How to Remove Inactive Ghost Followers on Instagram

Remove inactive ghost followers Instagram

Did you know how to remove Inactive or Ghost followers on your Instagram account? Instagram is the best social media platform for sharing photos and stories with your followers. If you have a lot of followers on the Instagram account and but you ever not received any comments or likes on your IG post. Might you notice that you received very fewer likes or comments as a comparison to the number of followers? So it is due to Fake, Ghost or Inactive Followers on your IG account. So, in this post, you will learn the way to find out the Ghost or Fake followers and to remove them from IG.

What is a ghost follower?

A ghost follower is not dangerous but according tomarketing, perspective is definitely scary. Ghost followers of Instagram arethose followers who don’t an inactive Instagram account that follows you. Theybasically do not participate in any activity in a number of ways like neveractively engages with your post i.e. never comments or likes etc.

How to Find Fake or Ghost Followers on Instagram?

Do you know how to find out Ghost or Fake followers on Instagram? Yes, there are maybe several Fake or Ghost followers who don’t actively engage or participate with you in any manner, i.e. No comments, No Likes or no other activities on your Post. If you want to remove, unfollow, or block these Ghost or Fake followers from IG account and to remain only the genuine Instagram account. Here you will learn how to find out Ghost or Fake or Inactive followers and remove them

Howto Find Out and Remove Ghost or Inactive Followers

I mentioned in the above paragraph about those who are the Fake or Ghost or Inactive Followers on Instagram. Which is follows you but not engage in any activity or on Instagram in any manner?

Details of Ghost Followers Account

Hereare some of the Ghost followers account details to easily find out such as:

  1. Have no Profile Picture
  2. A big difference between Followers and Following
  3. No of Comments
  4. Nos. of Likes
  5. Nos Followers
  6. No Posts
  7. 0 posts in the last 30 days
  8. Username filled with random numbers
  9. 0 posts in the last 60 days

Now if you have a small number of followers on the Instagram account and then you can check manually. But if you have several numbers of followers on your IG account and want to check each & every follower profile to those who do not know. This will very time take and tedious procedure. Let’s scroll down to know how we can search out and remove Fake/Ghost Followers easily and quickly.

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How toRemove Inactive/Ghost Followers on Instagram

Let’s showsome of the tools or apps to manage and find the entire follower insight ofyour IG account. But among those apps, there are some apps will help you todiscover the Fake/Ghost or Inactive Followers. Through this, you can directlyunfollow or remove or block them in a single tap from Instagram.

Remove Ghost Followers Using ‘Cleaner for Instagram’ App

Let’s show you how to detect Ghost followers while using an app on your Instagram profile to remove or delete them all in just one tap. You will need to download the app for your Android from Google Play Store or for iOS from the App Store. So, here are the following steps for your guidance:

  1. Tap to download and install Cleaner for the Instagram App for your Android or iPhone device
  2. Open the Application and Sign in to your Instagram Account
  3. It will allow you to find out the Inactive or Ghost Follower the Inactive Time period is set 30 days by default. But you can set up according to your desired from SettingsGo the SettingsSelect Inactive UsersSelect 60/90 days or tap in the Custom field and enter days. Tap on Save option
  4. Next tap on the Following Tab
  5. Tap on Quick Select option
  6. Now go with the Advanced Quick Select option
  7. After that, tap on Select Inactive Users
  8. Press Start option to begin the process to check the correct state of each follower
  9. Finally, it will show you the follower was inactive during the given time period
  10. Tap on the Flash option
  11. Then tap on the Unfollow option so all the select follower or users will be unfollowed instantly

Remove Ghost Followers Using ‘Cleaner for Instagram’ App AndroidRemove Ghost Followers on AndroidRemove Ghost Followers Using ‘Cleaner for Instagram’ App iOS or iPhone

How to Find and Remove Ghost Followers on the Web browser on your PC

Here you can find all your fake or inactive followers on your Instagram account then click on the Ghostbabble website. It will show you a list of fake/ghost followers and you can remove them from the given list. It’s very easy and simple to get started:

  1. Open any Browser on your computer
  2. Next click on the Ghostbabble site
  3. Please check out Crowdbabble for social media analytics and reports.
  4. After that Connect your IG account and follow the given instruction
  5. Then say Farewell to your fake/ghost or inactive followers

How to Using Unfollowers and Ghost Followers [Follower Insight] App

If the give application is not suitable for your account then here is another multi-function application that will entirely analyze your IG account. And will give you result with details of all your fake or Ghost followers or you unfollowed, all your recent unfollowers, or mutual followers app, etc.

Steps to Use the App

This application will displayyou the followers who follow by you but not followed by you in the Fake/GhostFollowers list. So if you want to find those followers then go through thegiven below steps:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store on your Smart Phone
  2. Find the Unfollow & Ghost Follower Application to download & Install on your device
  3. Next, Open the App and Sign in with your IG username and password
  4. Tap on the menu to select the Ghost Followers
  5. A list of your all Instagram Account Followers whom you have not followed will be displayed
  6. Now you can directly Follow or Block any user by through IG profile of that user

How to Using Unfollowers and Ghost Followers AppUsing Unfollowers and Ghost Followers [Follower Insight] App

So, the above all are the ways to learn how to Block, Remove or Unfollow the Fake or Ghost or Inactive IG Followers while using the above-given applications. You can also use multiple other functions.

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