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Windows 10 allows you to auto-hide the taskbar on your PC or Laptop. To make the taskbar appear and disappear as you wish with ease in Windows 10. There are many tools in Windows 10 but the taskbar is the best useful tool, but it is also one you might not want to view on your display screen every time. Whatever the reason, you can make it come and go as you want in Windows 10 with a few simple steps.

These instructions can apply to both tablets and desktop PCs, and the process is exactly the same.

The Window taskbar is a pretty and best tool for quickly accessing frequently used applications on your PC. However, most of the users prefer to hide it in order to save display or screen space. Here is how to hide or disappear the taskbar on Windows 10.

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How to Automatically Hide the Taskbar in Settings

Here are these steps to automatically hide your Taskbar from the settings.

  1. Go to your PC’s Desktop and right-click anywhere
  2. Select the Personalize option from the menu once the pop-up
  3. Select the Taskbar in the left-hand side panel from the Settings window once appear
  4. Alternatively, you can right-click on the taskbar itself and then select the Taskbar Settings from the menu
  5. It is up to which way you choose, you will now be in the Taskbar Settings menu.
  6. Select the Toggle the slider to On position under the Automatically Hide The Taskbar In Desktop Mode.
  7. If your computer is able to connect over to tablet mode, then you can hide the taskbar by toggling the option to On as well

Now after that your taskbar on your screen will automatically hide. This means that, unless you hover your mouse cursor over where the taskbar should be or you get a notification from an application in the taskbar, it will not appear.

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How to Turn off Automatically Hiding the Taskbar

If you change your mind and want to stop automatically hide the taskbar from your desktop. Then you will need to follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to your PC’s Desktop and Right-Click anywhere
  2. Select the Personalize option menu pop-up
  3. Click on the Taskbar from the left pane in the Settings window
  4. Move toggle slider back to the off position under the Automatically hide the Taskbar in desktop mode and Automatically hide the Taskbar in the tablet mode as well.

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How to Automatically Hide the Taskbar Using Command Prompt

Let’s show another way to automatically hide the Taskbar using the command prompt. You can also move toggle auto-hide option between Turn on and off by running commands. Here are the following steps:

  1. Go to the Windows Search bar and click it
  2. Type the cmd to and then select Command Prompt app from the search result to open the Command Prompt
  3. Run this command in the Command Prompt to toggle the taskbar automatically hide option to turn it on:
powershell -command "{$p='HKCU:SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerStuckRects3';$v=(Get-ItemProperty -Path $p).Settings;$v[8]=3;&Set-ItemProperty -Path $p -Name Settings -Value $v;&Stop-Process -f -ProcessName explorer}"

Then toggle the taskbar auto-hide option to turn it off, by run this command:

powershell -command "&{$p='HKCU:SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerStuckRects3';$v=(Get-ItemProperty -Path $p).Settings;$v[8]=2;&Set-ItemProperty -Path $p -Name Settings -Value $v;&Stop-Process -f -ProcessName explorer}"

How to Hide Taskbar Windows 10 when the full-screen video

If you are watching a full-screen video on your computer and want to auto-hide, the taskbar in Windows 10, and follow these steps below-given:

  1. Hit the Windows + I keys together on your keyboard
  2. Then you will redirect to our settings
  3. Select the Taskbar option from the left side panel under the settings
  4. Next, select the Toggle slider under automatically hide the taskbar in desktop Mode to On
  5. Then Toggle the slider under automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode to ON

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