How to Remove or add icons from Facebook App Shortcut bar

Facebook icon Shortcut bar add remove

Do you know how to remove icons from the Facebook app’s shortcut bar? Now the users of Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) can set up or remove icons from the Facebook app. You can easily remove tab icons (Watch, Marketplace, and Friend Requests) and notification dots from the FB app shortcut bar. Let’s scroll down to show how to remove icons from Facebook in the below describe instructions with screenshots of Facebook’s app on an Android. The process is well known on the iPhone, iPad and but on the android devices it available it top. In the month of July 2018, the Facebook app will personalize the navigation bar.

How to Remove Tabs from the Facebook app

Here you will learn how to remove a tab from the Facebookapp’s shortcut bar by long pressing on one of the icons. If you want to startthen tap on the Facebook app to open on your tablet or phone device. You willneed to find the Facebook app by a swipe to open a drawer on your Androiddevice. For the iOS (iPhone or iPad) device users can use the built-inspotlight search a simple way to find the app.

Where is the Shortcut Bar available?

Let’s show to the users of iPhone and iPad and Androidowners to how to find the shortcuts bar on their phones devices. The users ofAndroid will find the bar at the top of the interface, while iPhone and iPadusers will find it at the bottom. Go the left to the right side you can tap toselect the Watch, Marketplace, and Friend Requests.

How to Remove a Tab from Shortcut Bar

Here are the following steps to remove a tab from theFacebook app’s shortcuts bar:

  1. First, you have to decide to which Tab to remove
  2. Next tap and Long-press on the icon on the Tab
  3. A pop-up Window Menu will display to you
  4. Tap on the Remove From Shortcut Bar option
  5. In the middle of the screen, a Message Dialog will display
  6. Now tap on the Remove option to Confirm the process
  7. You will see a Dialog box will display at the bottom your screen to informing you on the change
  8. Finally, tap on the Settings option
  9. If you want to Revert the icon’s remove quickly
  10. You can back this change later on by following the steps in the next section

Tap on the Tab to RemoveRemove from shortcut bar

Add or Remove Tabs from the Settings Menu Your Device

If the first way of remove tabs from the Shortcuts bar isnot suitable for you then follow the 2nd method to add or remove tabs fromshortcuts bar is settings Menu of the App. If you are going to start then openthe Facebook app on your Android, or iPhone, iPad device.

  1. Go to the Menu bar on the Android top the right and on iPad & iPhone in the bottom-right side
  2. It will open the Downward-facing arrow that will show the various option
  3. Tap on the Settings & Privacy option from the Menu
  4. Select the Settings option from the menu that appears
  5. Go down to the Shortcuts section and tap on the Shortcut Bar (if the option not available then use the search option in the top the menu)
  6. Select the Toggle any of the Tab options to remove them from the Shortcut Bar
  7. If you want to re-add any of the tabs then you will need to follow the above steps and tap the item Back on

Turn off or Turn on Notification Dots from the Shortcut Bar

If you don’t want to remove and okay with number tabs onthe Shortcut Bar but don’t want to show notification dots display on each icon.You can turn it off them from the Shortcut bar on your Facebook App. let’s doit within given steps:

  1. First tap on the Facebook app to open on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device
  2. Next, choose the tab from which you want to Remove Notification dots. Left to right, you can select from Marketplace, Friend Requests, and Watch.
  3. Now tap on the icon and long-press until a pop-up menu display
  4. Select the Turn Off Notification Dots option and it will unlike when you turn off or disable one of the tabs
  5. Once you disable the Notification dots immediately without any confirmation window
  6. But a small Text dialogue will appear on your screen and to tell you that your action of change was made successfully
  7. You can reverse the process toturn on the Notifications dots back follow the above steps
  8. Then select the tab icon again and then tap the Turn on Notification dots

How to Remove or Add Notification Dots from the SettingsMenu

Let’s show another way to remove or add notification dotsby going Shortcut bar through the Settings menu of the App. scroll down thesteps to know how to do it:

  1. Open your Facebook app on your Android or iOS (iPhone & iPad) device
  2. Tap on the Main Menu or Hamburger menu icon at the top right of Android & in the bottom of iOS (iPhone & iPad)
  3. Go Setting & Privacy form the menu
  4. Select the Settings option from the slide-out menu
  5. Go the Notifications section
  6. Select the Notification Dots option (if the option not available then use the Search bar it the top of the menu)
  7. Next, tap on the Toggle of particular tab Notification dot option to remove them

If you want to re-add notification dots among one of the tabs then follow then above given steps and tap on the item Toggle to back on.

Important Note: You are unable to remove the Home or Notification icons from the shortcut bar.

Frequently Question Ask By Peoples

Thereare several frequently question asked by different people and we shortlyreplied for your guidance and information

How do I change my shortcuts on the Facebook app?

Yes,you can make changes in your shortcuts on the Facebook app by following theabove steps. You can remove or add a tab and can also add or remove the tabsNotifications dots according to your desired.

How do I get rid of the shortcut on the Facebook app?

Ifyou want to delete the unwanted shortcut of the Facebook apps and then followthe below steps:

  1. Tap to sign in to your Facebook Account
  2. Go to the Dropdown menu
  3. Select Settings option from the menu
  4. Click on the Apps under the Settings a list of the apps will display to you
  5. Hover over an App that you can wish to change or remove
  6. Next click on Remove option (X) to remove an app entirely

How do I create a Facebook shortcut on my phone?

Yes,you can create a shortcut on your Android Home screen in the following:

  1. Tap on the Home screen of your Android
  2. Then choose the Shortcuts option from the Add to Home screen menu
  3. After that, tap the Facebook Shortcuts option

How do I create a Facebook shortcut on my iPhone?

Ifyou are using iPhone and want to create a Facebook shortcut then follow thebelow guidance steps:

  1. You will need to tap on the Bookmark icon to create a shortcut
  2. Then tap on Add to home screen option from options appear
  3. Chant the Name of the Shortcut if you want and tap on Add option
  4. Finally, the shortcut will appear on your screen

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