How to Restore Lost or Deleted Instagram Photos and Videos

Recover lost and deleted photos Instagram

Do you know how to recover lost or deleted Instagram photos and videos? Instagram is the most popular social media platform for the1 billion monthly active users. Most of the users are using this platform for sharing their photos and videos. It serves to get the target of visual content organization and marketing is leveraging from multiple segments. However, a common problem facing most of the users. Whether there is a possibility to restore lost or deleted Instagram photos and videos? What if you accidentally lost or delete your Instagram videos and photos and how will you get back them?

How to Save Instagram Photos as drafts?

Let’s show the best thing about Instagram is that you can save the images. To upload photos and drafts at any point time. You will need to follow a few steps to save photos as drafts:

  1. Click on the Back Arrow option at the upper left side of your screen
  2. You will see Save Draft and Discard options
  3. Choose the Save Draft option
  4. Your images or photos will be saved in the Draft Section

How to Recover or Restore your Delete orlost Instagram Data

Recover you are deleted/lost Instagram data photos and videos. Using several manual ways are below for you. Here are the ways to follow one by one until you restore lost data.

How to Restore From Photo Albums

Your Instagram data (Photo) are backed up to your mobile device photo albums. From where you can recover the lost or deleted Instagram photos. You can search them in the following locations folders (until you have permanently deleted):

  1. Download File
  2. Mobile Gallery
  3. Camera Roll
  4. Some of the Other Folder where you usually keep your photos

Method on Android Phone

  1. Open File Manager on your Android device
  2. Go to Internal Storage
  3. Tap on Pictures option
  4. Open the Instagram folder
  5. If you can find the Deleted photos recover it

How to Restore Lost or Deleted Instagram Photos and Videos

Method on iPhone and iPad Devices

  1. Tap to open Photos app on your home screen
  2. Go to the Albums
  3. Tap on the Recently Deleted folder
  4. Next search for the Deleted photos
  5. Recover lost Instagram photo
  6. Just tap it and select Recover option

Note: You will find only those photos deleted within the last 30 days in the recently deleted folder.

How to Check Instagram Archive feature

Another way to check the lost or deleted photos of Instagram use the Archive Post feature. This feature was developed in 2017. Through this function, the users are getting great help. To hide stories and photos from being view by anyone. Instagram can restore their deleted or lost photos from the archive folder in a few clicks.

This feature is a temporary storage of your images or photos. If you delete anything from the archive album, the recovery of your pictures can’t be guaranteed. Go to the archive folder for the recently instant restoration.

Using of Archive Feature

How to Recover Instagram Photo or Video withThird-Party App

Have you ever lost a Photo or Video clip on Instagram or get Instagram accidentally delete in some other situations? Is it possible for you to restore the deleted Instagram photo or video? Yes, of course, you can recover your deleted data photos and videos. The best way to restore lost Instagram videos is to download Instagram recovery software. The EaseUS Android data recovery software is the best selection. However, the best way of the recovery of the deleted Instagram photo is to download Instagram recovery software Stellar Photo Recovery. These are the best software can help you to recover or undelete or lost Instagram video. It will work for MacOs, Android and tablet devices memory card or internal storage effectively and easily.

Recovery of Deleted Instagram Photos andVideos Stellar Photo Recovery

Let’s show how to use Stellar Photo Recovery software to restore lost or deleted Instagram photos and videos. Follow the described steps for your guidance:

Steps to Using Recovery Software

  1. First Download photo Recovery software
  2. Open the Recovery software
  3. Select What to Recover option
  4. Click the Next option
  5. Choose the Location folder from where you want to restore
  6. Next click on Scan option to start the scanning process
  7. After that, the scan result will Display to you in a dialogue box of the Scanning Completed Successfully!. (It will display to your number of files found and size of the data)
  8. Click on the Recover option and you can recover the Selective data files.
  9. Finally, specify the location folder. Where you want to save the photo and click Save option

Using of EaseUS Software for theRecovery of lost videos on iPhone and Android device

If the above method of recovery is not working. You can download the EaseUS software. Through this software, you will be able to restore your Instagram photos, videos on iPhone or iPad and Android devices. You can try in the below steps to restore lost Instagram videos with ease way.

Note: The EaseUS Software can only work on the Rooted Android device. You will need to be rooted in your tablet or phone device before the recovery of Instagram videos.

Steps to Restore Deleted Instagram videoson Your Phone

  1. First, you will need to Connect your Phone device to Computer
  2. Next, open theEaseUs data recovery software
  3. Click on the Start option to Connect and Recognize your device
  4. After connecting your devices the software will StartQuickly Scan the device to search all the deleted data. If you choose the correct file types it will easy for you to find the Instagram video.
  5. Find and select the Instagram videos you need to get back
  6. Click on the Recover option to Retrieve and Save lost or deleted videos to your PC
  7. If you want to list only Deleted files select the Only display deleted items option

Note: If you are unable to recover the specific Instagram images in the given list. Click on the Deep Scan option below.

How to Recover Photos and videos fromcloud backup

Another best method to recover your Instagram photos from the Backup files to serve the objective. If you delete Instagram videos and photos. You can recover them from other backup services or the backup like Google Photos. It will possibly only when you provided the backup service to update the backup of the data you want to recover. However, if you want these photos and videos, just recover them else otherwise follow other ways.

How to Avoid Photo Loss by Saving InstagramPhotos to Phone

If you want to avoid the Instagram photo loss. You must save Instagram photos to your phone device. Here are the describe steps that how to save it on your phone:

Method for Android Users:

  1. Open your Instagram profile on your Android device
  2. Next tap on the Menu bar
  3. Go the Settings
  4. Tap on the Account option
  5. Select the Original Posts
  6. Tap on the Save Original Posts to turn it on
  7. Finally, Turn on the all photo to post will also be safe to your mobile library

Method for the iOS or iPhone Users

  1. Open your Instagram account profile on iPhone or iOS
  2. Next tap on the Menu bar
  3. Go the Settings
  4. Tap on the Account option
  5. Select the Original Photos
  6. After that, tap on the Save Original Photo to turn it on
  7. Finally, Turn on the all photo to post will also be safe to your mobile library

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