How to See a Saved Password in Mozilla Firefox browser PC & Mobile

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Do you know how to view a saved password in the Mozilla Firefox browser on desktop pc or laptop? It happens to all of us: Most of the time if we cannot remember the password to a website. Fortunately, if we have chosen to save a password in Firefox before. You can easily recover it on desktop window 10 or a macOS. Let’s teach you how to see it.

You can also see a saved password in the Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser. In a similar way, we are going to show you how to this in the new Firefox browser here Windows 10 and macOS.

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How to View a Saved Password in Mozilla Firefox browser on Desktop

Here are these steps to see or view a saved login password in Firefox browser:

  1. Visit the Mozilla Firefox browser on your computer
  2. Click on the Main Menu and Hamburger option from the top right corner of any window
  3. Select the Logins and Passwords option from the menu
  4. You will redirect to the Login and Passwords tab in the left sidebar you will see list of all sites with saved account info.
  5. Click on the account you would want to see in more detail
  6. You will view all details about that account on the right-side half of the window. This information contains websites address, the username, and a password that has been keeping hidden due to security purposes. To see or reveal the password
  7. Then click on the View or Eye icon next to the password
  8. After that, it will show you the password

Open Firefox Browser, Click on the Main Menu, & Login and Passwords optionSelect Save Login from the Left sidebar & Eye icon The Save Login Password will Appear

Ensure that you memorize the password but resist the urge to note it down where someone else might view it.

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How Manage or Edit or Delete the Login

If you want to manage or change the login username or password the follow these steps:

  1. Press the Edit option beside the website name (As shown picture)
  2. Now the Editable boxes of Username and Password will appear
  3. Select the one you want to edit or change it (Enter New username or password)
  4. Click on the Save Changes option
  5. If you want to remove or delete the Saved Login
  6. Then click on the Remove icon next to the saved login website name
  7. Finally, click on Remove option to confirm your action to remove the login once pop up to you

Select Save Login from the Left sidebar and Select Edit optionaltSelect Save Login from the Left sidebar and Select Remove Icon optionPress the Remove option to Remove this Login

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How to See a Saved Password in Mozilla Firefox in Mobile device

If you are using the Firefox browser app on your mobile device. And you want to view a saved password or login then here are the following steps:

  1. Tap to open the Mozilla Firefox browser app
  2. Select the More option or Three Vertical dots
  3. Press the Settings option from the menu
  4. Select the Privacy option in the settings screen
  5. Tap on the Manage Login option under the login section
  6. Here you will see a list of saved logins in Firebox browser select one of them you want to view or manage username or passwords
  7. You will see several options such Show Password, Copy password, Copy username, Edit login, Delete and Delete All option then tap on Show Password (You can also select an option among them all)
  8. After that, the Password will appear to you.

Tap to Open Firefox App, Select the More option and Settings optionTap on the Manage Logins option, Select Save Login, & Tap on Show Password or Edit or DeleteLogin Password will shown to yourEdit Username and Password and tap UpdateTap on OK option to Delete This Login

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