How to Recover Instagram Account Password

Recover Instagram Password

Do you know how to recover Instagram forgot password? Most of the users don’t use a password manager and it’s not easy to keep in mind those complex passwords. If you forgot the Instagram account password, actually you cannot restore the same password. You can reset a new password to get access to your account. However, read the below article to learn how to Recover the Password of your Instagram account

If someone else makes changes to your Instagram account without your acknowledge or you have forgotten. Instagram provides you with a simple way to restore your password. In this article, we will be talking about recovering your account if you don’t remember your complete password. Let’s check out the below step by step instructions on how to recover Instagram Forgot Password?

How to Reset Your Password on Instagram web and App

You can recover or reset your password of the Instagram account on App or web using your phone or PC. Let’s scroll down to learn how to do it:

Reset Instagram Password from Mobile App

Here you can reset your Instagram account on your Android app. This method is pretty much working on the iPad or iPhone devices too. However, let’s check out the below steps:

Steps to Recover Instagram Password

  1. Tap on the Instagram app
  2. Next, on the sign-in page tap, the Help Signing In link
  3. Enter your Email, Username, or Phone number (Linked to your account)
  4. Tap the Next option
  5. Here you can use Instagram to send you an SMS message or an Email, or you can use the linked Facebook account if you set that up.
  6. Next tap one among the three option of Send SMS, Send Email and log in with Facebook
  7. If you want to choose the Email option
  8. Tap to open the Email message and then tap on Log in As Username option. but you can choose the alternative way by tapping on the Reset Your Instagram Password link
  9. You will redirect to the Password page and here Enter your new Password (Secure one and strong to remember it)
  10. After that, tap on the Reset Password option
  11. Finally, you will be logged in and redirected to your Instagram feed

Enter Email, Username, Phone or Log in with Facebook and tap NextChoose the Send an Email optiontap to Open Email ReceivedTap on Reset Password optionEnter New Password and tap on Done option

Reset Instagram Password from Web on PC

You can recover or reset the password of your Instagram account on Computer. You can follow the given steps one by one to reset the forgotten password:

  1. Open on a browser
  2. Click on the Forgot Password link below in the login page
  3. Next choose the Email, Username or phone number that you used for the set up your account
  4. Click on the Reset Password option once you pass the security check
  5. You will receive an email message on the email address including a link of resetting your password
  6. Click to open the received email and click on Reset Password option
  7. Next, type your New Password and Re-enter Password confirm it
  8. Then click on the Reset Password option again
  9. Finally, you will be redirected and signed to your Instagram feed

Click on Password Forgot LinkEnter Email, Username or Phone and Click Send LinkClick to Open EmailClick on Reset Password or Recover the Password optionEnter New Password and Reset Password

Alternative ways to recover your Instagram Account Password

Here are some of the alternative ways to recover your Instagrampassword for your guidance:

Recover Instagram Password through Username or email

Reset or recover your Instagram account password through email or username. This method is the same as the first method of recovery with the Instagram app on your mobile device. You will need to enter your Username or Email for recovery or reset the password. You will receive an email to your email address. Next, follow the above steps for your mobile phone app.

Recover Instagram Password through the Phone number

In this method, you will need to enter your Phone number linked to your Instagram for the Recovery or Reset the password. A message will send to your Phone number linked to your account within a few minutes. Tap on the Reset link and enter your New password for resetting the password.

How to Recover Instagram Password via Facebook Account

If you are unable to login with the above methods, click on the Login with a Facebook option at the bottom of the login page. You will log in and redirect to the Instagram account.

Frequently Ask Question by People

Here are some of the frequently ask questions by people and withthe short answer for your information.

What do you do if you forgot your Instagram password and email?

If you are unable to access the Instagram account. Once you forgot the password and email address of your account.

  1. To recover the password of Instagram then click on Forgot password link
  2. You can also tap on the Need more help link
  3. For more detail visit the submit a Support request

Can I Recover my Instagram Account Password?

Yes, you can recover the password of your Instagram account, once you have forgotten. It is not the recover your account old password. Therefore, you can reset or change by following the above-given methods on the App or web.

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