How to Know Your Tinder Match Be a Scam Bot?

Do you know your Tinder match be a scam botTinder is the most famous dating app around the world. And with 10 million of users using it to look for love. Tinder takes much of the stress and anxiety out of meeting new people by adding the matching and conversation method before any real-world dates happen. It gives a chance to the people to get meet one another without any serious consequences for failure. This is encouraged to all people to open up and explore whether they are compatible, in the safety and privacy of their own home, before deciding whether to meet up for real. The Tinder community platform is overall welcoming and friendly, and it is relatively simple to meet new people and make real connections with them.

Could Your Tinder Match Be a Scam Bot?

If your Tinder match be a scam bot and do not get burned by your Tinder match. The online dating platform has been lit ablaze by the location-aware mobile dating application known as Tinder. However, not the entire Tinder profiles are real users or people; most of them are scams or malicious bots. How can let you know them whether the picture you are swiping right on is a scammer in disguise or a legitimate person looking for love? There are some of the tell-tale indications or signs the person you match with may not be who they say they are.

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5 Signs Your Tinder Match Is a Scam Bot

Here are the below list of five tell-tale signs the user you matched with may not be who they say they are.

  • They Type Incredibly Fast.
  • Their Responses Are Generic.
  • You Have No Facebook Friends or Interests in Common.
  • They Ask You to Visit a Link or Use Your Credit Card.
  • They’re Way Too Hot for Facebook.

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They Type Incredibly Fast

That’s all the Tinder bots encounter you: bots. They are not real users or people. One big tip-off is that as soon as you get matched to a bot, they are going to message you, likely microseconds. Is it possible it is a real human being or a person who’s eager to conversation or chat with you? Maybe, but it is more likely the bot was triggered by the match and sent its first message to get you on hook as soon as possible.

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Their Replies Are Generic

Unless the Tinder bot uses a sophisticated chatterbot-based chat or conversation engine, it likely has only a few pre-recorded replies or responses it gives in response to your conversation. When it is suspended with a few flirty small talk remarks, it delivers its payload, usually asking you to visit a link or URL that either needs you to download something ( likely malware) or give your credit card or bank account information.

Since the bot responses are scripted, it will not reply your question directly. That is not to say some Tinder scams do not have live people on the other end who busy in a real chat with your before they scam you., but the majority of Tinder bots cannot hold simple chats.

You can test and check by asking questions a normal human should be able to response such as, “Where did you go to school?” or “Guess how old I am”

When the bot delivers its payload, it probably will not respond to any questions. It is done with you. You either took the bait or you did not.

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You Have No Facebook Interests or Friends in Common

Tinder scammers or Tinder bots leverage information from fake Facebook profiles to get on Tinder platform. Since they are not real people, you probably do not have an Facebook interest or friends in common with them. They may have some generic interests in common with you, but probably not.

They Demand You to Use Your Credit Card or Visit a Link

May be you have gotten 5, Ten, or even 20 messages, but in last, a bot Finally has to cut to the chase and deliver the text message that gets you to pay for something or download malware.

This could be look like in the form of a weird-looking URL you are afraid to click because you do not know any of the characters. Or maybe it is a short URL/Link that disguises the real thing. URLs or Links to webcam websites are also similar or common. The bot will try to convice you the cannot talk right now through Tinder, but in case you click through you can message them there.

When you received message from a Tinder bot, use the application’s blocking feature and delete/remove them from your match list. After you get this message, it is highly unlikely you will receive any further communications from them other than repeated request to perform the same process they wish you to do in the payload message.

They are Way Too Hot for Facebook

Tinder bots or scammers know flashy profile pictures have better odds of getting attention and a swip from you. They might throw in 1 or 2 pictures that up the hotness level to catch your focus and make you more likely prepare to swip right. These images are just stolen from a model’s Facebook page or Instagram or other social media profiles.

Another red herring is pictures that do not similar to casual or selfies photos. A normal or regular Tinder profile probably has several pictures’ of everyday-looking images, but a bot or scammer’s profile has professional-looking pictures because they probably swiped them from professional’s profile or page.


Here are some of the frequently Asked questions by different people and might you are interested to read it.

Why are there bots on Tinder?

Tinder bots give access to scammers the way through obtain personal information, infect devices with malware or trick people out of money. According the experts estimate that bots bots make up a quarter of entire web traffic, and Tinder is no exception. Although it has a dedicate fraud team that reviews member profiles for is no exception. Although it has a dedicated scammer’s team or dedicate fraud team that reviews member profiles for red-flag language, Tinder cannot weed out al reviews member profiles for red-flag language, Tinder cannot weed out all bots.

How do you tell if a tinder match is a bot?

In case you receive the first message unusually quickly after matching with a person, it might be a scammer or bot. Bots can response within milliseconds, which is quite hard for a real human being; The chat feel unnatural. A simple Tinder bot usually uses a string of messages to response.

How do I report someone on Tinder?

You can report bots or fake profiles on Tinder by visiting to the user’s profile, go down, and pressing Report. There is fraud team on Tinder conducts manual reviews of suspicious profiles, activity, and user-generated reports. It also has a zero-tolerance policy (refusal to accept antisocial behavior) for harassment. Anyone goes against or violates Tinder community guidelines may have delete their content or find themselves banned from the application, or reported to law enforcement.

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