How to Make Voice and Video Calls on Facebook

ByUmar Ali – October 25, 2020Facebook Voice and Video calls

Do you know how to make video and voice calls on Facebook? Making free internet video and voice calls with Facebook is easy and simple. You can visit Facebook to make free audio and video calls from their app and website, or Facebook Portal device. This means you can make free videos and voice internet calls with your Facebook users, friends, or followers, and family members no matter whenever and wherever you are. Making Internet calls with Facebook is very simple and easy since it works closely in a similar way, be it from your mobile phone or your computer or tablet device.

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What are Facebook Calling Requirement

He is some of the following things you will need to access to make Facebook audio or video calls.

  • The Facebook smartphone website and smartphone app do not support video or audio or voice calls.
  • What you require is to access either a Facebook messaging app or a desktop website called Messenger.
  • Messenger works on PCs at, or you can download and Installed Messenger to your PC.
  • An alternative method to access and use the Facebook video calling or voice calling feature is to get the Messenger Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet device. It is available for both Android and iOS (iPhone or iPad) devices.
  • A similar mobile app is used for both voice calls and video calls, so you do not require a separate Facebook application for everyone.
  • If you have a private audio or video chat with your user friend on Facebook, use the same Messenger mobile app that allows you to make audio calls.


Note: Once you make a VoIP Facebook call from a smartphone device, you use the mobile device’s data plan, so it does not count against the audio or voice minutes you are limited to be your carrier. In case you use Facebook calling over Wi-Fi, it does not count against your phone data usage. Here you can also learn how to Make Video Calls on WhatsApp Group.

  • You are unable to make voice or audio calls without a microphone nor are video calls possible without a camera. Your mobile device just needs to have those both pieces of hardware either built-in or plugged in externally to make a call to another user or friend.

Note: Not all the entire mobile devices running the Messenger mobile app can make audio or voice and video calls. Some only support text messaging.

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How to Make Video Calls on Facebook

To make video calls on Facebook is as easy as simply a phone call. Here are these steps to follow to make Video calls on Facebook.

  1. Go to your Facebook Account
  2. Open a conversation or chat with the recipient,
  3. Then click on the Video camera icon to start the video call
  4. Select Allow option to give access to Facebook to use your Microphone and Camera (If you are making calls on Facebook for the first time)
  5. The video calling feature works anywhere you can access via,, and the desktop and mobile Facebook and Messenger apps.
  6. Click on the video icon during a Facebook video call to disable or turn off the video camera. This will convert the video calls conversation to a voice or audio call.

Go to Facebook Website and open a Chat or ConversationClick on Video Camera icon at the top chat boxAllow Facebook to Use Your Microphone and CameraStart a Video Call on Facebook Friends

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How to Make Voice Calls on Facebook

You can make a free phone call from,, or the Messenger mobile app In the following steps:

  1. Visit your or website
  2. Tap to open a chat or conversation with the friend or user
  3. Select the Phone icon at the top of the Message box
  4. Click the Allow option to give access to Facebook to use your Microphone and Camera (If you are making calls on Facebook for the first time)
  5. While you are in an audio call on Facebook, click or tap on the video button to request that the recipient accept or enable video on their side.
  6. If they do, your voice or audio call is converted to a video call

Important Note: Keep in mind the Facebook voice calls to access and used to work in the Facebook mobile application in 2013. However, now you can only make an audio call with Facebook from a tablet or phone through the Messenger app.

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Help With Facebook Calls

To help with Facebook calls using Facebook’s voice and video calling function or feature needs that the mobile or computer device is set up properly to accept these requests. Without these parameters in place, you cannot talk or share your video with your Facebook users or friends.

In case you are making a Facebook call from a PC, confirm that the microphone and webcam are correctly plugged in and working. If you use a web browser for the Facebook call, pop-up blockers might interfere with the call. You must also turn on the browser to access the microphone and camera. or the other user cannot hear or see you.

Examples to Make Facebook Using Browser

First Example: To make Facebook calls from the Chrome browser, allow mic and camera access to permit Facebook to use the hardware during the call. Chrome browser also requires to allow pop-up Messenger or Facebook to make sure that calls can come through.

Second Example: Where you require to set up correctly permissions is when you use an iPad device to make a voice call or video call on Facebook. Go the Settings>Messenger and turn Camera and Microphone so that your recipient can hear and see you during a call. Similar steps are necessary for Android smartphones and other mobile devices.

How to make a video call on Facebook on a laptop

Make calling is straightforward enough. You can select the video camera icon in the chat window (as long as your FB friend is online). When you try to start your first call, you will be see a pop-up your initial setup. When you click on Set Up, a file is downloaded and runs on your computer before you can continue.

Facebook Messenger video call settings

To video conversation on Facebook: To select Messenger in the left menu, open a chat with the people or person you wish to video conversation with. Click into the upper right corner of the chat window.

To add a start Time:

  • Select the Start time
  • Select Start Date to set a start date
  • Click the Start Time to set a time
  • Press the Save option

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