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Do you know how to perform actions by tapping the back of your android device? Shortcuts and gestures let you to immediately access and use things without jumping through menus and applications. What if you could just tap the back of your phone to fulfill an action? You will learn how to do this on your Android device phone.

One of the things you will require to get started. The android device you have must be the version Android 7.0 or higher. Next, we will be required to sideload an application named “Tap, Tap.” The method is very straightforward.

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How to Download and Install Tap Tap App on your Android phone

  1. Visit a web browser on your Android phone and tap on the XDA forum thread.
  2. Download the APK file for the updated version of the application
  3. The app is still available in Beta, so the appearance of these images may change slightly
  4. The file will download and showing in your notifications. Select the notification to install the APK
  5. Your web browser might ask you for permission to access to install applications from unknown sources. If that is the situation, a pop-up will redirect you to the app settings
  6. Switch on the toggle to “Allow From This Source.” You will not have to do this the next time you install an APK from the browser.
  7. When the installation of the app is finished, then tap Open to navigate it

Start Sideload to Download the Beta 0.8.1 Tap, Tap, AppAllow to Install Unknown Apps from the SettingsTap to Switch Toggle On to Allow from this SourceInstall Tap Tap App and Open It

How to Enable the Accessibility Service For Tap, Tap App on Android Phone

You will need to do the first thing with Tap, Tap app is to enable the Accessibility Service. These settings will allow the application to recognize taps on the back of your Android device and perform the different actions.

  1. Tap on the Message at the top of the Application
  2. You will be brought to the Accessibility settings of your Android device
  3. Detected the Tap, Tap on the list
  4. Switch on the Toggle to “Use Tap, Tap.” A message will show you that this gives the app complete control of your device. If you are okay with that, press the Allow option.
  5. You will be redirected back to the Tap, Tap application. Next, you need to disable battery optimizations to make sure that the application is not killed in the background
  6. A message notification will ask you to allow the application to always run in the background. Select the Allow to proceed.
  7. Now the app is ready! There are many things you can do with Tap, Tap, an app so let’s take an overview of the options.

Select the Accessibility Service is Disable, Tap, Tap and Switch on Toggle to Use ServicePress Disable Battery Optimization and Tap Allow

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Gesture Setting to Choose Device Model and Set Up Double Tap Actions & Triple Tap Actions

You will need to set up the Gesture settings of the Tap, Tapp app in the following steps:

  1. Go to the Gesture settings let you select your “Device Model” and manage the sensitivity of the gesture. At the time of writing, the Device Models are only a few Pixel phones, but the app works with many other devices.
  2. You can set up on the two gestures: Double Tap Actions and Triple Tap Actions. The Double Tap gesture is always turned on or enabled, but Triple Tap can be enabled or disabled or turned on or off.
  3. In case you open the Double Tap Actions settings, you can view a few actions already in place. The actions run in order from top to bottom. In this situation, a double-tap will launch Google Assistant, and a 2nd double-tap will capture a screenshot.
  4. To remove an action or to change the action, press and hold the “=” icon in the corner of the action card. Drage it to the trash to delete or remove.
  5. Tap on the Add Action at the bottom of the display screen to add a new action

Tap on the Gesture option and Set up GestureTap on Double Tap Actions, Drop to Remove Action, and Add Action

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How to Add Other Different Categories of Actions

Here are some of the few various categories of actions from which to select. You can explore everyone to view what you can do. Let’s scroll the following examples:

  • Launch: Launch particular apps, Google Assistant, Shortcuts, Web searches, etc.
  • Actions: Capture a screenshot, lock the screen, open the notification shade, play/pause, app drawer, etc
  • Utilities: Reachability mode, Flashlight
  • Advanced: Tasker, Back button/Hamburger Menu
  • Press the Plus “+” icon next to an action to add it.

Select Action option and Tap Plus Add icon-

How to Set Up or Add Requirement to an Action

  • Actions can contain “Requirements” as well. The Requirement needs to be met for the action to run. You can use Requirements to stop suddenly launching an action.
  • Tap on the Add Requirement.
  • Go down through the Requirements list and press the Plus + icon option to add one. Multiple Requirements can be added to an Action

Select Add Requirement and Tap on the Add Plus icon Under Add Requirement

How to Enable Triple Actions

Manage the Triple Tap Actions works in the same process, but you will require to enable it first.

  1. Tap on the Triple Tap Action option
  2. Select the Switch on the Toggle to Enable Triple Tap Actions at the top right side

Tap on Triple Tap Actions, and Enable Triple Tap Toggle

How to Set up Gates of Tap Tap App

Like the Requirements, you can set up the Gates to stop the gestures from running. Requirements are for individual Actions, while Gates work to all of them. Let’s show you how to set up Gates.

  1. Select the Gates option
  2. Tap to switch on the toggle for any of the Gates, or select the Add Gate to add more

Set Up Gates, Toggle the switch on for any of the Gates, or tap “Add Gate”

That’s all! According to the above, there is a lot of option in this application. The only limitation is your imagination. You can make some very useful shortcuts if you take some time to explore.

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