How to See Blocked Contacts list on WhatsApp

View blocked contacts list WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp for years, you must have many blocked people on the list. And here is the feature to view and see all the blocked contact list. There are so many new features and interesting features like making individual or Group Video calling on WhatsApp etc. similarly, you can also share Facebook video on WhatsApp and you can also share from WhatsApp with other social media apps. You can chat with Group or individually and you block any contacts or friends you don’t want to continue chatting with them. When you change your mind and want to see blocked contacts list on your WhatsApp then continue to read the article.

Where is my blocked list on WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp platform gives complete hold to their users to block someone that irritates or annoys you. Simply you can block that friend or contact within a few steps and the app also maintains a list of all persons that you blocked on WhatsApp. Whenever you want to view or check those contacts, just follow the description below guidelines until the end. Then you will find your blocked list on WhatsApp and here are the tips.

Tips to View Your Blocked Contacts on WhatsApp

Here are the steps to know how to view you blockedcontacts on WhatsApp with screenshots. The below-described steps are the samefor both users of Android and iOS or iPhone devices.

  1. Tap to Open your WhatsApp in your Android or iPhone device
  2. Then tap on Three-dots menu icon
  3. Select the Settings option from the menu
  4. Tap on the Account tab
  5. Select the Privacy Settings option
  6. Scroll down in the Privacy Settings and press on Blocked Contacts under the messaging settings
  7. Then a list of your Blocked Contact with their Name and mobile numbers will show to you
  8. After that you can maintain easily your WhatsApp Blocked Contacts List
  9. If you want to Unblock some then tap on any Contact press long and then tap on the Unblock option as shown in the screenshot given below.

Open WhatsApp and tap Three-dotsTap Account and PrivacyBlocked Contacts and tap Unblock number

How to Block or Unblock More Contact on WhatsApp

If you want to block more people then you need simply tapon the Contacts icon on the top right of your screen. Then you will redirect toyour contacts of WhatsApp, find the contact you want to block. Simply, tap onthe contact will directly add to the blocked list.

Tap on the contact iconalt

In this way, you can easily get the entire contacts listthat has been blocked by you on WhatsApp. After that, you can block and unblocknew contacts then taping the contact icon and then select the contact it willadd to your block list. If you change your mind and don’t want to block anyfriends and also want to avoid him or her, you can also mute that contact.

Unblock or block some on WhatsApp Blocked Contact

Frequently Ask Questions by People

Here are some of the frequent question asks bydifferently people and reply with short answers:

How do I see blocked contacts on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can view blocked contacts list on your WhatsAppby following the above-given steps for your guidance. If you want to whoblocked you and want to know then visit: How to unblock yourself from the othercontact WhatsApp.

How can I see my blocked contacts last seen on WhatsApp?

If you want to know how to check the last seen onWhatsApp then someone blocks you.

  1. First, install WhatsClock app on your Phone
  2. Then add a WhatsApp contact number you want to track the last seen
  3. Next tap on the Contact the one you added
  4. Then tap on the Get More Time option

How do I see blocked contacts?

Here you can see the details of the blocked list contactand number from your phone, Messages, or FaceTime

  1. Phone Device: Open the Settings of your Phone and then Call Blocking & Identification
  2. FaceTime: Open the Settings> Next tap FaceTime and then press Blocked option
  3. Tap on the Messages, Open the Settings option and Messages and then Blocked option

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