log.

How Feedback change and improve Gmail?

Google is receiving feedback from thousands of users. It is further categories to the Gmail App and browser. Sometimes, an idea to count against both categories. Furthermore, Gmail developer team then segregating UI, idea, new feature request, dislike, appreciate and going on. After that, they concentrate on those which is a concern to most of the users. For an instant, consider Gmail sign out button in Chromebook, which most people dislike. If the number gets increase then developer takes the chance and consider the change. It is because most of the vote coming to a similar issue.

I didn’t receive any reply from Gmail yet?

Gmail getting thousand of idea contents and they never reply to anyone unless it is really needed. However, all the feedback are storing in a systematic way and reading by Engineers and developers.

Sometimes, people stop sending due to the fact they are not getting any reply. But no, it is not the case that you get any reply. It is actually accumulating in a group for each specific feature and issue. After that, the high ratio of comments considers first in the row to act and implement as user requirements.

Do I need to attach the screenshot and system log?

If you want to describe something on your screen then it is best practice to highlight. Similarly, you can hide sensitive information. While the system log provides a better understanding of the developer. To know what other Apps and device you are using. Without detail information, the developer could understand the issue exactly unless you are suggesting a new feature.

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