How to Post Longer Videos on Instagram

Instagram Longer videos post

Do you know how to post longer videos on the Instagram account? Because Instagram has limits and the time of video uploading is one among them. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world for videos and photos sharing. There are a lot of features roll out by Instagram for its users to make more famous and useful. Normally users can upload their pictures and videos under the limitations of given by Instagram. But you want to know how to upload or post longer videos or lengthy videos on your Instagram.

What is Instagram Video Length?

Normally you can upload or record videos for sharing as a post on Instagram from 3 to 1 minute. But the limit for the stories lest than the video and you will get up to 15 seconds per clip video time. And what to do if you have longer video and you want to share?

But you can post lengthy videos to overcome this limitation by using thetips. Let’s scroll down to see how to post longer videos on Instagram with fewcreative tweaks. Here is how

How to Post Longer Videos on Instagram?

The users can upload and post up to a 1-minute longer video on their Instagram. If you want to upload more than the limit one minute of length to overcome the limit of Instagram. To upload a video up to six minutes longer of a video on your Instagram feed, then you have to crop and divided it into six clips up to 60 seconds.

Tips to Post Longer Video on Instagram

Let’s post a longer video on the Instagram post with following the stepsdescribed below:

Using Editing tools or Video Editor

  1. Tap to your Instagram app and then log in to your Account
  2. Then tap on the video to open it and you want to post in your Library or Camera roll
  3. Using of Editing tool or Video Editor in your Android or iOS device to the video into different videos each of 60 seconds
  4. Next tap on Plus or + icon to upload Instagram longer videos on your home page
  5. Select the Cropped videos and tap Multiple posts option to post the videos serial wise
  6. When you select the videos then Edit them and Upload to share in the post

Using third-party Apps to upload longer videos Instagram

There are many third-party apps to be downloaded and install on yourdevice to upload the longer videos on Instagram. Let’s show a few among themare famous for longer videos and Instagram stories also.

Continual For Instagram App

If you want to post longer videos on Instagram stories and break up to 15 seconds clips. Then you will need to buy download and install a third-partyContinual app($7.99 on iOS device) do that for yourself. The app will allow you to upload a video from the camera roll and divides it into 15 seconds long clip. And those video clips you can upload to your Instagram stories individually one after another to share your full experience as long video. This application will also allow you to share without cropping the landscape-shot videos. Continual is not a cheap app if your business or you are continuously sharing on Instagram stories. It could be a worthwhile investment.

Continual App For Post Longer Videos on Instagram

Story Splitter App for iOS

You can also use the Story Splitter app free on iOS and for getting additional features then upgrade to Story Splitter Pro for $0.99. Then you will get such as support for no watermark on your images and custom aspect ratios.

Story Splitter App

Story Cutter App

There is another third-party app Story cutter to download free for Android users. Through this app, you can cut the video clips according to you choose any length. But if you want to cut the video clips for 15 seconds stories uploads, then it is more time consuming like the iOS continual only.

Story Cutter App for Post Longer Videos on Instagram

Share a Live Video on Instagram

Let’s show another way to record and share live video up to the length of 1 hour, instead of record and sharing as an Instagram post. On Instagram live video upload used to be ephemeral and now Instagram provides a response for your followers for 24 hr when you have finished recording. The live videos look like an Instagram story and appear to the followers in their feeds.

Note: You can post a video on the Instagram story up to 15 seconds long. But you can post a longer video divide into 15 seconds clips via Story Splitter app. Then you will able to post these clips to the Instagram stories in order one after another continuously.

Frequently Ask Question by People

Here some of the frequently asked a question by people and with shortanswer in the below:

How do you post a 3-minute video on Instagram?

Yes, you can post a three-minute video on your Instagram. Then you willneed to split the video into three clips up to 60 seconds longer as per thelimit. You’re your Instagram tap on the upload option and then upload thevideos clips one after another continuously. So in this way, your three-minute video will upload successfully.

How can you post videos on Instagram?

If you want to post a video to upload or record a new one then go to yourInstagram and tap on the upload option at the bottom. Select the video you wantto share from the phone library (tap Gallery of Android or Library of iPhone.You can also record a new video and tap on the next option to share on yourInstagram.

What is the maximum video size for Instagram?

The Instagram video must be at least up to one minute long and the maximum size will be below:

  1. 15 minutes of the file will be uploading from the phone device
  2. 60 minutes of length video will be uploading from the Web
  3. Minimum Frame per second will be 30 FPS and a minimum resolution of 720 pixels.
  4. The maximum length of the video up to 10 minutes or less than 650 MB
  5. You can upload the maximum video file size up to 60 minutes is 3.6GB
  6. The file must in MP4 format

How long is the Instagram story clip?

You can upload up to 15 seconds video clip on your Instagram Story and the photo as opposed to just 7 seconds. But Instagram allows users adding what seems to be an unlimited number of stories in a line.

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