How to Go Create Live Video Twitter

Twitter Live Broadcast video

Like other social media apps, you can create live video and broadcast on the Twitter app. Twitter is the platform to show you what’s happening in the world like breaking news to major live events. Now simply you can easily make live videos, powered by Periscope, to share with the follower on Twitter what’s happening live. This live streaming feature in iOS and Android devices allows you to broadcast video directly within Twitter apps.

When you start creating live streams it will appear within the Twitter apps and can be watched by your follower and the public while broadcasting.

How to Start a Broadcast or live videos on Twitter

A live video or broadcast start from your official Twitter apps for Android and iOS phones. A Wi-Fi or cellular signal is required and you must have a public account. If your account is not publicly or set to protected, then you will be unable to start to create a live video stream. So follow the steps that how to create a live video or broadcast or live stream on your Twitter App via your Smart Phone iOS or Android devices

  1. Tap to open your Twitter App on your Smart Phone
  2. Then tap the Compose option
  3. Next, tap the Camera icon
  4. Select the Live option
  5. Then tap Add location option and choose your preferred location
  6. Tap on What’s happening to add the text and it will be the title of the video
  7. So tap on the Go Live option to start immediately live streaming
  8. When you finish creating the video then tap on the Stop option
  9. Finally, confirm it from the pop-up message that you stop or want to continue back

Open Twitter App and Tap ComposeTap on Camera iconPress Continue to Create live videoTap on Live optionTap on Go Live or Create Live videoStop Create Live videoEnable Tweet LocationAdd Your Preferred LocationEdit Broadcast or View stats Save Changes of Create Live VideoTap Share and Play live video

Twitter’s Live Video FAQs:

Does Twitter have a live video?

Within a few tips, Twitter users can create live video directly on Twitter’s flagship app. Accordingly, if they have an account of Periscope or downloaded. Same like on Periscope, users can view the live streams on Twitter. While they can engage with the broadcaster through hearts and comments.

How do you save a live video from twitter?

If you want to Save a live video from twitter open find the video from which location you want to be saved. Then click on the arrow button on Drop-down and copy the link to the tweet. So copy the Tweet URL and open the Downloader past the in the field of the online video downloader and then press the Download option button.

Warning: You must have permission from the owner to download the video.

How long can you live stream on Twitter?

You can live stream on Twitter to make a clip up to 140 seconds length, may some the users can be grant access by their Twitter partner to permit you making of clips video up to 10 min in length.

Can I Edit the Live Stream or Broadcast or Live Video?

Yes, you can edit or delete the live video once you are done to create. When you finish the video than simply tap on the Edit broadcast to edit the title of the video and you also edit the Start or Endpoint of the video within the tweet. Once you finish the changes then tap to Save all changes and watch the video.

If you want to Delete a previous live broadcast or live video then simply delete the tweet that contains the video. So the video will Delete from the Periscope and Twitter both.

What is the relation of Periscope with Twitter?

A periscope is a feature powered by Twitter for the live stream and a separate service owned by Twitter that’s providing the pure service to the Broadcasting video. While the Periscope Live streams feature providing service make streaming on Twitter possibly. Therefore, no need to Install or Download any Periscope app on your device. All the processes of the live stream connectivity behind the scenes and the user don’t need to worry about something.

How do you start a broadcast on twitter?

If you want to start broadcast within Twitter then follow thestep below

  1. Tap to Compose a new tweet
  2. The tap on the Camera
  3. Next, tap on the Live option
  4. So you can Start you frame you shot
  5. During the broadcast, users can View and send Hearts and Comments

Can you go live on periscope with a computer?

Yes, you can go live with Periscope on your Desktop. You will able to enjoy many things that you might not try when using it on a Smartphone screen. You can create video or broadcast on a large screen with Periscope for the computer. Even your live videos and own broadcasts will be visible through a large screen on your computer. So you have to Download and Install it to your Chrome browser.

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