How to Lock a Netflix Profile with a PIN (Parental control)

Lock Netflix Profile PIN Parent Control

Do you know how to lock a Netflix Profile with add a PIN code? Now Netflix allows you to more secure and protect your profile with a Pin/password.

This is mainly useful if you have Kids and other roommate members that use your account. You can lock your adult profile with a PIN or Password make sure that kids can use their own profiles.

Netflix’s previous record for parental controls has not been the best. While the live streaming platform added PINs to keep children away from specific movies or show in 2018, this applies to all the profiles in this account and adults have to constantly unlock whenever they want to stream something.

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Why do you need to lock a Netflix Profile with a PIN?

There are several reasons to lock or protect a Netflix profile with a PIN code/password. Netflix rolling out another batch of parental control updates. At this time individual profiles may be lockdown with using PIN codes, keeping not just children away from adult shows but also keeping other adults’ (like your room partners, perhaps) prying eyes from your Netflix profile.

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Advantages of PIN code to Netflix Profile

Inserting a PIN code to your Netflix profile has two benefits, according to Netflix:

  1. You will be able to pick up where you left off if you have left watching a movie or an episode midway.
  2. It will prevent the platform’s algorithm form recommending content based on someone else’s watching choices in case you are all using the same profile
  3. Protect your personal Netflix profile from prying peepers

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How to Lock a Netflix Profile with a PIN

Let’s teach you to lock a Netflix Profile or to add a parental control to your profile with a PIN. Here is how to find these options with simple steps on your Netflix account:

  1. Open Netflix website the Sign in to your Netflix account
  2. Choose a Profile you want to lock
  3. Click on the Profile icon to the upper right side
  4. Select the Account from the menu to navigate account settings
  5. Scroll down to Profile and Parental Control then press the Arrow to the right side to restrict
  6. Press the Change option to the right of Profile Lock If no PIN is yet set this function will be Off & you will redirect to another page
  7. Enter your Netflix account password ( In case you share your account with other members anyone with your Netflix password can able to this page and remove or change the PIN)
  8. Check the box to the “Require a PIN to access (Name)’s a profile“
  9. Then enter your Four-digit numerical code
  10. Check the box to enable “Require(Name)’s PIN to add new profiles” this will stop members from creating new profiles on your Netflix account until they know your PIN
  11. Select the Save option to activate your chosen PIN

How to Exit from Netflix Profile

When you finish adding PIN code and save the changes on your Netflix account then follow these steps to exit from Netflix profile:

  1. Click on your Profile icon
  2. Select Exit Profile option
  3. You will Log out of your Netflix profile
  4. After that, when a member selects a locked profile they will have to need to enter your selected PIN before they can access it

Find and Use Filter

Insert of a PIN for an individual account is not the only latest update Netflix has rolled out to improve parental controls. Parents will be able to apply filters for age-inappropriate content based on country ratings.

  1. Click on the change option next to Viewing restrictions option above the Profile lock option
  2. You will redirect to the Account settings page for an account to access these options

Now wit the help of PINs, you can make sure the Kids stay on their profiles and will not back down and open you up yours.

Frequently Ask Questions-FAQ

Here are the following frequently asked question by different people and might you are interested to read it.

How to Add parental controls to your Netflix profile with a PIN

You can add to parental controls to your Netflix profile with a PIN with Go to your Netflix profile>User or Profile icon>Account>Arrow to the right side of Parental & Profile>Change option>Enter your account password> check Lock this profile by creating a 4-digit pin> Enter PIN code>Save it>Exit your profile.

How do I lock my Netflix profile?

Yes, you can lock your Netflix profile by using the parental control to add a PIN code to your profile and lock your profile from children and other adults in the given above steps.

Can each Netflix profile have a password?

Netflix will let the users set up a 4-digit PIN when they make a new profile. You will be asked for this PIN or passcode whenever you sign in to your account or try to switch between profiles. Holders of the profile can change or remove the PIN anytime they wish.

Is there a way to pin/password protect 1 profile from another?

Yes there is a way to password/pin keep protect one from another one. In case you have children and other roommate then you can set up a four digit passcode to protect your profile. After that, only the account owner will be able to change or remove the password or pin. As I share in the above way go to your account settings and set up pin.

Netflix change child profile

Yes, you can change the child profile to you’re adult profile. Go to your profile and click on the edit option and change from little kids to adults and save the changes. Again go to your profile select the Playback setting under the Kids and set up low option and save changes. You will need to set a rang of age on the profile page and done to save it.

How to put password on Netflix profile?

Go to your profile from the drop-down menu. Next to Profile lock Select Change option. Then Type your Netflix account password. Then choose to require a PIN. Finally, enter your PIN-code and Save it.

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