How to Mute Unmute Twitter Threads on Web and App

ByUmar Ali -May 3, 2020

Twitter is the best place to get updated news, entertainment sports, and many more. Ever since Twitter changed the default replies behaviour, things have gotten out of hand. When someone hits the reply button, every single person in the thread is automatically mentioned in the tweet. The way out of this madness? Mute those conversations or threads on Twitter.

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Do you know how to mute unmute Twitter threads or conversations on Android, iPhone, and the Web? Let’s scroll down to show you how to mute those threads or conversations on Twitter. While using the mobile app and desktop web browser on your computer.

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How to Mute Twitter Threads on Android and iPhone

The method of muting Twitter threads or conversations is the same on both Android and iPhone devices. Let’s follow the give instructions to mute threads on the Twitter app.

  1. Open your Twitter App on your Device
  2. The tap on a specific tweet from the conversation you wish to mute
  3. Tap the Menu option
  4. Select the Mute This Conversation option from the popup
  5. A banner will appear to you that notify the conversation has been muted
  6. If you by mistakenly muted the wrong conversation, you can press the Undo option to unmute the conversation

Twitter App, Go to Notifications,Threads or Conversation, Menu options, & Mute This ConversationTwitter App, Go to Notifications,Threads or Conversation, Menu options, & Mute This ConversationThen Yes, Mute This or Cancel or Undo This Action

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How to Unmute Twitter Threads on iPhone and Android

If you want a Twitter conversation or threads that muted by mistake or change your mind on your iPhone and Android devices in the following steps:

  1. Open your Twitter app on your mobile
  2. Go to Notifications and find the Conversation or Thread
  3. Then tap the Twitter Thread or conversation that you have muted
  4. Tap on the Tweet’s Options menu
  5. Select the Unmute this Conversation option
  6. You will see a notification at the bottom with undo option if you want to undo the mute the conversation

Tap Menu option, & Unmute this Conversation

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How to Mute Twitter Threads on the Web

If you are using the or website interface and you find a slew of notifications from an individual thread, here is what you can do to mute the conversation or thread.

When you muted threads or conversation then you will not get any push notifications for the tweet. And you will not find any new activity in the section of Notifications either.

  1. Open with any browser on your computer
  2. Go the Notifications section or expanded the Tweet
  3. Then click the Drop-down arrow option from the top-right corner
  4. Now, press the Mute This Conversation option
  5. If you are doing this for the first time you are muting a thread or conversation, a banner will appear will show you what the mute function does.
  6. Here, press the Mute This option or Cancel. If you are muting a conversation next time you will not view this banner
  7. Then a notification will appear in case you want to undo your action

Open Twitter Account, Go to Notifications, and Click on Thread or ConversationClick the Menu optionSelect Mute This Conversation from the MenuPress the Mute This Blue button will appear to youNotifications Muted for this conversation or Undo

After that, the conversation or thread will be muted instantly. And you will not get any more notifications for new twitter replies.

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How to Unmute Twitter Threads On Web

Once you change your mind muted Threads or conversation on Twitter web. Then follow the below steps to unmute the Thread or conversation.

  1. Open your Twitter web with any web browser
  2. Go the Search bar and type the name of the person or username you want to unmute
  3. Click on the Profile photo or Name of the Thread or Conversation to open the profile
  4. Now click on Three Horizontal Dots or see the Unmute link under the profile photo
  5. Select the Unumute option
  6. Click the Unmute option from the popup on your screen

Select Unmuted This Conversation from the MenuNotifications Unmuted for this conversation

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Here are the following some questions asked by different people and you might interested to read it.

How to Mute Conversation Twitter?

Let’s show you to a mute conversation via Twitter for Android or iOS app or from Here are the following given steps:

  1. Open or Twitter App
  2. Go to a reply in the Conversation or Tweet detail of any Tweet you want to mute
  3. Tap or click the menu icon
  4. Then tap the Mute This Conversation from the menu

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How to use Twitter Mute Checker?

Has someone muted you on Twitter? and use Twitter mute checker How To Tell if Someone Muted you on Twitter. Here are the following instructions:

  1. Tap to open Tweetdeck and then create a Home column in the main view
  2. Now add the person you suspect has muted you into this view
  3. Then post a Tweet your all followers and then watch to view if it appears in the Home column
  4. If you view your Tweet show in that column, you have not been muted
  5. If your Tweet doesn’t show in the column
  6. Consider it is likely that you have been muted

What are the best words to mute on twitter?

What words to mute on twitter? Via in the following steps:

  1. Open your Twitter account
  2. Then go to your Notification tab
  3. Select the gear icon
  4. Then tap Muted Words
  5. Press +Add muted or Phrase
  6. Enter in the word or hashtag you would like to mute
  7. If you want to mute that word or phrase on your Home timeline, mark checkbox
  8. If you want to mute that word or phrase for your Notifications, mark the checkbox
  9. Select whether this from only people I follow or From anyone (for Notification only)
  10. Under for how long? Choose b/w 7 days from now or 30 days from now or Forever, 24 hr from now)
  11. Tap the Save option
  12. You will view a Muted icon and the Mute time period next to each entered word or hashtag.

How to Mute Someone Account on Twitter App and Web

You can mute umute someone account on Twitter mobile app and desktop web.

  1. Go you Twitter Account App or Web
  2. Find Someone Account you want to mute
  3. Click or tap on the Menu option
  4. Select the Mute option from the menu
  5. After that, the account will mute from your account and stop appearing their Tweets on your Home Timeline

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