How to Restore a Deleted Message on Facebook Messenger

You must curious to know how to restore a deleted message from Facebook Messenger. Furthermore, the solution to, how can you retrieve deleted messages if not available in the archive. Recovery of message using FB web using PC, iPhone, Mac, or Android devices.

Sometimes deleting a message you feel good for safety, security, and privacy. But unfortunately, what if you deleted a message mistakenly?. However, here are some steps making the possible recovery of your valuable messages.

Let’s scrolling down to learn more about how to recover permanently deleted message on Facebook messenger. Using recovery tools and method on the Facebook web, Android, iPhone and Email notifications. Using a number of method to restore a deleted message.


Re-Confirm that your message is not available or Deleted?

You need to confirm that your message is not available and deleted. To do so, you need checking in archives first. In the Facebook, Messenger page go the search field to check and search. You can perform the search option both on PC or using the App.

Using a smartphone check Messenger App search bar, type a few words from the conversation/chat. Search result list to see if your messages are still available there. After that, you can ensure permanent delete and not available in the chat archive.

How to Restore Deleted Chat Messages from your Contact

If your message is not available in the archives. A quick way that there is still a good opportunity to contact the sender. The Sender should have a copy of the message conversation.

Request the sender to send back the deleted conversation to you or to take a screenshot. The screenshot of the conversation thread to sends you back. However, you can follow another method below. In case if you are in a circumstance that you can’t request the sender.

Search Messenger

How to Recover Deleted Message on Facebook

Using Email Notification; once you configure your Facebook account then you will receive a notification email messages and from your Facebook inbox copies including all of the messages. Let’s show how to check your notifications of the Facebook message.

  1. Click on the “Down-Arrow” on the top right-side corner in the Facebook page.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on the Notifications from the Settings menu
  4. Click on the Email to expand it
  5. In this option (all notification, except the ones you unfollow) is selected. All your messages are restored up to your email address.
  6. Open your email account inbox and search for your Facebook message conversation.

Menu and SettingsGeneral and NotificationEmail and All Notifications

Download your Data of Facebook

Try downloading your data from Facebook. When you request data recently after you delete a message, high chances that conversation included. Many user experiences reporting that they are getting deleted message. However, the download data request method must attempt in a short period of time.

No one knows the exact time frame of data deletion from the FB server. It is highly recommending you quickly request download data while you trying other methods. There is a high success ratio that you get all your messages. And you can confirm only after you get data archive from a server.

You can also request your friend in conversation to practice similar download. Messages data will include in message chat download. And you can compile it with your missing data.

  1. Click the Down-arrow of your Facebook page on the upper-right side.
  2. Click on Settings > Select Your Facebook Information.
  3. Go to Download your information and click on View.
  4. Choose one of the options available at the top of the page in which format would you like to download, such as JSON and HTML.
  5. Select the Messages in case not selected off before.
  6. To start downloading click on Create File and enter your password
  7. After finishing the downloading process, the file will send to your associated email address.

Your Deleted Message Facebook InformationRestore Deleted Message or informationDeleted Message Facebook HTML and Create FileMessages Option

Ensuring to check messages that include a conversation with other people on Messenger.

Using Third-Party Recovery Tools on Facebook Messenger

After the deletion of your messages from the messenger, a copy may still available on your mobile phone. And even in a computer physical memory for a short period of time. However, to recover these messages from your mobile’s memory you will require to use a third-party tool.

Depend on the browser you are using. You can extract some data from browser history manager using tools. Delete conversation to track by third-party tools from any browser you are using.

Nowadays there are a lot of file history apps for iOS and Android. The developers are claiming to have the capability of finding your mobile’s memory to search the deleted messages.

Maybe none could reliably to search or find these deleted messages. However, If you select to try such an application you may have different results. But trying the recovery for something that already lost. It would be worthy and possible chances are there to recover. You push more if it is badly needed.


In conclusion, you need to determine the value of the delete message. Very quickly ask the sender to resend a previous message again. However, you can also view your email notifications and get the result. In other words, to search your email inbox you getting from Facebook. After that, you may try third-party tools to restore a deleted message that is highly valuable to you.

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