How to Log Out of Facebook Messenger from All Devices

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Do you know how to log out of Facebook Messenger on iOSand Android or PC? Whatever are the reasons Facebook decided to make designedMessenger its standalone app? Facebook Messenger app is the best app forsharing their photos, videos, text, voice messages, audio and video call withfriends. Unfortunately, there is no log out option available within the app.There are, however, a few tips you can use to log out or disconnect youraccount from the Messenger app and without having to remove or delete the applicationfrom your mobile device. Because of this can be annoying to deal all the timewith several users. In this article, you will learn methods to log out of themessenger app on your computer or Android and iOS from your phone device.

How to Sign Out of Facebook Messenger on your Androiddevice

If you want to log out of Facebook Messenger on yourAndroid device then you will need to follow the two given ways.

  • You can Log out of the Messenger session from your Facebook app
  • Log out Messenger app By Clear Storage data from Mobile device Settings

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How to Log out of Messenger session from the Facebook app

If you are using the Facebook Messenger app and alsoFacebook app best chance for you. If you want to log out from Facebookmessenger app then follow the below steps:

  1. Tap to open Facebook app on your Android phone
  2. Go to Main Menu or Three line bars at the top right
  3. Select Settings and Privacy option
  4. Then tap on the Settings option under Settings and Privacy
  5. Scroll down to the Security section
  6. Tap on the Security and Login option
  7. Go to the Where you’re logged in section (tap on See all)
  8. After that, select the Messenger session
  9. Finally, tap on the Log out option at the bottom once appear to you

Facebook App Settings, Security Login & Where You'r loginTap Messenger Device and Log out option

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How to Log out of Messenger App By Clear Storage Data in Settings

Here you will learn another way to clear data storage of FB Messenger app to log out of Facebook Messenger from your Android device Settings in the following given steps:

  1. First, close your Facebook Messenger App if in use
  2. Then remove from the Recent apps list, otherwise, this tip will not work
  3. Tap on your Android settings
  4. Go to the Application Manager or Apps & Notifications
  5. Scroll down and tap on the Facebook Messenger app
  6. Select the Storage option
  7. After that, you will see to option Clear Storage and Clear Cache option
  8. Tap on the Clear Storage option from the upper right side
  9. Select the OK option from the pop-up window to delete the app data
  10. Go back to your Facebook Messenger in your application drawer and it will not sign you in automatically

Tap Device Settings, Apps & notification and Messenger AppSelect Messenger Storage, Clear Storage and OK

Pro tip: If one of your friends wants to use your Mobile to check their Facebook messages while you are still signed in, they will just need to select Switch Account to log into their account.

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How to log out of Facebook Messenger on iOS (iPhone or iPad) from Facebook App

Now the users of iPhone and iPad (iOS) devices can log out of Messenger sessions from the Facebook app. But they will just follow the below-given steps:

  1. Open your Facebook App on your iOS Device (Facebook iOS app not Messenger)
  2. Tap on the More option or Menu bar at the bottom right
  3. Go to the Settings option
  4. Select the Account Setting option
  5. Then tap on the Security option
  6. Go to where you’re logged in the security menu
  7. Here you can manage all your Facebook Account active sessions across any device, browser or app
  8. Simply tap on the Facebook Messenger on iOS any version of your iPhone is running
  9. After that, when you are going to open Messenger you will be logged out
  10. It will be prompted to Log you in back with the same account as before otherwise you can choose to Switch account s at that point to log in.

How to log out of Facebook Messenger app from the Facebook Web on Desktop, iOS, & Android

Let’s show you to log out of the Facebook Messenger app of Android or iOS from the Facebook website. While using your mobile phone or your PC’s browser. Here are the steps to follow to log out:

  1. Open your on any browser of your Desktop or Mobile
  2. Click on the Down-Arrow from the top right side
  3. Select the Settings option from the drop-down menu
  4. Then go to Security and Login
  5. Go to the Where You’re Logged In section
  6. Select the Messenger session that you want to log out
  7. Click on the Three-dots on the right side
  8. Finally, click on the Log out option

After that, go to your Facebook messenger app to confirm that you have logged out of Messenger by simply open it. It will ask your session expired please log in again and simply tap on the ok option. If you want to continue the same account then tap on the continue with your name account details. Otherwise, enter the Phone number or Email address and Password the one you want to switch with the Facebook messenger.

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