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Do you know how to sell products on Instagram Shopping and Shoppable stories? Because of more than one billion monthly active users, Instagram is indisputably the new home for a business that wants to create an impact on society. Instagram is the best platform for promoting a new brand of your business. Its emphasis on high-quality, clean visuals makes it ideal for showcasing products now it is the best place for shopping, too. According to a report, more than 600 million people (that’s 60% of users) discover and search out new products on Instagram. In Feb 2018 IG launched the Instagram shopping through which brands become able to tag products directly in Stories and Posts.

Through which customers directly can purchase the items they desire. After the launching of a new feature with the name oftheCheckout feature in early 2019, users of IG no longer even have to leave to purchase the products they discover there.

Linked Instagram Account to Facebook Shop

After your IG account has been linked to a Facebook shop. You will need to tag these products individually within Instagram posts and these tags can be tapped to go to your online store to make a purchase. Let’s show here how to sell products on Instagram by activating Shoppable tags on your IG posts.

What to do to sell on Instagram

If you want to create a Shop on Instagram and this will be a little difficult from manually adding a product name, link, and description. You are going to start then you will require the given-below:

Switch Instagram Business Account

The first thing to switch your Instagram Business account at any time by the below steps

  1. Open your IG account
  2. Go to the Settings
  3. Select the Account
  4. Click or tap on the Switch to Business Account option

Create a Facebook Business Page

You will need to create a free Facebook Business page on your Facebook

Create a Shop Facebook Business page

You can create by yourself manually an active shop on your FB business page or Facebook shop powered by Shopify

Set up Product Catalog on Your Facebook

You will need to set up product Catalog on your FB using BigCommerce or Shopify and that you can tag in your Instagram Stories and Posts. After that, you can set up or Add a Shop Section on FB.

How to Sell Items or Products on Instagram

When you done with the above three accounts like set up the Instagram Business account and the Facebook business page and an active shop on the FB business page. After that, you are ready to connect all these three and start with making shoppable posts on Instagram account.

Steps to Create Shoppable Post on IG Account

  1. Click on any Web browser on your Computer
  2. Then open the Facebook Products Catalog web page
  3. Click the Setting option
  4. Go to the Business Manager Account and select the Connect option
  5. From the drop-down menu select Facebook Account that you wish to manage your FB Shop with and click the Connect option

open the Facebook Products Catalog web pageClick the Setting optionBusiness Manager Account and select the ConnectClick the Connect option

Connect Instagram Account With your Business Account

  1. Tap to open the Instagram app to Turn on Instagram Shopping App on your Android or iOS device
  2. Tap on the Main Menu in the upper right side
  3. Select the Gear or Settings option
  4. Next, tap on the Business option
  5. Go to Sign up for Shopping option
  6. Press the Continue option
  7. Then tap on the Submit for Review option then IG staff will review personally your app
  8. You will receive notification within IG App of Approval or Rejection after few days
  9. Once your account Approved then you can enter the Products links
  10. Now tap in the New Tag Products field to create a new Instagram post and enter the Product’s Name
  11. This will be working in much the same way as when other people tagging in an IG Post

Open Instagram Account, Tap Profile icon, Main Menu and Business optionSign Up for Shopping

How to Add Items or Product to your IG posts

If you want to add items or products to your Instagram postthen you will need to follow these steps:

  1. You will need to upload your product photo or images (tag up to 5 items or up 20 items if you are sharing a carousel post)
  2. Add a Caption and tag your Items or Products (You can choose Tag Products below the Tag People option when you enabled shopping on your account
  3. Start entering Name of the item you want to Tag (So the IG will pull products from the Facebook product catalog)
  4. Next, select the Share your post option (the products will be displayed to you on your feed with a little shopping bag icon

Note: In a singlepost, you can only tag people or products you are unable to select both in onepost.

What Products Cannot You Sell on Instagram?

You can onlysell physical products in the Instagram shops, not the services. All theproducts for the sale should comply with being according to laws andregulations of their country base. Let’s show you some the products which arebanned on the Instagram shop for selling:

Products arebanned on the Instagram Shop:

  1. Animals
  2. Animals orHuman body parts
  3. Medicines
  4. Drugs
  5. Services
  6. Digitalproducts
  7. Money
  8. DigitalMoney or Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
  9. Healthcareproducts and Health supplements
  10. Guns orother ammunition, weapons, and explosives
  11. Tobaccoand other tobacco-related products

These are mostimportant to read by visiting the official IG policies. If you are violatingthem, intentionally, unintentionally or otherwise, it will get disable yourInstagram account or shop?

Sell Stuff on Instagram without an Online Store

Do you knowhow to sell products on Instagram without a Store? Instagram also the bestplatform for selling stuff without an online store on Facebook in case you arenot interested in setting up to sell stuff and services on IG by promoting thanin a FB post and placing a link to where your friends or followers can buy orpurchase your product or item on your IG profile.

Let’s show another best way on Instagram selling is to post a video or photo of your item in an Instagram Story. If you have more 1K followers, you will be able to enter a link to your IG Story which your friends and followers can view or visit by swiping up on their screen.

Here you can visit: How Can You See Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights

How to Add Video or Picture to Your Instagram Story

Let’s show how to add a video or picture of products to your Instagram Story. Instagram launched the Shopping stories in Sep 2018 global. Once your Business is approved and set up the use of IG shopping tap on the item’s sticker to a story. So when a customer taps on the item or product sticker, then he will get the same item details page they would view if they tapped on a shopping post in their feed. On the next window, they will get to view additional items photos from your similar catalogue, similar items, product details, and a link to your mobile site to create a purchase

Steps to Add a Story:

  1. You will need to Add your Story (Picture or Video)
  2. Then tap on the Sticker icon and choose the Product option
  3. Add your Product (but one item per Story)As with a post, you can get any product in your Product catalog by entering its nameYou can change the Color of the sticker if you want in this step
  4. You can Tagged items in your Stories will be showing with a Shopping bag iconCustomers can select the Icon to see the complete product details like the same way they would on a postBy tapping on a Product will be redirected to a page showing detail option view on Website

Instagram Shopping in the Explore tab

Another way for Instagram shopping in this you can use IG’s Explore tab is a powerful tool. In this way, more than Two hundred million users visit the site to explore new content and dive deeper according to their interest day by day surfing topic channels that the IG algorithm has curated for them. This topic channel is lunched by Instagram in Sep 2018 for each user-specific shopping interest. The channel will show shopping posts from a lot of businesses that may be like by a user. It will be of a benefit for small businesses to go on the Explore tab without large followings.

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