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Do you know how to record your screen on all devices? If you are using different devices like Windows, Linux, macOS, iPhone, or Android devices and want to record a video for some reason. You can also take screenshots but sometimes you need to record whatever on your screen. You can record your Mobile phone screen, or your PC’s display or your tablet’s screen it can be simply and easily achieved, sometimes even without having to install an additional program or software.

In this way you will get a video file, after that, you can do anything whatever you want to send email it to a friend or upload it to the YouTube channel. Capture an issue you are having or just create a video tutorial to demonstrate it later.

How to Record Your Screen on All Devices

We’llcover the following devices to record screen

  1. Windows
  2. iOS 11 or pre-iOS 11 (iPhone, iPad & iPod)
  3. Android
  4. macOS
  5. Linux

How to Record Screen on Windows

Windows 10 users can record their screens by using the available built-in tool. You will not require any software to install and just to use the GmeDVR too to make a quick desktop recording video. Do not become fool with a name because the Game DVR can record any application, even if it is not a game app.

How to Record Screen on Windows

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Steps to Record Screen on Windows

  1. Click on the Windows Key + G to open the Game DVR
  2. Click the checkbox with labelled Yes, this is a game from the pop-up window once appear and asking if you want to navigate Game Bar
  3. Now you will see Miniature toolbar containing a checkbox and several buttons click on the Capture icon
  4. Press the Record icon and look like a red circle
  5. Then the Recording will start and the toolbar will relocate to another part of your screen
  6. Now click on the Stop button once you have done the recording
  7. Then click on the Confirmation message once appear to you from the lower right hand that you record all movement and actions
  8. You will redirect to your File location saved on a computer
  9. Find the Captures Folder click to open
  10. Open Videos sub-folder and click on the Video to open it

Important note:

In this process, you can only record the active application no the entire screen or desktop. If you want to record your full desktop screen or to use advanced screen recording functionality, you may need to try one of the free applications for screen recording of Windows.

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

You can use the following Software for other windows likewindows 7 etc.

Open Broadcaster Software:

Windows 7 users or other windows can use more advanced screencasts and we recommend Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) or FlashBack Express. It is free, powerful and open-source tools that give you a chance to do more than Game DVR. Insert a watermark, embedding your webcam video while capturing your pc screen, or capture different windows at once and like whenever you want to position them. The Open Broadcaster Software is broadly used for video game live streaming on Twitch tv due to a powerful tool and creating a professional-looking video of your screen on desktop.


If the above software is not suitable for you and wants a more powerful tool with editing capabilities than use the Camtasia software. It will not record only your display but have powerful editing tools of videos as well. It is payable not for free and tests the free trial before you are going to buy it.

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How to Record Screen of Your macOS

You can simply record a video on your macOS is very easily. It offers pre-installed and a convenient, built-in screen-recording app or tool. It is useful and called QuickTime player, which can access via Spotlight search or within your application folder. You can open it by QuickTime Player and following below steps to record a video of your Mac’s screen:

How to Record Screen with QuickTime Player of Your macOS

Steps to Record Screen of your macOS

  1. Open the QuickTime app first
  2. Then click on the File option
  3. Next, select the New Screen Recording from the drop-down menu once display to you
  4. The interface of the Screen Recording will appear to you
  5. Click red and grey Record button to start capturing or recording
  6. Now it will give you to option to Record part or all of your display
  7. When the video complete then click on the Stop or Record option in the upper right side of your screen beside the network and power indicator.
  8. You can edit the video, Trimming out any un-required bits

You are looking for advance and powerful tools than youcan try OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). This not only works for Windows but itis also working on macOS too. After that, want ever more something morepowerful and advance that also contains the editing capabilities, then you canpay for Camtasia software. This has the capability of recording and videoediting tools as well.

How to Record Your Screen on Android

Android allows users to record their screen through a few multiple ways. The simplest is to download an application with screen recording functions, like AZ Screen Recorder. It has a lot of functions, permit you to control the quality of the video, add a watermark, record your voice, or even it will record video from device camera as well.

How to Record Your Screen on Android AZ Screen Recorder

Alternatively, android also permits users to capture a video of their phone’s screen using the adb command in case they are connecting their android device to their PC, but they will likely the best apps like AZ Screen Recorder, DU Recorder, Mobizen Screen Recorder on Google Play Store more convenient and offer recording feature.

Note: After the release of Android Lollipop (V 5.x), your android device has to be rooted in order to download, install, & utilize applications with screen recording feature.

How to Record Screen on iOS 11 (iPhone oriPad)

Do you know how to record videos of yourscreen on iOS 11 or older than? Here you will learn recording videos of youriPhone, iPad or iPod touch screen can be harder, relatively telling, if you areusing an OS older than iOS 11.

How to Record Screen on iOS 11 (iPhone or iPad)

How to Record YourScreen on iOS 11 and Earlier

If you are runningan operating system iOS 11, however, capturing a screencast is very simplerthanks to its integrated Screen Recording function. If you want to access thistool then following steps.

  1. Tap to open Settings icon from your screen
  2. The iOS’sSettings interface will appear to you
  3. Now select the Control Center
  4. Press Customize Controls
  5. Scroll down the find the Screen Recording labeled option in the list of functionality currently display to you
  6. Then tap on the Green plus (+) icon it the left side
  7. After that, the Screen Recording option will move to the top of the list, under below the INCLUDE heading. Tap on your device’s Home option button
  8. Go to the iOS Control Center by swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access a new icon of a record button
  9. Select on the Record button to start recording
  10. A timer countdown will appear (1,2, 3) which point display recording has begun. At the top your screen you will notice a red bar while recording is taking place
  11. Select the Red bar to stop the recording once finish
  12. A Message pop-up to you and asking if you would like to stop recording.
  13. Tap on the Stop option
  14. So your recording will complete and you can found it in the Photos app

Operating Systems Older Than iOS 11

In this way, you will need to connect your iOS an (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) running iOS 8 or newer device to a Mac running OS X Yosemite or newer using the Lightning cable. Here are the steps to follow

  1. Connect your iOS device to your Mac
  2. Open the QuickTime Player application (from Application folder or in your Dock)
  3. Now click on the File from the QuickTime menu from to of your screen
  4. Then click on the New Movie Recording option
  5. The recording Toolbar appears to you. Select the Down-arrow and click the Record button from right. Then a menu will Display to you and showing the available recording devices
  6. Click on the iOS Devices option from the list. You can start to Capture a screencast of your iOS device
  7. Now select the Record option to start
  8. Once you are done click on the Stop option
  9. After that, your new recording file will be saved to your macOS’s hard drive.

If you do not have a Mac, then you can follow the recommended option to upgrade iOS 11 if possible. There are many recording applications available for non-jailbroken and jailbroken iOS devices like use AirPlay mirroring software for free LonelyScreen tooland AirShou, to watch your iOS (iPhone or iPad) screen on your PC’ desktop and record it can use any windows display capture tools. But they are not approved or supported and available in the App Store of Apple.

How to Record Your Screen on Linux

The bad news for Linux users is that the operating system doesnot offer native screen recording functionality. The good news is that thereare some easy-to-use, free applications available that provide fairly robustfeature sets when it recording screen.

Let’s here are some of the open-source screen-recording apps for the Linux and you will perhaps access them if you pull up your Linux distribution’s package manager and do a quick search. There is even a method to this using FFmpeg and other commands from the terminal if you are into that sort of thing.

Using Record My Desktop

RecodMy Desktop is one of the most famous andlongest-standing open-source tools for this.

  1. Install recordMyDesktop from your Linux distribution’s package management interface or Ubuntu Software Center of your choice.
  2. Open the recordMyDesktop and use the options to select an Audio or Video quality level
  3. Through this Tool can record your display a small Portion or complete.
  4. This app will provide a simple interface, and also offers the most important desktop-recording options

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Let’s show another more powerful tool of the above one is the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). This tool is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Note: you can live-stream your desktop in place of recording it, too. On desktop Laptop or Computer, Open Broadcaster Software works well for live-streaming. Through the VLC!

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