How to Manage Profiles for Adults and Kids on HBO Max

ByUmar Ali – June 12, 2020Manage Kids and adult profile on HBO max

Do you know how to manage profiles for adults and kids on HBO Max? HBO Max is a recently launched American subscription-based video-on-demand online streaming service from WarnerMedia Entertainment. It has been newly launched in May 2020 and provides Max Originals, documentary, movie items, etc.

While HBO Max becomes famous for adult or mature content (movies & shows). Due to its newly online streaming service called HBO Max is one of the best streaming online services for high-quality content of kids or children. You can create or add multiple profiles for your family members or Friends with parental controls for limiting or restricting access to content. While using Windows Computer and Mac or Android & iPhone devices.

If you have only one account on HBO Max and you want to set up or add or manage HBO Max more profiles to your account and do not know how then head over to these given steps for your guidance.

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How to Set Up or Add Profiles in HBO Max

Let’s show you how to set up or create or add a profile in HBO Max by creating separate profiles. That will let you limit or restrict for kids. But they are also useful and good for keeping track of who is viewing what and where they last left off. If you want to do so then follow these steps:

  1. You will need to Visit your or HBO Max app
  2. You can add a child or an adult account on the “Who Is Watching” screen
  3. If you are going to create a child account, it will ask from you a PIN code that will be needed to get access to an adult profile
  4. Currently, HBO Max’s parental controls only containing this PIN code that you can enter in place to control or restrict or limit what content your kid’s or child’s account can access and view based on rating
  5. Next, enter Name to this user and select one of the colorful rings available at the bottom to indicate which profile is yours.
  6. If you are creating a child or Kids account you will need to enter the date of birth in month and year to provide more accuracy to the HBO Max’s rating-based content limitation or restrictions. (But the date of birth is not needed for an adult account).
  7. Once you have done then click on the Next option to proceed
  8. After that, click on the circle available above the appropriate to set which television and movies can access the account
  9. In case if you do not want your kid to be able to access freely switch accounts at their leisure, confirm it that you have checked the Require PIN To Switch Profiles box
  10. Finally, click on the Save option to create the profile

How to Set Up or Add Profiles in HBO MaxCreate PIN on HBO Max For Kids Profile

Now you can tell which profiles are child profiles by the availability of a lock icon at the bottom right side of their circle. If the lock icon is closed, the kid or child account needs a PIN code to switch profiles.

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How to Manage or Edit Profiles in HBO Max

When you have set up or added or create a user profile in the HBO Max. You can always manage or edit or change them later on. If you don’t know how to do It. Then follow the given below steps to edit or manage available profiles in HBO Max:

  1. Open your HBO Max
  2. Login to your HBO Max account
  3. Go to the top right side of the screen then click on Your Name
  4. Now select the Switch Profiles option from the menu
  5. Select the Manage Profile option at the bottom of your screen
  6. Click on the Delete option to delete or remove a profile from here (You are unable to delete the profile, main account holder)
  7. Otherwise, select the profile to edit it
  8. After that, you can change the icon and name for the profile
  9. Select the Edit Age and Parental Controls to popup the content restriction menu
  10. You will require to enter your PIN code before you can access the content restriction menu


HBO Max offers user’s profiles like its competitors Hulu or Netflix etc. So that you can easily keep unsuitable content away from children or innocent eyeballs or just separate your differences in tastes. So you do not view recommendations or suggestions based on someone else’s watching nature.

How do I Manage HBO Max’s profiles for kids and adults?

You can add, manage, and switch HBO Max’s profiles for adults, and kids are very easy and simple. Just open the HBO Max>log in to your account> Click on Profile icon>Switch Profile> click Add Kid or Add Adult option. If you choose the Kid’s profile it will be asked to create a PIN that will use to access the adult profile>Type enter the profile name>choose profile image>Select Save option and for kid’s profile press Next>Set up parental controls, select circles you for the TV and movies maximum ratings that kids can view. If you set the PIN code to switch profile check the box> finally, press the Save option. After that, you can edit or manage or change them as you desired.

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